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Saville Assessment Tests

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Saville Assessment Tests

Saville Assessment (formerly Saville Consulting) is an international psychometric assessment business. They operate in over 80 countries and the products are available in 35 languages. The consultancy employs experiences occupational psychologists and their portfolio includes a variety of services from selection to development to talent management, to name but a few. Their aptitude tests include numerical, verbal and diagrammatic reasoning as well as abstract, error checking and mechanical and most take on average 20 minutes to complete.

Who are Saville Assessment?

Professor Peter Saville who is also the co-founder of SHL founded this particular company and therefore, there are some similarities between their assessments.

Saville test series

Below we have listed their test series, which vary according to job level:

  • Comprehension Aptitudes: focused at operational, customer and administrative staff

  • Analysis Aptitudes: focused at managerial, directorial and professional level

  • Apprentice Aptitudes: focused at graduates, trainees and technicians

  • Executive Aptitudes: focused at managerial, directorial and professional level

  • Technical Aptitudes: focused at engineering and construction roles

Saville test topics

Each series have an assessment for each of the below topics:

Numerical / Verbal / Diagrammatic / Abstract / Error-checking / Mechanical / Spatial

Saville test formats

Saville Assessments are broken down into two formats:

1) Single Aptitude Tests – a longer version which takes longer than 30 minutes

2) Swift Aptitude Tests – a shorter version which takes less than 30 minutes

All of the various assessment topics can be taken in either swift or single format. You will find the swift version is often used at a preliminary recruitment stage, to help filter the candidates.

Saville Waver personality questionnaire

Saville Assessments have also created a well-known personality questionnaire called the Saville Wave ®. They have been split into two formats:

1) Wave Professional Style: a 40 minute assessment

2) Wave Focus Style: a shorter version of the professional style, taking only 13 minutes

Similarly to other personality assessments, these tests are designed to evaluate yours strengths and weaknesses, as well as the synergy between your personality traits and the company’s values.

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Other Saville tests

Whilst the most popular Saville’s test used by employers are the numerical and verbal reasoning test, there are many other areas they have created assessments for. We have provided a list of these below:

  • Diagrammatic Aptitude

  • Error Checking Aptitude

  • Spatial Aptitude

  • Mechanical Aptitude

Preparing for Saville tests

There are many things you can do in order to prepare for a Saville’s assessment. We recommend using our practice test packages to help you become familiar to the format and content of these tests. Each time you practice, you will see explanations to the correct answers and over time you should see an improvement in your score.

Each time you practice, you will get more familiar to the types of diagrams and numerical data that these tests present, and in time you will become more confident at completing them. We would strongly recommend you check with the employer to confirm the type of exam you will be faced with at your assessment day so that you can practice in advance. It is also useful to know whether you will be marked down for incorrect answers just so that you can manage your answers accordingly.

Practice Aptitude Tests is not associated with Saville. We provide preparation services for Saville psychometric tests. Visit to apply.

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