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train driver tests

Train Driver Tests

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train driver tests

Train Operating Companies (TOCs) run a rigorous recruitment process for trainee drivers. They’re looking to ensure candidates possess the unique skill set required for the role, and they gauge this through a series of challenging psychometric assessments that make up the train driver test suite.

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Train Driver Tests FAQs

How many times can you take the train driver assessment?

As the tests administered are designed to measure your natural capabilities, rather than learned knowledge, applicants are only permitted two attempts to pass the train driver assessment.

What happens if I fail the train driver test?

If you fail your first attempt at the train driver assessment, you’re permitted a second attempt provided it is more than six months after the first. Regardless of which particular sections you failed on initially, you will be required to sit the entire test suite again.

How long are train driver tests?

This varies. Each TOC uses its own combination of assessment types, and the length of each test contained can differ widely. For example, a Group Bourdon test is just 10 minutes long, whereas a situational judgement test will allow for more time.

You’ll be sent a preparation pack before assessment day, which should give you specifics on the exact tests you’ll face and the duration of each.

What skills do train drivers need?

Train drivers require a broad range of skills to fulfil their job role. In addition to those measured through train driver tests – like concentration, motor skills, reactivity, awareness and problem solving – you’ll also need a responsible attitude, understanding of safety and emergency procedures, flexibility and good customer service skills.

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  • United Kingdom

    January 12, 2023

    Just wanted to see what type of questions I’d expect

    Good insight, didn’t have time to do the actual math, will do it in full next time. Very good learning experience.

  • United Kingdom

    August 14, 2022

    Need to do more revision

    I wasn't expecting it to be about ratios and percentages, so basic arithmetic, I must try harder next time, thanks

  • United Kingdom

    April 14, 2022

    Very difficult

    I didn't expect psychometric tests to be so complex, probably should have stayed in school and done this straight after when my brain was fresh!

  • United Kingdom

    February 27, 2022


    I took it after a long night at work, so it might be the reason why concentration was difficult. It will be nice to redo it when I am rested.

  • Liberia

    September 23, 2021

    The accuracy, experience and examples

    All is well from my end, most especially the time frame and solution examples. Many thanks for this unique platform.

  • Sweden

    May 23, 2021

    tough but like most things exercise will help

    much of the information is superfluous, its the calculations that trip you up if you dont know them its solid

  • United Kingdom

    May 18, 2021

    Practice test

    difficult, ran out of time, so much information to take in

  • United Kingdom

    April 12, 2021


    Nothing wrong with the test, shame about the candidate.

  • Australia

    April 10, 2021

    Quick math skills

    First ever test, gave me a good insight.

  • United Kingdom

    February 16, 2021


    It was very tough test. Need to brush up on maths.