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Nursing Aptitude Tests

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nursing tests

As part of the application process to become a qualified nurse, trainee nurses often take psychometric tests to ensure they have the skills and capabilities required to take on the challenging but rewarding work of nursing. Situational judgement, numerical reasoning and verbal reasoning are the most common aptitude tests used.

I’ve practiced hundreds of numerical questions and still have plenty more to try.
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Nursing Aptitude Tests FAQs

What do nursing recruiters look for?

Nursing recruiters want to find nurses who are calm, professional and caring. Proving you’re a team player, and that you have the ability to be flexible and think on your feet, will also be important when it comes to the interview process.

What are the most common nursing interview questions?

It’s likely you’ll be asked questions such as: why do you want to be a nurse? What makes a good nurse? How do you handle pressure?

Make sure you’ve thought about answers to these questions, and a few more, before you go into the interview.

How long does it take to become a nurse?

The average length of time is three to four years. There’s a lot of learning and training to do.

How do I prepare for a nursing aptitude test?

There really is no substitute for practice. Do as many mock tests as you can and make sure you go back over each one to assess where your strengths and weaknesses lie, so you know which areas you need to work harder on.

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Reviews of our Nursing tests

What our customers say about our Nursing tests

  • Nigeria

    October 13, 2022


    Gives me a broad view of how some nursing assessment questions could be presented thereby stimulating me to study using a wider perspective.

  • South Africa

    September 28, 2022

    Time and speed

    What I liked is that they give you everything that is based on the questions, even though questions are tricky

  • Philippines

    July 19, 2022


    It's difficult but I guess I can manage to answer it correctly next time since I have already a prior knowledge after answering those questions.

  • United Kingdom

    June 22, 2022

    Its important to know the answers

    I think the test was rather different from other tests but on the other hand, it was quite relieving to know what I'll go through in the future

  • United Kingdom

    January 16, 2022


    I was unfamiliar with stats and financial maths and didn't expect it to come up in a test for nursing

  • Nigeria

    October 25, 2021

    I have a long way to go in order to catch up

    I like the fact that it's mathematics so all problems can be solved. My dislike is in the technicality of the questions and the short time allotted. Wish to be tutored 🙏

  • Uganda

    September 02, 2021


    Only full of graphs that needed a lot of time to comprehend, but ironically, time allotted to the whole test is extra small.

  • South Africa

    July 16, 2021

    Know your way around graphs and your calculator

    Liked the way they asked the questions but did not like how the graphs changed almost every time you touch them, taking you to the previous graph. It confused me.

  • Philippines

    July 04, 2021


    I liked it because I have a clue on what it will be like to take the aptitude test. Never thought of any dislikes.

  • Philippines

    June 07, 2021


    It's okay, but at the same time it's quite nerve-wracking. You need to pump your brain a lot to find the best answer within 20 minutes.