In many Numerical Reasoning Questions, you will be asked to look at a graph, Just like this one:

As you can see in this example, unless each bar reaches a horizontal line it is difficult to distinguish exact figures. This is why questions might ask you for approximate answers, for example:

Approximately how many of the TX-12 buyers are in the 35-49 age range?

325 + 230 = 575 575 x 0.15 = 86.25

Don’t worry that none of our suggested answers match the answer we found in our calculations we are only looking for an approximate number. It is fair to assume that d is our answer as it is very close to the answer we found.

When answering questions related to a graph don’t worry if the answer you have reached doesn’t match the given answers exactly.

These questions are testing your numerical ability AND how quickly you can answer them. Try not to spend too long worrying about exact figures, just like in the example above, there is usually a logical answer that is close enough to your own.