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Schroders Tests

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schroders tests

Schroders was founded in the 1800s and is now one of the UK’s largest wealth management companies. It manages over £500 billion of assets across sectors such as real estate management and private equity.

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Video interview

Video interviews are now common in the hiring process, especially for larger companies like Schroders. They are a bit different to the usual interview in that they are not live: you are given questions, then record your answers in your own time using the Aon Cut-E platform.

These are then reviewed by hiring managers once submitted.

The interview consists of 6–8 questions and you are given 2 minutes to read and assess each question, then another 2 minutes for each answer.

This means the interviews tend to be around 25–40 minutes long – plus any more time taken to practice – so make sure you give yourself enough time to be relaxed and uninterrupted.

Typically, the questions are a mix of firm-specific, business, and competency questions, so research both Schroders and general information about the sector that you’re applying for.

Schroders application tips remind you to still treat this like a face-to-face interview. Some of the things to be mindful of are:

  • Dress appropriately – You might not be leaving the house, but you should put effort into looking professional.

  • Environment – Is there good lighting? Is there background noise? What else can be seen around you? Be mindful of what else is going on when you record your answers, as you want the managers to be able to hear and see you well without distractions.

  • Engagement – It can feel awkward and uncomfortable, but try to relax and act natural in front of the camera. They want to get a feel for you and your personality, so let it shine through as you talk. Also, remember to talk to the camera and not look at yourself on the screen.

  • Preparation – There is an opportunity to do practice questions before recording your real answers, so take advantage of this. It’s a chance to address any technical issues such as sound and lighting, get a sense of the time restriction given, and feel a bit more relaxed.

Schroders Assessment centre

The assessment centre is the final stage for trainees, apprenticeships and internships, and represents your last chance to impress the hiring managers. The best tip for success at an assessment centre is to be prepared. Do your reading and come ready to show your passion for both Schroders and the industry as a whole.

You will be expected to do an interview with HR and a senior manager, where they will ask you mostly competency-based questions.

There will also be a task section. Although these differ depending on which role you have applied for, it will most likely be a practical task (e.g. coding), a group activity, or a presentation on a case study.

These tasks assess how you work in a team, perform under pressure, and generally undertake tasks similar to the ones you will do when actually working.

It is also an opportunity to meet with people currently in the role you’re applying for, as well as more senior staff, so come with questions.

The training schemes at Schroders are designed to invest in young people with potential; they want to see your ambition and enthusiasm for the career path.

Schroders Final Interview

Lastly, those applying for the graduate scheme will be asked to do a face-to-face interview. This is a traditional interview where you will meet with senior members of staff in the area that you are applying for.

You will most likely be faced with a mix of questions about your skills, experience and personal details, ensuring that you have both the professional competency and are the right fit for the team.

Interviews can be stressful, but by this stage you have proven yourself one of the top candidates. Make sure to have a look at some interview preparation tips and be confident in your abilities.

Practice Aptitude Tests is not associated with Schroders. We provide preparation services for Schroders psychometric tests. Our tests are not designed to be identical to any style, employer or industry. Visit to find out more.

Sample Schroders Tests question Test your knowledge!

You are given four different arguments regarding the influence of interest rates on the real estate market. Select the argument that logically follows the economic principle that higher interest rates can dampen the demand for new real estate investments.

  • As interest rates fall, real estate investments become less desirable due to decreased cash flow.
  • Higher interest rates lead to increased borrowing costs, making real estate investments more attractive.
  • Increased interest rates often lead to lower real estate prices because borrowing costs rise, potentially deterring investment.
  • Interest rate changes have no impact on real estate investments.

You notice that in a certain financial portfolio, when investment A increases by 10%, investment B decreases by 15%. When both increase together, the portfolio's overall value increases by 5%. If this pattern continues, which of the following statements is true regarding a simultaneous 20% increase in investment A and a 10% increase in investment B?

  • The portfolio's overall value remains unchanged.
  • The portfolio's overall value decreases.
  • The portfolio's overall value increases by 10%.
  • The portfolio's overall value increases by 15%.
  • Investment A's increase offsets Investment B's increase, leading to a 5% increase in the portfolio's overall value.

Assume you are analyzing the cash flows of a property investment. If the net operating income (NOI) of a property is £1 million, and the capitalization rate is 8%, what is the most accurate value of the property?

  • £8 million
  • £12.5 million
  • £10 million
  • £1.25 million

During a meeting, the discussion turns to investment diversification. It is stated that portfolios that are diversified across multiple asset classes tend to have less risk than those concentrated in a single market sector. You are presented with four different portfolios to evaluate. Which portfolio exemplifies the principle of diversification discussed?

  • A portfolio consisting solely of UK technology stocks.
  • A portfolio with a mix of bonds, international equities, real estate, and commodities.
  • A portfolio that invests only in government bonds.
  • A portfolio comprised entirely of stocks from the FTSE 100 index.

In a report, you read that when investment X's value decreases by 20%, investment Y, which is inversely related, increases in value by 25%. If investment X's value increases by 30%, what would be the expected percentage decrease in investment Y's value?

  • 37.5%
  • 15%
  • 25%
  • 7.5%
  • 30%

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Schroders Tests Tips

1Get Familiar with Question Formats

Different companies favour different types of questions. Familiarize yourself with common formats to avoid surprises on the day of the test.

2Time Management is Key

Practice pacing yourself during tests, as many are timed. Try to allocate a set amount of time per question and stick to it.

3Practice Makes Perfect

Regular practice can significantly improve your performance. Take advantage of free practice tests available on Practice Aptitude Tests to boost your confidence.

4Understand the Company Values

Understanding Schroders’ values and how they integrate into assessments can give you a competitive edge. Tailor your responses where possible to align with such values.

5Rest and Refresh Before the Test

Ensure you are well-rested before the test. A clear and focused mind will help you perform at your best.

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Schroders Tests FAQs

What are the Schroders tests?

The Schroders tests are tailored evaluations used as part of the hiring process. They typically include assessments of numeracy, logical reasoning, and comprehension to gauge a candidate’s fit for the wealth management field.

Are the Schroders tests hard?

The difficulty of Schroders tests often hinges on the role applied for and the individual’s proficiency in numerical and logical reasoning. Preparing thoroughly can help ease the difficulty.

How do I prepare for Schroders tests?

The best way to prepare for Schroders tests is through practice. Regularly attempting practice tests, like those provided on Practice Aptitude Tests, can greatly improve your test-taking skills.

How long does the recruitment process take at Schroders?

The recruitment process at Schroders varies by role, but it generally encompasses several stages that can span several weeks, including online assessments, interviews, and potentially assessment centers.

What are Schroders's core values?

Schroders’s core values reflect a commitment to excellence, innovation, teamwork, and a deep sense of accountability, reflected in the execution of their wealth management strategies.

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