About SHL

SHL Talent Measurement Solutions are a part of CEB’s talent management services. CEB are the leading member-based advisory company. SHL offers a number of different services, including assessments, in 30 languages and 150 countries worldwide. SHL is one of the biggest test providers in the industry with many of the top 20 graduate employers using them in their recruitment process.


SHL’s products

1. Aptitude Tests

Depending on the assessment they take between 5 and 25 minutes to complete.

Numerical Reasoning – Designed to measure an individual’s ability to analyse and interpret data using basic arithmetic and calculations expected in the workplace. The data is normally presented in the form of graphs, tables and diagrams.
Verbal Reasoning – Designed to examine the individual’s ability to read and interpret written information.
Inductive Reasoning – Designed to assess an individual’s ability to draw inferences and understand the relationship between various concepts without prior knowledge,
Deductive Reasoning – Designed to measure the individual’s ability to draw logical conclusions from information
Mechanical Comprehension – Designed to measure an individual’s basic understanding of mechanical principles.
Spatial Ability – Designed to test the individual’s ability to mentally manipulate two and three dimensional figures.

Other types of tests include; Checking, Calculation, Reading Comprehension and General Ability Screen

2. Personality Tests

SHL provides a number of different personality tests, including;

Occupational Personality Questionnaire – Designed to help understand aspects of the individual’s behavioural style that affect work performance.

Motivational Questionnaire – Designed to help understand what motivates and demotivates a candidate.


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