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P&G Tests

Procter & Gamble (otherwise known as P&G) is a multinational consumer goods company that employs people across over 150 brands. P&G has a rigorous online assessment process, including an application form, multiple tests and a panel interview.

Careers at P&G

Whether it’s in tech, sales, branding, manufacturing or something entirely different, the P&G recruitment schemes are designed to ensure you learn on the job, while honing essential technical, functional and leadership skills.

The hiring process is very thorough as P&G wants to ensure it gets the best talent, but also people who are the right fit for the company. It’s estimated that only 1% of applicants get hired, which it’s why it’s so important to prepare as thoroughly as you can for the process.

Leadership, citizenship and innovation are the heart of P&G’s values, and it aims to continually learn and develop when it comes to ethics and environmental impact – just some of the reasons it’s one of the most successful companies and sought-after workplaces in the world.

P&G Application Process

  1. 1
    Online application
  2. 2
    Online assessment tests
  3. 3
    Sales Virtual Job Preview
  4. 4
    Panel interview

If you’re keen to apply for a role at P&G, it’s important to get a good understanding of the application process. There are four key steps:

  • 1 Online application
  • 2 Online assessment tests
  • 3 Sales Virtual Job Preview
  • 4 Panel interview

Recently, P&G overhauled its assessment tests, switching to AON/Cut-e testing for what’s known as the P&G Interactive Assessment.

The assessment comprises interactive challenges designed to test your quick thinking and logic among many other skills, and include Switch, Grid and Digit challenges (see below). This video also covers the elements of the P&G assessment:

Online application form

The online application form is your chance to sell yourself, your skills and your experience. Answers should be clear and concise, while giving the relevant amount of detail to sufficiently answer each question.

It’s recommended you apply as early as possible, as it gives your application a greater chance of being reviewed on a rolling basis.

PEAK Performance Assessment

The PEAK Performance Assessment looks at your interests, your compatibility, workplace persona and experience against P&G’s key competencies.

You can expect questions based on common workplace scenarios that you may encounter should you get the job with P&G. You’ll then have to select an answer based on the action you’d take if in that situation.

Akin to a situational judgement test, these questions seek to understand how you’ll behave in your role.

You’ll also be required to answer questions about your personality, by selecting statements on a sliding scale that best reflect how you are as a person or feel in certain situations.

Overall, the PEAK Performance Assessment can best be described as a cross between a personality questionnaire and a situational judgement test.

It’s a crucial part of the application process, as it gives P&G the chance to better understand what makes you tick and how well you comply with its ethos and beliefs.

Switch Challenge (deductive reasoning)

The Switch Challenge measures your logical reasoning skills.

In each test, you’ll be met with four symbols that alter position in accordance with a rule. Your task is to select the correct ‘operator’ (out of a choice of three) that changed the symbols in accordance with that rule.

As the test progresses, the Switch Challenge gets harder and harder, so it’s really important to practice the tests beforehand.

Similar to a deductive reasoning test, it’s all about using your logic and working quickly to solve complex problems — essential skills for a P&G employee.

Grid Challenge (spatial reasoning)

The Grid Challenge tests your short-term memory, your cognitive abilities and how strong your spatial awareness is.

You’ll be presented with a grid covered in dots and squares. You’ll be asked to remember where certain lit-up dots are, while simultaneously completing related tasks.

The Grid Challenge has different levels of complexity that change in accordance to how many things you’re being asked to memorise and the spatial awareness tasks you need to perform. It’s another element to the application process for which practice and preparation are so important.

Why not start by trying our spatial reasoning questions to get a feel for the kinds of areas you’ll be tested on.

Digit Challenge (basic numeracy)

As you may expect, The Digit Challenge is the section of the application in which your numeracy skills are put to the test.

You’ll be given an equation with missing numbers. Here, your task is to calculate and replace the blank spaces with the correct number to ensure the equation adds up.

Designed to test both your speed and accuracy with numbers, it’s challenging and requires practice if you want to succeed. We recommend working through some basic numeracy tests; these are a good place to start to improve your skills and confidence.

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Sales Virtual Job Preview

The Sales Virtual Job Preview is your chance to showcase your skills, experience and what sets you apart from the rest.

The first section is a brief introduction, which won’t include questions for you to answer. However, it’s good practice to take notes in case you’re asked about any of it later on, and so you can improve your own knowledge and understanding of P&G.

You’ll then move on to six different exercises:

1 Imagining you’re a member of the sales team, you’ll have to respond to nine emails using a pool of pre-prepared responses, out of which you’ll select the ones you’d be ‘most’ and ‘least’ likely to use. Practising situational judgement tests will help you improve at this.

2 Still imagining you’re in the sales team, you’ll now be required to answer eight numerical questions (essentially a mini numerical reasoning test).

3 Exercise three is about prioritisation. You’ll be given a schedule that requires you to prioritise two sets of four tasks, based on their significance and how quickly you think you’d complete them. Again, it’s important to think like a member of the sales team here, to answer the questions most effectively.

4 Next, 25 quick questions that start, ‘I prefer a job where…’ followed by two possible answers. This helps build a clearer picture of you as an individual and how you’re likely to fit into the team. Prepare by thinking about the type of person P&G is likely to want to hire based on their core values and ethics, as well as the requirements of the role you’re applying for.

5 Then, 23 questions designed to find out more about you: your background, experience and work history. In this section, ensure everything you write is accurate.

6 Finally, you’ll need to answer 23 questions on your preferred working style. Ensure you’re honest, as your answers should be reflective of what you’ve said about yourself elsewhere.

Although untimed, the Sales Virtual Job Preview normally takes around an hour to complete (occasionally this section is replaced with a video interview, but this is unlikely).

Panel interview

The interview stage is your final chance to demonstrate your skills, enthusiasm and passion for the role and becoming a part of P&G.

The panel will ask you several competency-based questions. Try to sell everything that makes you qualified and unique, while relating the questions back to the role you’re applying for, so the panel can see the relevance of your answer.

Prepare by looking at common interview questions, practising your interview techniques, doing some in-depth research into P&G and the role you’re applying for. And most importantly, be confident in your skills and abilities.

Practice Aptitude Tests is not associated with P&G. We provide preparation services for P&G psychometric tests. Our tests are not designed to be identical to any style, employer or industry. Visit to apply.

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