About Practice Aptitude Tests

About Practice Aptitude Tests


Practice Aptitude Tests Ltd was founded in the UK in 2011.

Back then, our aim was to help a small number of people ace their psychometric tests and kick start their dream careers.

We now help thousands of candidates prepare for their psychometric tests every day.

Our Facebook group has a growing community of over 13,000 members and our Youtube and email communities are growing daily.

So how have we helped?

Our research showed that the more tests you take the easier it gets and eventually passing these tests becomes a simple routine.

We found that there were thousands of people who desperately needed these practice tests each month. But the quality and number of tests available online just didn’t help enough with passing the real thing.

Worst of all the questions and tests were not structured in the same way as the real thing.

From talking to graduates we heard this story over and over:

“I took loads of free online aptitude tests, I felt so confident. But then I had to take the real tests and it was NOTHING like the practice tests and I totally panicked!”

We decided this had to change.

So we set out to build the most realistic, accurate practice tests available online complemented by cutting edge technology in the form of personal test history dashboards.

We hired the most experienced Chartered Occupational Psychologist Consultants we could find. The ones who had actually previously worked for the major test publishers like SHL and Kenexa.

Today we offer over 80 of the most realistic free practice questions for you to work through.

For a small fee of $28.99 we also offer 441 extra questions plus your own dashboard to track the areas you struggle with and compare yourself to the other test takers.

With our paid service you can fix your weak links and make sure you are in the top percentiles.

For many candidates we found it’s not really about how intelligent you think you are, you just need to practice.

Through consultation with Chartered Occupational Psychologist Consultants we created a diverse learning resource covering the major areas the test publishers typically assess.

Taking free tests is a great introduction but becoming a member is essential to gain experience of a wider range of questions and question types.

By charging a small fee for our tests we are able to constantly improve our tests and the website. We are also able to add new features like our e-tray simulation, guide to assessment centres and CV builder.

If you are serious about your career we strongly urge you to just invest the $28.99 to comprehensively prepare yourself for the tests you have in front of you.

You could end up in a situation where you are just one extra right answer away from landing the job you want. If this is all it costs to get there then don’t you think it’s worth it?


Get your 441 practice aptitude questions now for just $28.99 including:

  • 260 Numerical Reasoning questions
  • 165 Verbal Reasoning questions
  • 50 Diagrammatic Reasoning questions
  • 25 Situational Judgement questions
  • ETray Online Test
  • Assessment Centre guide

Your chances of passing the real thing are dramatically increased because:

  • Our tests have been developed by professional Chartered Occupational Psychologists and are designed to be just like the real test publisher tests
  • All tests have clearly worked explanations so you can figure out where you went wrong
  • Your personal dashboard will help clearly highlight the areas you need to focus on so you can maximize the efficiency of your revision time
  • Compare your results against all other tests takers – thousands of elite level candidate use our site every day. If you do well compared them you KNOW you will do well against your job competitors

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