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Thomas International Tests

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Thomas International Tests

Thomas International have been in the industry for over 30 years, providing assessments in 56 languages and in over 60 countries worldwide. Their clients are from a variety of industries and they work with 32,000 companies.

Who are Thomas International?

Thomas International is a psychometric tools and assessment provider that is used by many employers to gain an insight into candidates general intelligence. They also have a number of assessment centres that are used by companies to hold assessment and in-house training days.

Thomas International Aptitude Tests

Thomas International offer two series of aptitude tests: Thomas Skills and Thomas Psychometric Test (GIA/TST).

The Thomas Psychometric Test offers five assessments that evaluate your response to training on the job. They measure general intelligence as opposed to specific abilities. Whereas Tomas Skills is more specific, covering over 100 areas such as verbal and numerical reasoning.

Thomas PPA

The Thomas PPA is a personality assessment. It is a short, eight-minute questionnaire that will present you with work-based scenarios. Alongside each scenario will be four words and you will need to select the one that represents the reaction you are most likely to take. Employers use this test as an indicator as to how you handle pressure, your motivations you’re your communication style.

Thomas TEIQue

Emotional intelligence is becoming an increasingly popular indicator that employers want to measure, especially for managerial roles. The Thomas TEIQue is an emotional intelligence test that looks at how self-aware you are, and how well you control your emotions. It also assesses how in-tune you are with the emotions of others. It is a 20-25 minute questionnaire and presents statements relating to different scenarios that you need to rate how strongly you agree or disagree with. The results will show which candidates will thrive in difficult and stressful wok situations.

PPA - Personality Tests

Personal Profile Analysis is designed to provide an insight into how people behave in the workplace. It takes 8 minutes to complete and it generates a report detailing the individual’s strengths, limitations, communication style, value to business, motivations, fears and how they react under pressure.

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GIA - General Intelligence Assessment

Designed to measure a person’s mental horsepower and the speed at which an individual can learn and retain new skills. It can be delivered both online and in supervised written conditions. This test comprises of 5 divisions;

1) Reasoning Test – This is similar to a verbal reasoning test whereby the individual is presented with a paragraph of writing and are required to answer questions relating to it.

2) Perceptual Speed Test – This is designed to test an individual’s ability to interpret data inaccuracies. Speed and accuracy are important.

3) Number and Speed Accuracy Assessment – This similar to a numerical reasoning test. It is used to measure an individual’s ability to analyse and interpret data using basic arithmetic and calculations expected in the workplace. The data is normally presented in the form of graphs, tables and diagrams and will range from basic maths to further, depending on role.

4) Word Meaning – This is designed to test the individual’s vocabulary.

5) Spatial Visualisation – These are used to test the individual’s ability to mentally manipulate two and three dimensional figures.

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