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Lloyds application tests

Lloyds Tests

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Lloyds application tests

Lloyds Banking Group is one of the biggest financial institutions in the UK, and one of the oldest (its Royal Bank of Scotland brand dates back to 1695). Roles offered can be customer-focused in branch or contact centres, behind the scenes in technology and transformation, or more specialist roles in audit, risk, corporate affairs or marketing.

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Lloyds Job Insight Assessment

If you are successful in the aptitude tests, there follows a second round of online assessment that offers an insight into the roles that you will be applying for.

Lasting 60 to 90 minutes, the Job Insight Assessment allows you to better understand the activities and types of projects that you can expect to be involved in on the graduate scheme. During the test, you will be assessed on your approach to problems and the way you complete the tasks.

Virtual assessment day

The virtual assessment day is completed virtually via Microsoft Teams. On the day, there will be numerous candidates and assessors involved, and several stages.

The order varies, but these are the usual stages that you’ll typically need to complete during the virtual assessment day:

Lloyds case study and presentation

You will receive a pack of information about a case study, and be asked to scrutinise it and present it back to the group. This assesses not only your analysis skills but also your ability to create a presentation (and present it well) without much time to prepare.

Lloyds group exercise

In the group exercise, your team will be presented with some information and will need to analyse that to answer a question together. The process of coming up with the answer is almost more important than the answer itself, and you will be assessed on how well you work as part of a team.

Lloyds one-on-one interviews

Lloyds Banking Group tends to use competency-based interview questions, so during the one-to-one interview be prepared to offer specific examples in your answers. The interviewers are looking for enthusiasm and passion more than achievements, and that you align with the company values.

This is the best place for you to ask insightful questions about the graduate scheme, the job role, and the wider business.

Practice Aptitude Tests is not associated with Lloyds. We provide preparation services for Lloyds psychometric tests. Our tests are not designed to be identical to any style, employer or industry. Visit to find out more.

Sample Lloyds Tests question Test your knowledge!

If Box A contains three times as many financial documents as Box B and Box C contains twice as many as Box A, which of the following can be inferred if Box B contains 12 financial documents?

  • Box C contains 72 financial documents.
  • Box C contains twice as many documents as Box B.
  • Box A and Box C together contain 108 financial documents.
  • Box A contains 36 financial documents.

A commercial bank offers a savings account with an annual interest rate of 2%. If a customer deposits £10,000, what will be the total amount in the account at the end of 2 years given that the interest compounds annually?

  • £10,204
  • £10,400
  • £10,200
  • £10,404

During a routine audit, it was found that a bank cashier processed 20% fewer transactions in the second quarter than in the first quarter. If he processed 150 transactions in the first quarter, how many transactions did he process in the second quarter?

  • 120
  • 130
  • 150
  • 170

The following text is a summary of a new savings product: 'Our new savings plan allows customers to invest a lump sum for a fixed term of 5 years. The interest is compounded quarterly and the rate is fixed at 2.5% for the term of the investment. Customers are not permitted to make additional deposits or withdrawals during the term.' Which of the following best describes the advantage of this savings plan?

  • Flexibility in deposit and withdrawal
  • High liquidity of the investment
  • Guaranteed fixed return over the investment term
  • Ability to frequently adjust investment amounts
  • Access to funds prior to term completion

Which of the following conclusions can be drawn from this passage: 'A retail bank has launched a new contactless payment system that is compatible with smartphones and smartwatches. In a recent customer survey, 75% of respondents indicated they would use this service because it promises faster transactions and enhanced security compared to traditional payment methods. The bank aims to roll out the system nationwide within a year.'

  • The majority of customers prefer traditional payment methods.
  • Contactless payment systems are seen as less secure by customers.
  • The bank's new payment system is expected to improve transaction speed and security.
  • The service will take more than a year to be available nationwide.

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Lloyds Tests Tips

1Get Familiar with the Format

Before you dive into the specifics, get comfortable with how the Lloyds tests are structured. Familiarity with the format will save you precious time during the actual test.

2Understand the Question Types

Lloyds’ exams could include numerical, verbal or logical reasoning questions. Knowing what types of questions to expect will help you prepare efficiently.

3Practice Timed Tests

Time management is key, so practice tests with a timer to improve your speed without sacrificing accuracy.

4Review Basic Concepts

Brush up on fundamental principles, especially for the numerical tests, as solid math skills are often required.

5Stay Calm and Focused

It’s easy to feel anxious in a timed test environment. Practice staying calm under pressure to improve your performance during the real thing.

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Lloyds Tests FAQs

What are the Lloyds tests?

The Lloyds tests are a series of assessments, including numerical, verbal, and logical reasoning, which evaluate an applicant’s suitability for roles at Lloyds Bank.

Are the Lloyds tests hard?

The difficulty of Lloyds tests can vary according to your individual skills and experience, but with the right preparation, they are manageable.

How do I prepare for Lloyds tests?

The best way to prepare for Lloyds tests is through practice. Practice Aptitude Tests offers a variety of practice tests that mirror the actual exams you’ll face.

How long does the recruitment process take at Lloyds?

The recruitment process timeframe at Lloyds varies, but preparing ahead for their assessment tests can streamline your experience.

What are Lloyds's core values?

Lloyds’s core values revolve around putting customers first, keeping it simple, making a difference together, and owning the opportunity.

Reviews of our Lloyds tests

What our customers say about our Lloyds tests

  • United Kingdom

    April 05, 2022


    I enjoyed it. It required me to work on my feet whilst also being cautious when reading the questions.

  • United Kingdom

    March 01, 2022

    First try

    Enjoyed it thoroughly, but took some time to get into the rhythm of the test. After the first couple of questions I began to get the hang of it. Time management through this test needs to be considered more to be more successful in future.

  • United Kingdom

    November 01, 2021

    Good practice

    This will be my first time doing an online assessment. I underestimated the difficulty of it and thankfully I had a chance to practice before attempting the real assessment.

  • United Kingdom

    August 28, 2021

    Need to go back to school

    If this is an entry level exam I need to go back to school. This is challenging and having worked at a bank for 10 years most of these questions are not relevant nor would I use the skills needed on a day to day basis.

  • United Kingdom

    March 17, 2021

    Harder than I thought

    Disliked seeing the timer, was a slight distraction

  • United Kingdom

    February 09, 2021

    Percentage Increase

    In depth questions, short time limit however.

  • United Kingdom

    January 21, 2021

    Based on statistical evidence

    I liked the questions but I would have preferred more time.