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aon test

Aon is an examination publisher that design tests to evaluate the skills and knowledge of candidates applying to role in their chosen industry.

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What is a passing score on the Aon online assessment tests?

As the Aon tests are used by a wide variety of employers across different sectors, each employer has their own benchmark that candidates must attain to be successful in the tests. Depending on the role and employer, the score will also differ depending on the level of proficiency required for the position.

Which professions use Aon tests, and why?

Aon’s tests are used in the recruitment process for professions such as those in financial services and IT, where strong numerical reasoning and an aptitude for analytical reasoning are essential for the role.

Many roles in accountancy and consulting also require individuals to be able to read, analyze and make logical inferences from various data sources. As logical, numerical, and verbal reasoning are central to success in these types of roles, employers use the results of the Aon tests to gain an objective view of an individual’s abilities.

How to prepare for an Aon test

The key to performing to the best of your ability in an Aon test is to practice the tests.

While the abilities being assessed in an Aon test are inherent, practicing the tests ensures you become familiar with the format, style of questions, and how you react under the time pressure you will feel when taking the test itself.

When preparing for the test, simulate the test environment. Make sure you practice tests under timed conditions. Ensure you take your practice test in a quiet room, free from distractions.

Sharpen your logical reasoning skills by practicing puzzles such as sudoku. This helps train your mind to spot relationships or links between abstract information.

When practicing for the numerical assessments, refresh your memory on basic mathematical principles such as fractions and equations.

Practice Aptitude Tests is not associated with AON. We provide preparation services for AON psychometric tests. Our tests are not designed to be identical to any style, employer or industry. Visit to find out more.

Aon FAQs

Which employers use Aon Online Assessments?

Several employers, such as PwC, Deloitte, Coca-Cola, Proctor & Gamble, and Dell, use Aon tests. The test results enable employers to better understand an individual’s aptitudes in the areas needed for success in both graduate and experienced-level roles.

What is the best way to pass an Aon Test?

There is no set pass mark in an Aon test. Each employer sets its own benchmark for success in the test.

Can I retake an Aon online assessment?

Each employer will have its own policy for retakes. This usually involves candidates waiting a set period of time before a retake is allowed. For information on retakes, contact your recruiter.

Are the Aon online assessments hard?

The tests are a thorough evaluation of an individual’s aptitudes in relation to what is needed for a role. To perform to the best of your ability, practice the tests beforehand, remain calm when sitting the tests, and read the instructions and questions carefully. Be mindful of the remaining time, so you answer as many questions as possible in the test.

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