This page can help you prepare for aptitude tests designed to spot talent for accountancy positions. You can gain online access to a range of aptitude tests that are regularly used by employers as part of the recruitment process.
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Most companies looking for candidates to fill accountancy-based roles are expecting the individual to have exceptional numeracy skills. These types of roles also require strong analytical skills and ability to problem solve. As such, the recruitment process is likely to place emphasis on aptitude tests designed to demonstrate these types of skills.

It is common for these tests to be numeracy based, so that the employer can see how well you handle analysing numerical information and completing complex calculations. We would highly recommend revising over basic numeracy principles such as calculating percentages, ratios, factions and decimals.

The types of questions you are going to be presented with will expect you to analyse numerical information illustrated within a table, graph, chart, balance sheet and many more. Furthermore, you are normally provided with a calculator to answer any online-based exam and will typically have one minute to answer each question.

Accountancy numerical reasoning tests are more specific to accountancy-based information. You are likely to be asked to interpret information such as a set of accounts, inflation, a profit and loss account, currency conversions, costs of productions and/or transport and everyday economic data. Whilst they can be challenging, you are not expected to have formal university knowledge in order to be successful.

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