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P&G Tests

Procter & Gamble (otherwise known as P&G) is a multinational consumer goods company that employs people across over 150 brands. P&G has a rigorous online assessment process, including an application form, multiple tests and a panel interview.

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P&G Sales Virtual Job Preview

The Sales Virtual Job Preview is your chance to showcase your skills, experience, and what sets you apart from the rest.

The first section is a brief introduction, which won’t include questions for you to answer. However, it’s good practice to take notes in case you’re asked about any of it later on, so you can improve your knowledge and understanding of P&G.

You’ll then move on to six different exercises:

  1. Imagining you’re a member of the sales team, you’ll have to respond to nine emails using a pool of pre-prepared responses, out of which you’ll select the ones you’d be ‘most’ and ‘least’ likely to use. Practising situational judgement tests will help you improve at this.

  2. Still imagining you’re in the sales team, you’ll now be required to answer eight numerical questions (essentially a mini numerical reasoning test).

  3. Exercise three is about prioritisation. You’ll be given a schedule that requires you to prioritise two sets of four tasks, based on their significance and how quickly you think you’d complete them. Again, it’s important to think like a member of the sales team here, to answer the questions most effectively.

  4. Next, 25 quick questions that start, with ‘I prefer a job where…’ followed by two possible answers. This helps build a clearer picture of you as an individual and how you’re likely to fit into the team. Prepare by thinking about the type of person P&G is likely to want to hire based on their core values and ethics, as well as the requirements of the role you’re applying for.

  5. Then, 23 questions designed to find out more about you: your background, experience, and work history. In this section, ensure everything you write is accurate.

  6. Finally, you’ll need to answer 23 questions on your preferred working style. Ensure you’re honest, as your answers should be reflective of what you’ve said about yourself elsewhere.

Although untimed, the Sales Virtual Job Preview normally takes around an hour to complete (occasionally this section is replaced with a video interview, but this is unlikely).

P&G panel interview

The interview stage is your final chance to demonstrate your skills, enthusiasm, and passion for the role and becoming a part of P&G.

The panel will ask you several competency-based questions. Try to sell everything that makes you qualified and unique, while relating the questions to the role you’re applying for, so the panel can see the relevance of your answer.

Prepare by looking at common interview questions, practicing your interview techniques, and doing some in-depth research into P&G and the role you’re applying for. And most importantly, be confident in your skills and abilities.

How to pass the P&G online assessment


Practice does make perfect when it comes to aptitude tests. As you don’t need to know any specific knowledge, the best way to prepare for your actual assessment test is to take some practice tests. This will help you become familiar with the P&G assessment format and style of questions, as well as working under time pressure. Make sure to also review your answers after to see where you may have gone wrong.

Focus on your weaknesses

Focusing on your weaknesses will make the biggest difference to your overall test score and ensure you are strong across the board. A good way to identify your weaknesses is to review your answers after practice tests.

Read the questions carefully

Many candidates often lose out on marks due to not reading the questions quickly and misunderstanding what it is asking you. So, it’s important to read each question carefully, without making assumptions.

Research the company

P&G will want to see that you are knowledgeable about the company and the wider industry, so it is important to do some research before the application process. Doing some thorough research will help prepare you with all the information you need to answer application or interview questions effectively. Good places to find information are on the company’s website and careers page, their social media pages, and even the news.

Practice common interview questions

The most effective way to prepare for the interviews is to practice common interview questions. This will help prepare you for whatever the interview throws at you. When practicing try to use the STAR (situation, task, action, and result) technique to ensure your answers are specific, concise, and relevant.

Practice Aptitude Tests is not associated with P&G. We provide preparation services for P&G psychometric tests. Our tests are not designed to be identical to any style, employer or industry. Visit to find out more.

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Reviews of our Procter & Gamble tests

What our customers say about our Procter & Gamble tests

  • United Kingdom

    September 07, 2023

    Numerical test

    It was a great practice. Highly recommend. I suggest to prepare a calculator before taking the test.

  • Pakistan

    March 07, 2023

    Quantitative Test

    It was interesting and quite challenging. The questions tested critical thinking, and numeric skills.

  • Mexico

    February 22, 2023

    Economics english vocabulary and concepts

    it helped me to remember math stuff I didn´t remember but it has terms I'm not familiar with so it was more challenging as I had to not only understand the maths terms but also the economics ones in order to understand what I had to do

  • United States of America

    February 01, 2023

    The practice test helps

    The practice test helped me understand the formulas and methods needed to be able to take the timed test

  • Panama

    July 23, 2022

    Read carefully and write everything

    These are kind of tricky questions, so first read carefully, apply logic and write the operations that are more difficult

  • India

    July 17, 2022

    Test is very useful

    It was very nice to write the exam. it is very useful to write the exam and practice makes good sense as written communication skills are improving. these skills are the best things for a job. great to clear the exam and coming to the experience of work and talent

  • United States of America

    May 28, 2022

    Problem Solving

    This test is about understanding data quickly without a descriptive explanation. You have to understand the questions and quickly figure out the best way to solve the problem.

  • Portugal

    April 22, 2022

    The time isn't enough

    I didn't find the answers to be very hard, but the time was a big pressure and simply wasn't enough to answer all the questions.

  • France

    April 13, 2022

    20 minutes is too short

    I think we should at least have 30 minutes to do the questions, because some of them required us to write down our steps.

  • India

    March 07, 2022


    Very tough test with lengthy calculations. There should be less scrolling, so that in 1 view we can have the full question visibility.