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Law enforcement within the UK is separated out by each of the legal systems including English, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland. Each of these areas have a different assessment process which we have outlined below.

Police force in England

There are two types of police forces within England; the Metropolitan Police (MET) and the College of Policing.

The MET is the largest police force in the UK, covering all of the boroughs of London. Their selection process is designed to put you through your paces to ensure you have the right skill set for the job, and follows that of the College of Policing.

The College of Policing was established in 2012 as the professional body for everyone working within the police forces in England and Wales. The College sets a precedent for the skills required within the force, and the recruitment process. It has been created to train individuals with the knowledge and skills required to prevent crime and protect the public. We have created a College of Policing Practice Package, which will equip you for the recruitment process used by the College of Policing.

Police force in Scotland

The Police Force in Scotland run their own recruitment process that differs from that of the College of Policing. The process includes submission of a detailed application form, a Standard Entrance Test (SET) and an interview. The SET test covers verbal and numerical reasoning as well as an information handling tests

North & South Wales Police

The recruitment process for the police force in Wales includes an assessment centre and a Welsh test. Our practice packages have everything you need to equip you for your assessment centre, and ensure you can demonstrate the skills required on the day.

Police Service Northern Ireland (PSNI) The recruitment for the PSNI requires candidates to complete aptitude tests and interviews. There are a number of stages in order to get through to the final rounds and these include:

An application form ensuring you meet the PSNI criteria and commitment statements Submission of two personal statements outlining your reasons for applying and skill set suitability for the role Completion of an equality monitoring form Completion of a spelling and grammar checking test, a verbal reasoning tests and an error-checking test.

The final stage takes part at an assessment day and requires candidates to complete a role-play exercise, an interview, a written exercise and a medical assessment.

If you wish to practice prior to your Police Force Assessment, then take a look at our suite of practice packages tailored to the police profession. We provide useful hints and tips to help you through the selection process, so that you are equipped with everything you need to succeed.

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