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Nomura aptitude tests

Nomura Tests

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Nomura aptitude tests

Nomura is a global financial group that operates in over 30 countries, specialising in investment banking, global markets and corporate infrastructure. As of 2020, Nomura’s retail client assets exceed £820 billion, making it one of the biggest financial services companies in the world.

Careers at Nomura

Nomura’s training and graduate schemes are highly coveted, translating into a competitive application process with tens of thousands of applications each year.

With such a global spread of offices, the employee base is diverse, and careers are developed for the longer term. You’ll join Nomura in one of four divisions: Technology, Risk, Global Markets or Investment Banking.

Nomura Application Process

  1. 1
    Online Form
  2. 2
    Numerical Reasoning Test
  3. 3
    Logical Reasoning Test
  4. 4
    Assessment Centre
  5. 5
    Final Interviews

The first step of the application process is the online form, which asks you to give basic information like your CV and a cover letter.

A strong academic background is one of the key things that Nomura looks for. It accepts applications from people with degrees in any discipline, but you will need to prove that you have strong numeracy skills.

There will be some motivational questions on the online form, which can change depending on the department that you have applied to. You should focus on researching Nomura and identifying specific details about its business practices and history that make you want to work for the company.

You should also make clear connections between specific aspects of the role you are applying for and how your previous experience relates to these, as this is how you stand out from the crowd.

When writing your cover letter, you should be aware of Nomura’s company culture and what traits it seeks in employees. Some of the desirable attributes are:

  • Confident and positive attitude
  • Strong communication skills
  • Commercial intuition
  • Ambitious and driven to achieve
  • Understands the importance of working collaboratively

Remember to show how you embody these ideals and how your previous experience supports that.

Nomura numerical reasoning test

If you want to work in finance then it is crucial that you have strong numeracy skills. Nomura’s numerical reasoning test is an assessment of your ability to work with and interpret numerical data, which will show your ability to work analytically.

You are given 37 statements to work through in just 12 minutes, which is unusually challenging time pressure. However, it is possible to do well. The best way to improve your score is to practice sample numerical reasoning tests, so you can become comfortable with the time restriction.

You can also practice financial reasoning tests, which will give you questions more specifically tailored to financial data interpretation and can help you prepare for your Nomura tests.

Nomura logical reasoning test

The other type of aptitude test that Nomura gives its applicants is a logical reasoning test.

The exact test you take could be a diagrammatical reasoning or inductive reasoning test, and will assess your problem-solving skills through the use of abstract shapes and patterns. Typically, you will be asked to look at a number of different patterns and identify the rule to indicate which image will come next in the sequence.

For these, the time pressure is not as strict; typically you will be given 12 questions in 12 minutes. However, as with other aptitude tests, the best way to prepare for logical reasoning tests is to practice.

While their purpose may seem less obvious than the numerical reasoning tests, logical reasoning can provide useful insight into someone’s ability to think critically, identify abstract solutions, and work well under pressure.

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Assessment centre

If you pass the above stages, you’ll be invited to an assessment centre. Here, you’ll take part in activities such as a group exercise.

Preparing for a group exercise is difficult, but you should focus on what you know about Nomura and its work culture. The company is proud of its client-focused approach and emphasises the importance of teamwork and respecting a diverse work-force to achieve success.

As such, you should go into the group exercise ready to show your experience and leadership potential, but also being mindful of how well you listen to and work with others.

Your interview will be a mix of competency and motivational questions. Prepare answers that show how in your prior experience you have demonstrated Nomura’s core competencies:

  • Leadership
  • Analytical skills
  • Problem solving
  • Teamwork
  • Communication
  • Professional presence
  • Initiative

Technical questions may come in the form of a case study. You will be given a project brief and problem, and will then be expected to form a response to it – showing your knowledge of the division you are applying for and how well you work on your feet.

Throughout, show your passion for the finance industry and why you are applying for this specific role at Nomura. The best way to prepare for your interview is to do as much research as possible and give a real sense of your personality with confident answers.

Final interviews

The final stage of the application process is one more round of interviews, this time with senior managers from the division that you are applying for.

These will be more intense than the assessment centre interviews and focused on competency-based questions. As your last chance to prove your enthusiasm, passion and skills, it’s important that you go into this interview prepared for in-depth questions about why you want to work for Nomura and why you are the best person for the job.

Nomura looks for people who have a hunger for success and are ambitious, so you should emphasise your entrepreneurial spirit and understanding of where you think the finance industry is heading.

Have a look at some top interview tips to make sure that you have all the basics covered. One of the best ways to impress your interviewer is to ask questions and show genuine engagement with the role and being part of the company.

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