BNP Paribas offers Graduate Programmes across its main business areas in Global Markets, Corporate Banking, Financial Institutions Coverage (FIC), Compliance and Technology.  At BNP Paribas successful candidates are trained to become qualified analysts not only by fulfilling their daily tasks but also by participating in cutting-edge projects with an agenda to make banking more personal and innovative.

Below you can find details on the BNP Paribas Application Process. Please bear in mind, the assessment might vary depending on the route you choose.


BNP Paribas Application Process

There are 4 steps involved in the Application Process:

Step 1: Online Application
Step 2: Psychometric Tests

  • Numerical Reasoning Test
  • Verbal Reasoning Test

Step 3: Digital Interview
Step 4: Business Interview/ Assessment Centre


BNP Paribas Psychometric Tests

Psychometric tests are a key component of BNP Paribas Application Process. Upon filing the application you will be asked to take Numerical and Verbal Reasoning Tests. Details on psychometrics tests used in BNP Paribas Application Process can be found below.


BNP Paribas Numerical Reasoning Test

The multiple – choice BNP Paribas Numerical Test assesses your ability to evaluate, analyze, and interpret numerical information that will be provided to you in charts, graphs, and tables. You will have limited time to find a correct answer, so all the calculations like percentages, ratios, and basic arithmetic should be executed quickly and accurately. We know that you can do it, but If you really want to master the BNP Paribas Numerical Test  – it can be easily learned through our online tests and video tutorials available on the website.


BNP Paribas Verbal Reasoning Test

The BNP Paribas Verbal Reasoning Test comprises of a series of paragraphs which you will be required to read and a set of questions matching the information provided in paragraphs. Your answer options will be True, False or Cannot Tell.

The BNP Paribas Verbal Reasoning Test is a timed assessment aimed at checking your comprehension and understanding skills during which you will be required to do a fair amount of reading, so make sure you will be sitting them in a place where you can focus.

By presenting you with the Verbal Reasoning Tests, people from BNP Paribas want to verify your understanding of the written word, as well as your dexterity when it comes to filtering out the key information from a bulk of the text. Here, please take a moment and imagine a pile of emails residing in your future Inbox,  waiting to be read and replied. Not easy, huh?

To get the necessary confidence and speed up things, practice some Verbal Reasoning Tests now.


BNP Paribas Digital Interview

If you are invited for the BNP Paribas Video Interview you will be provided with an access to a platform that will record your responses.

Stating the obvious, you will need a PC equipped with a front-facing webcam, microphone, and good Internet connection to upload your answers on time. You also should consider sitting the test in a quiet environment to avoid any interruptions in your recording.

Questions will be asked in a text format and appear on the device on your screen. At the time, there will be no human being present listening to your answers, so you might find it a bit more easy-going than a regular interview, however, don’t get too comfortable as you are expected to elaborate on your strengths and past achievements.


BNP Paribas Business Interview / Assessment Centre

Congratulations! You made it to the last stage! Depending on the Graduate Programme you have chosen, you might be asked to attend a Business Interview or an Assessment Centre. Below we outlined some details that will be helpful with preparing for both scenarios:

BNP Paribas Business Interview – This will be a standard  mix of competence and strengths-based interview. You are expected to give full answers with specific examples of your achievements, as well as show that you understand well what your role will be about, and what working at BNP Paribas means. Remember to show some enthusiasm and passion! You might undergo up to three interviews with a team manager, CEO, and members of the  talent acquisition team.

BNP Paribas Assessment Centre – BNP Paribas Assessment Center is usually a mix of individual and group activities. The exercises will differ depending on the job position you are applying for, but make sure you are prepared for all scenarios.

Group Exercise – These exercises will vary,  but the general skills that the assessors are looking for is a good balance between teamwork and leadership skills. You might want everyone in the room to see your great leadership skills, but approach the group exercise rather as a test of your collaborative and teamwork abilities than a show of a directorship. Most likely you will have a brief to read and discuss possible solutions with a group and then present a conclusion to the assessors. It is important to stick to your guns if you are convinced about your answers.

Case Study – BNP Paribas case study takes a form of a short presentation on a topic that you will be given a short time to prepare during the assessment center. After the presentation, you will be assessed further by the interviewers asking you questions regarding the topic of your presentation.  If you are not a born speaker and feel like you could use a little bit more advice, you can check the Assessment Centre Guide, for more useful tips.


Application Process

Step 1: Online Application
Step 2: Psychometric Tests
Step 3: Digital Interview
Step 4: Business Interview/ Assessment Centre




Prepare for your BNP PARIBAS tests

  • Practice Numerical Reasoning Tests

  • Practice Verbal Reasoning Tests

  • Practice Diagrammatic Reasoning Tests

  • Practice Situational Judgement Tests

  • Practice Assessment Centre Tests

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