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Macquarie Tests

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Macquarie Tests

Macquarie is a global financial services group, offering asset management, retail and business banking, wealth management and renewables development. Originally from Australia, Macquarie operates in 31 countries and is a popular starting point for financial careers.

Careers at Macquarie

For applicants, the international nature of Macquarie is just one facet of the career progression available. With more than 16,000 employees, the opportunity for personal development and growth is huge. Funding and support for learning and training opportunities are offered.

The graduate programme at Macquarie is aimed at the best performers in their last year of undergraduate or Master’s study. A high standard of academic achievement is important for most business areas, though individual job descriptions may vary.

Macquarie Application Process

  1. 1
    Online Application Form
  2. 2
    Psychometric Tests
  3. 3
    Video Interview
  4. 4

The Macquarie application process has several stages, and for some roles can take many weeks to complete. The online application form is the starting point for all routes; by logging in to the recruitment system you can track the progress of your application throughout.

The regular application process moves from the online application form to interviews: first a straightforward phone interview, then a face-to-face interview. Following this comes a series of psychometric tests (taken at home or in the Macquarie office) and the last stage is a final interview.

The graduate programme application opens once a year, on 1 September. The closing date depends on the programme applied for; more information on this can be found when you begin the process.

Online application form

The online application form is a simple combination of CV, cover letter and answers to questions about you (eg personal details, education and relevant experience).

Once completed, the graduate recruitment team will review your application, and if you meet the criteria you will be invited to the next stage.

Psychometric tests

The psychometric tests used by Macquarie are published by Talent Q. There are three tests to complete: verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning and abstract reasoning.

The tests are timed at 20 minutes each. Although there is no pass or fail mark, the graduate recruitment team is looking to find out whether you have the skills and attributes that match the requirements of the programme.

Your recruiter will send you information about what to expect and a practice assessment. The psychometric tests are usually completed at home, though you may be asked to complete a verification test later in the application process.

Macquarie verbal reasoning test

The verbal reasoning test presents several passages of text, which you need to quickly read and understand. Careful analysis of the information provided will allow you to answer the multiple-choice questions that follow.

The paragraphs of information and the questions themselves are not necessarily difficult to interpret; the time pressure is what makes it challenging.

Macquarie numerical reasoning test

Numerical reasoning assessments present a candidate with numerical data in the form of tables, graphs and ratios. Questions about the data are asked with multiple-choice answers.

To be successful you need to have a basic understanding of mathematical functions, plus the ability to quickly read and process information. Again, these are not inherently difficult, but the unusual presentation combined with a short time limit adds pressure.

As there are no ‘negative marks’ for an incorrect answer, it’s a good idea to focus on answering as many questions as you can.

Macquarie abstract reasoning test

The abstract reasoning test determines your ability to recognise patterns in shapes and use the information given to make a reasonable deduction as to what comes next. For this assessment, you need to look carefully at each pattern to understand how it works before you predict the next shape. This is also a multiple-choice test.

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Video interview

If your psychometric test results suggest that you have the required skills and aptitudes, you will be invited to the next stage of the application process: a video interview.

This involves answering pre-recorded questions under timed conditions, to demonstrate your passion and interest in both Macquarie and the programme you have chosen.

The questions in the video interview are tailored to the business group you have applied for, and successful candidates will need to demonstrate that they are commercially minded.


The final stage of the Macquarie application process is the Superday. Successful applicants will be invited to join the team at the Macquarie offices to complete some further assessments and have more interviews.

During the Superday you can expect to complete a presentation about a case study or article, and you may have to complete a problem-solving activity with a team.

There will likely be further interviews with colleagues and mentors, as well as competency-based questions to assess you further. During these interviews, it is important to show that you have done your research about Macquarie, and can demonstrate why you think you would be successful.

Feedback on your performance at the Superday will be provided (even if you are not successful).

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