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If you are looking to land a military or armed forces job, then this page can help prepare you for the selection process. Find out about the types of aptitude tests used for this type of role, and use our practice packages to help you perform well in your assessment.

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About The Armed Forces, particularly in English-speaking countries, will expect candidates to complete aptitude assessments as part of the recruitment process. Due the various job types available within these organisations, different aptitude test types will be used according to the skills required for each specific role.

The types of aptitude tests used by the Army include:

Numerical literacy Verbal literacy Spatial reasoning Mechanical / technical reasoning Speed / accuracy / memory Higher level reasoning and critical thinking

Furthermore, we have listed each of the different tests used within the Armed Forces below.

Royal Navy Recruitment Test - UK Royal Air Force Aptitude Test - UK Amy Officer Selection Board Tests - UK Admiralty Interview Board - UK British Army Recruit Battery - UK Technical Selection Test - UK British Army Numeracy and Literacy Tests - UK Armed Forces Vocational Aptitude Battery – USA Canadian Forces Aptitude Tests – Canada Australian Defence Force Aptitude Test – Australia New Zealand Defence Force – New Zealand Irish Army Psychometric Tests - Ireland

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