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Globally recognised for its iconic non-alcoholic beverages, The Coca-Cola Company was founded more than 100 years ago. Its headquarters are in Georgia, United States, and in addition to Coca-Cola, it produces Fanta, Sprite, Minute Maid and Powerade.

Careers at Coca Cola Company

The Coca-Cola Company prides itself on being an inclusive company, and has won several awards for gender equality and diversity. The company’s culture is based on CARE (Create, Articulate, Regulate and Evaluate) and it offers a Total Rewards benefits package, which includes employee support for both financial and health wellbeing.

In addition to regular job opportunities, The Coca-Cola Company also offers a variety of internships and training. All of them are aimed at college and graduate students. Coca Cola also offers academic credits and longer-term assignments.

You can reach out to the company for internships, or visit the career website. Here, you will find current vacancies in a variety of roles and countries.

Coca Cola Company Application Process

  1. 1
    Online application
  2. 2
    Phone or video interview
  3. 3
    Psychometric tests
  4. 4
    Panel interview
  5. 5
    Background check

It begins with an online application. From there, it varies depending on the position you’re applying for — some will require several interviews, while others may ask you to take different psychometric tests.

Take a look at this overview of Coca Cola’s hiring process, where you can also find tips on what to keep in mind when applying. It encourages applicants to be curious about the company and research it thoroughly.

You should be familiar with Coca-Cola’s culture and values to make the best impression. It’s also useful to have a referral from the inside — someone who already works at Coca-Cola and can vouch for you. This is not essential, of course.

Below, you will find a breakdown of each stage you may go through.

Online application

The online application is straightforward: you submit a CV and a cover letter listing the reasons why you want to work for Coca Cola.

Make sure to tailor both your CV and cover letter to the specific role and requirements of the job. If you send a pre-written document, they will notice.

Phone or video interview

If the recruitment team at Coca Cola likes your CV, they will invite you for a phone or video interview. The first will be a pre-screening from an HR staff member, where they will ask you behavioural questions and how your competencies match their needs.

The video interview is a bit trickier. It will be a pre-recorded registration and you will have a fixed number of minutes to answer each question. You will be given the question with 30 seconds to prepare, and then the chance to record yourself answering.

Note that you will also have the opportunity to watch yourself back and re-record if necessary.

Coca-Cola numerical reasoning test

When applying for a financial or analyst role, you may be asked to complete a numerical reasoning test. Contrary to common belief, a numerical reasoning test is not like your average math test. This test will include graphs, charts, data analysis and much more.

To best prepare for a numerical reasoning test, you can follow our numerical reasoning tips. Practicing is always the best method, particularly when using a timer.

Coca-Cola mechanical reasoning test

Another type of psychometric test you could encounter is a mechanical reasoning test. This is likely something you will have to do if applying for more technical jobs, such as engineering.

This test will give you a mechanical scenario and ask you questions about it. For example, it could give you a set of cogs and ask you to work out the way they rotate.

As with numerical tests, the mechanical reasoning tests will be timed — you will usually have an average of one minute per question.

Again, practice is key to success, and you can always check out our mechanical reasoning test tips to make sure you’re prepared.

Coca-Cola personality test

Finally, the company could ask you to take a personality test. This is a type of test commonly used for both customer-based and office roles. It gives the recruiter a chance to see if you’re a good fit for the company’s values and code of conduct.

Although it sounds like a test that needs no preparation, it’s always better to take a few practice tests. The questions will be putting you in front of different scenarios typical in a work environment. You will have to answer how likely or unlikely you are to act a certain way.

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Panel interview

The last stage of the Coca-Cola Company’s application process is a panel interview. As the name suggests, this will be conducted by several members of the company. They might be your future managers or the head of the department.

The interview will present you with questions following the STAR method. Common questions are:

  • Why would you be a good fit for the role?
  • Why do you want to work for us?
  • How have you handled issues within the team in the past?
  • Can you tell me a time you encountered difficulties during a project and what you did to overcome them?

Background check

If you’ve been successful throughout the whole process, the Coca-Cola Company will run a background check before offering your position. This is nothing to be worried about, but it’s good to be aware the company will look into your records and past.

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