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Banking Assessments

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    • 256 questions

Those wishing to pursue a career in the banking sector (retail or investment) may be expected to sit an online banking test as part of the recruitment process. As positions in prestigious banking companies are highly sought after, performing well in these psychometric tests can improve your chance of success.

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Sample Banking Tests question Test your knowledge!

After reading the passage, which of the following best describes the author's main argument?

The banking industry has seen significant changes over the past decade with the advent of digital banking. Traditional brick-and-mortar banks are being challenged by the rise of online-only financial institutions. These institutions offer convenience, lower fees, and higher interest rates for savings accounts. Although they lack personal interaction, many customers are finding online banking to be a suitable substitute for traditional in-person services.

  • Digital banking is beneficial but lacks personal service.
  • Traditional banks are superior to online-only institutions.
  • Online-only financial institutions challenge traditional banks by offering a more convenient and cost-effective banking experience.
  • Customers unequivocally prefer in-person services over online banking.

A customer deposited $3,250 in a savings account with an annual interest rate of 2.5%. Without any further transactions, what would be the balance at the end of two years?

  • $3,416.56
  • $3,667.81
  • $3,250.00
  • $3,582.50

If the bank offers a foreign currency conversion fee of 1.5% and you want to convert $850 to Euros, how much is the fee?

  • $12.75
  • $13.50
  • $127.50
  • $8.50

During an audit, discrepancies were found in the financial statement. If the totals for credits were reported as $20,450 instead of the correct $20,500, and debits were reported correctly, what is the difference in the balancing amount?

  • $50
  • $100
  • $20,450
  • $20,500

After reviewing a recent report on loan approvals, it has been determined that the rate of approvals has increased by 20% this quarter compared to the last. If 120 loans were approved last quarter, how many loans were approved this quarter?

  • 144 loans
  • 140 loans
  • 150 loans
  • 160 loans

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Banking Tests Tips

1Understand the Format

Get familiar with different types of banking tests so you won’t be caught off guard. These might include numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning, or situational judgement tests.

2Practice Regularly

The key to success is practice. Set aside time each day to work through practice questions and hone your test-taking skills.

3Work on Your Weak Points

Identify the areas where you struggle and focus your practice on these subjects to improve your overall performance.

4Access Free Tests on Practice Aptitude Tests

Make the most of the free practice tests available on Practice Aptitude Tests to simulate real test-taking conditions and track your progress.

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Banking Tests FAQs

What are covered on Banking tests?

Banking tests tend to cover a range of topics designed to assess your suitability for a role in the industry. Expect to encounter questions on numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning, customer service scenarios, and industry-specific knowledge tests tailored to banking.

How do I prepare for Banking tests?

Preparing for banking tests involves familiarizing yourself with the question formats and practicing as much as possible. Use resources like Practice Aptitude Tests to get a real feel of the test conditions. Break down study sessions into manageable chunks and cover a variety of question types.

How difficult are Banking tests?

The difficulty of banking tests can vary based on the role and the company. In general, these tests are challenging as they aim to single out the most capable candidates with tasks that test critical thinking, numerical skills, and situational judgement under timed conditions.

What types of tests are included in the Banking tests?

Banking tests encompass a variety of test types including numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning, situational judgement, and logic tests. Some may also include personality assessments or specific financial knowledge tests.

Where can I practice free Banking test questions?

To prepare effectively for your banking tests, practicing and taking practice tests is the best strategy. Practice Aptitude Tests offers a suite of free practice tests tailored for the banking sector, helping you become comfortable with the test formats and questions you’re likely to face.

Reviews of our Banking tests

What our customers say about our Banking tests

  • United Kingdom

    April 07, 2023

    Need to be on your feet with the math!

    Enjoyed the entire test. Need to practice many more, prior to attempting the online assessments of various organisations.

  • Nigeria

    February 22, 2023

    Holistically Engaging

    The test is excellent, its just a little tasking for me, as I'm new to the banking industry and just doing this to fend for myself. That being said, i wouldn't mind an easy to understand approach and system to all this. Thanks

  • Nigeria

    February 05, 2023


    Those are a very tough questions however can really help oneself to have a better preparation for any appointment.

  • Ghana

    October 19, 2022

    My Career Life

    This is the first-ever test I have taken in the banking sector and I must say that it is really challenging and interesting. it helps to stay focused and sharp. Nice test.

  • Nigeria

    September 23, 2022

    A bit overwhelming

    I considered the test a bit overwhelming because first, the tiny graphs contained a lot of information and I kept looking at the timer Overall, it was challenging and I loved it

  • South Africa

    July 15, 2022


    I liked how it challenged one to focus on the detail and understand the question properly, rather than rushing to get to the answer without first understanding the question

  • United Kingdom

    February 06, 2022


    The test was quite challenging in consideration of time and amount of information given in the graphs

  • Papua New Guinea

    November 23, 2021

    Speed and accuracy is very important, as well as interpreting graphs

    This is very good and challenging as it is tricky. Practice, understanding and interpretation are key.

  • Nigeria

    November 05, 2021


    I found it a bit simple but time consuming, and it also requires so much thinking. It is full of twisted questions that require one to be very conversant with quantitative reasoning. I consider it easy to answer most of the questions correctly but the time is limiting.

  • Nigeria

    October 29, 2021

    It was OK

    I wish I'd done a practice test first, I thought it would be similar to other practice tests I have done.