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SHL Style Practice Tests

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practice shl tests

SHL is one of the world’s leading psychometric test providers. Its assessments are widely used by employers around the world to assess candidates during the recruitment process. SHL tests evaluate skills like verbal, numerical, behavioural and cognitive abilities — companies will invite job applicants to take the assessment to assess job suitability.

The tests were well suited to the job that I’ve applied for. They are easy to do and loads of them.
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How to prepare for SHL tests

Preparing for SHL tests requires a lot of research and practice. You should know what you’ll be faced with and how to best ace it. Getting familiar with what psychometric tests are and our top examples is the first step to prepare for SHL tests. Practicing is second.

It’s also important you never overestimate your abilities. You may think your school days have taught you enough to pass SHL tests, but you will be surprised how wrong you’d be. You should practice all the SHL tests you can before the exam: more will always be better than too little.

5 Key Tips To Pass SHL Tests

Although practice will always be our number one tip, there are more things you can do to make sure you pass an SHL test.

It’s all about getting ready for the big day, knowing what to expect and making use of what you have at your disposal. As well as the five tips below, check out our full article on SHL test tips.

1. Practice

There is no way to cut corners when it comes to SHL tests and practice will make you perfect. It’s important to create a calm space to practice in, as it will help you to improve your concentration. Make sure all the distractions are taken care of: turn your phone off, close your door, find silence. Finally, familiarise yourself with the same surroundings you will have during the actual exam.

2. Set a time to practice each day

Creating a habit is key to consistency. Plus, most tests will be timed so it’s valuable to set a specific time window to take your practice tests, so you’ll know how long it takes you to finish. Practice each day at the same time to make it into a healthy habit rather than a dreaded task.

3. Time yourself

As previously mentioned, SHL tests give you a set time to answer all the questions. Timing yourself during practice will get you used to taking less time and will teach you what you should give priority to.

4. Ensure you’re fully prepared

As you’ve seen from this article, the types of SHL tests vary depending on each company and job role. Research the skills you need to practice: not all jobs are the same and each one will ask you a different set of skills. Make sure to check what the job you’re applying for requires of you and research the SHL test you will be asked to take.

5. Take a break

When you’re finally happy you’ve done enough, relax. It doesn’t help anyone to get overworked, so it’s important to get your mind off of the test for a while. If you can, take 24 hours before the actual exam to do something you love and enjoy, even better if it means taking your eyes off of the screen. Your brain will have the time to recharge.

Practice Aptitude Tests is not associated with SHL. We provide preparation services for SHL psychometric tests. Our tests are not designed to be identical to any style, employer or industry. Visit to find out more.

SHL Style Practice Tests FAQs

How do you pass the SHL test?

Practice is the only sure way to pass an SHL test. There are plenty of practice tests on our website you can try out. Make sure you know the type of SHL test you’re taking and the description of the job role you’re applying for. Once you’ve done that, you can tailor your practice to the specific requirements.

Are SHL tests difficult?

SHL tests vary in difficulty depending on the skill level required in the recruitment process. A company hiring for an entry-level position won’t ask you to take the same SHL test as for a managerial or graduate job, which are considered the most difficult.

What is a good SHL test score?

SHL tests are scored in percentage terms. A score of 40–50% is usually considered average, which will let you pass the test but might not be enough for an employer. A 90% score, however, will put you in the top 10% of candidates, giving you a better likelihood of getting hired.

How long is the SHL test?

Depending on the job level and the number of questions, an SHL test can last between 15 to 25 minutes. The time doesn’t leave you with more than 60 to 90 seconds per question, which means it is important you time yourself while practising.

What are the main differences between SHL inductive and deductive reasoning questions?

SHL inductive and deductive reasoning questions assess different types of logical thinking abilities. Inductive reasoning questions focus on identifying patterns and drawing general conclusions from specific observations, usually involving non-verbal content like shapes, sequences, and diagrams. Deductive reasoning questions, on the other hand, require the test-taker to draw specific conclusions based on given premises or rules, often involving verbal or numerical content.

What are SHL adaptive questions?

SHL adaptive questions refer to questions that automatically adjust their difficulty level based on the test-taker’s performance, ensuring a personalized testing experience that accurately measures an individual’s skills and abilities.

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Reviews of our SHL Style Practice tests

What our customers say about our SHL Style Practice tests

  • United Kingdom

    October 23, 2023

    Fairly straightforward

    I liked how each question required a different mathematical calculation. I didn't like that there were groups of questions relating to the same data as I think this made it too easy and there should be more variation.

  • United Kingdom

    September 25, 2023

    Rather Easy and Single-Stepped

    I think it was too easy and most questions only required one step. The actual SHL questions usually involve more steps.

  • United Kingdom

    September 22, 2023

    Good experience

    Easy to follow, although believe there is a mistake in the graph of the last questions, production units should be labelled in thousands

  • India

    August 25, 2023

    Cool experience

    I find it very interesting. There were various different kinds of questions based on general intelligence. Though some of them seemed very unfamiliar to me, I would like to solve more of these.

  • Nigeria

    July 08, 2023

    Great but I need to improve

    It is a great test that need full concentration and a computer system, my first was using a mobile device and I do not have a writing material to make quick assessment of figures and other data

  • China

    June 21, 2023


    The test is based on the real issues that we might face in working environment, esp. the data analysis

  • India

    June 06, 2023


    It is very good for a person who is doing it first time. And the solution part is very supportive to understand the meaning of questions and answers both

  • India

    May 20, 2023

    Fair Test to give a hang of it

    Apparently this feedback came up right after the test ended, so I'm not sure they share the key or not. Bad timing for a feedback if I see the key after this..

  • United Kingdom

    May 19, 2023

    Feedback was clear and count down of clock helped

    For each question it would have be useful to have a guide on how long you should answer an individual question in to ensure your within the timeline before running out time

  • Nigeria

    May 18, 2023


    Good SHL test.