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If you are looking to land a job as a fire-fighter, then this page can help prepare you for the selection process. Find out about the types of aptitude tests used for this type of role, and use our practice packages to help you perform well in your assessment.

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About When applying to become a fire-fighter, there are a number of steps you will need to complete as part of the application and selection process. We have put together a number of useful articles and online resources that can help you be successful in your submission:

Fire-fighter Application form Fire-fighter Written Aptitude tests National Fire-fighter Questionnaire National Fire-fighter Physical Ability Tests Fire-fighter interview Find out about a specific Fire-fighter service in the UK Sample tests

The written aptitude test is made up of three aptitude tests including numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning and a situational judgement tests. It is important that you perform strongly on each of the tests as the results are considered collectively to determine whether you will proceed to the next stage of the selection process. Below we have provided some information about each of the three tests:

Numerical reasoning This will be a timed test, allocating 45 minutes in which you will have to complete 32 questions. The questions will determine your numerical skills and will be based on the role of a fire-fighter. For example, you may be faced with a question that asks you to calculate how much hose length is required in the event of a fire.

Verbal reasoning This will be a timed test, allocating 30 minutes in which you will have to complete 25 questions. The questions will present a passage of text that you will have to interpret and choose the most accurate answer based on multiple choice. The types of scenarios you will be presented with will relate to situations you may face in the role of a firefighter, for example, a fire safety route.

Situational Judgement This will be a timed test, allocating 35 minutes to complete 30 questions. You will be faced with day-to-day work situations that may be difficult (given the nature of a fire-fighter position) and presented with options on which course of action to choose. It will be down to your decision-making skills to determine the right course of action, and demonstrate your ability to act accordingly when working under high pressure.

In addition to the above, you will also be expected to complete the national fire-fighter questionnaire. This is a personality test which contains 127 questions and determines your personal qualities and attributes (PQA). There are seven PQA’s upon which the questionnaire is based, and we have detailed these below:

Working with others Confidence and resilience Commitment to excellence Commitment to diversity and integrity Openness to change Situational awareness Commitment to development

Furthermore, there are six national psychical tests in which you must pass in order to become a firefighter. They assess your physical capability and endurance. These tests are:

Ladder lift test; this test requires you to raise a bar off of the ground lower it from full height to place it on a support. It is an evaluation of your upper and lower body strength. Casualty evacuation test; this will assess your ability to drag a 55kg weight around a course, walking backwards. It’s emphasis is on your upper and lower physical strength. Equipment assembly test; this will evaluate your ability to assemble and disassemble equipment, measuring your manual agility. Equipment carry test; this is another assessment designed to measure your physical strength, including muscle strength, stamina and aerobic fitness Ladder climb test; this will assess you confidence in climbing ladders, and perform tasks whilst on a ladder. It also evaluates your ability to see objects at various levels and angles whilst balancing on a ladder. Breathing apparatus crawl test; this assessment evaluates your confidence and ability to work in a confined space. You will be asked to crawl through a course in full fire fighter uniform with various levels of visual clarity.

Please be aware that across the various fire stations within the UK, the recruitment process may vary slightly. However, we would highly recommend being prepared for all aspects of the recruitment process so that you practice in advance and perform well on the day of your assessments. We have put together a suite of practice tests to help give you the best chance of success.

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