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Deutsche Bank Tests

Deutsche Bank Tests

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Deutsche Bank Tests

Deutsche Bank is a German-owned banking company, founded in the 19th century to finance and promote German exports. Now operating in over 70 countries, Deutsche Bank has positioned itself as an authority in international banking, corporate finance and investments.

Careers at Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Bank offers a year-long graduate training programme open to students who have completed their studies within the previous 12 months.

Some of the areas of work available include marketing, risk management, analytics, sales, business development, information security, software development, human resources, auditing, treasury, engineering and architecture.

Deutsche Bank employees enjoy benefits such as flexible working (including remote working where appropriate), a good work-life balance, sick pay, generous pension contributions and private healthcare.

Employees must display an outstanding academic record and an ‘agile mind’, showing ambition, motivation, and a passion for their area of interest. Candidates must be fluent in English, but there is no requirement to speak another language (unless specified in the job description).

Deutsche Bank Application Process

  1. 1
    Online Application
  2. 2
    Situational Judgement Test
  3. 3
    Assessment Centre
  4. 4
    Final Interview

Deutsche Bank publishes application dates for all job openings on the company website. Its graduate programme typically starts every July.

You are encouraged to find out all you can about the company before applying. To help you decide whether you think you’d be a good fit, you can use the Deutsche Bank Career Experience to access videos that show what life as an employee entails.

Once you’ve explored the realities of working for the company, you’re asked to complete an online application form, and to submit an accompanying cover letter. Although Deutsche Bank is a global company with multiple opportunities at different locations, you can apply to just one role at a time.

As you move through the application process, you’ll have access to an online platform to track your progress. Note that once you’ve uploaded your CV, you won’t be able to change it.

Deutsche Bank Career Experience

Deutsche Bank has created Career Experience, an immersive video that walks you through different scenarios that can occur in a typical day at work, and acts as a preview of its culture and environment.

Candidates are presented with challenging situations that they must assess before deciding how to respond. As you work through the scenarios, you unlock levels and move through challenges, plus you’ll hear interesting facts about Deutsche Bank and get a glimpse of the offices and colleagues as you go.

In each scenario, you’ll be presented with a situation and asked to choose your response from three different options. Each answer is worth a set amount of points. Once you have unlocked and completed all six challenges, you’ll receive your results as a Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum award.

A typical scenario might be that you have developed a new idea that you feel may benefit one of your clients, but the client is not open to change. You are given three possible courses of action that you must choose between.

Once you select one of the three presented answers, you’ll receive feedback on your choice before moving on to the next scenario.

Online application

The first stage of the application process involves completing an online application form through the Deutsche Bank website. The company only wants applications from committed candidates who are up-to-date with current issues in banking, and have an interest in the area to which they are applying.

The online form will ask about your qualifications and academic background, plus motivational questions like what drives you and why you want to work at Deutsche Bank. You will be competing against many other applicants, so provide detailed and well thought-out answers in each case.

Deutsche Bank situational judgement test

If your online application is successful, you’ll move on to the next round of the selection process: a situational judgement test, designed to assess whether your values align with Deutsche Bank’s values.

A situational judgement test presents hypothetical work-based situations and asks how you would respond. Each question has multiple-choice answers (typically four).

Read more here on how to prepare for situational judgement tests, check out some useful tips, and try out some sample SJT questions. Be sure to take online practice tests (such as this free Deutsche Bank test) and familiarise yourself with the Deutsche Bank mission and approach.

You must pass this round before progressing to the next stage of the process.

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Assessment centre

This round of the selection process will involve activities and challenges to test your communication skills, teamwork abilities and suitability for the role. The assessors will also want to know why you think you are right for Deutsche Bank and why it is right for you.

You might be asked to complete a written exercise, a case study, and/or a presentation. You will also sit more psychometric tests to assess your aptitude in areas such as verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning and technical ability.

Final interview

The final stage typically involves several interviews with different senior Deutsche Bank managers or area specialists.

Take some time to research Deutsche Bank in the lead-up to your interview. Follow the company social media accounts, look through the website, and read the Annual Report. You want to demonstrate a real interest in Deutsche Bank. You will also be expected to show an awareness of general global financial affairs.

Your interview will involve technical questions to test your knowledge of your chosen area, as well as general questions so your interviewers can get to know you.

You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions at the end of your interview. Don’t overlook this final chance to demonstrate that you are an ideal candidate for Deutsche Bank. The right questions can show that you are curious, open to learning, and eager to know more about the company.

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