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Korn Ferry Tests

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practice korn ferry tests

Korn Ferry is a global organisational consulting firm that has more than 100 offices worldwide. It is part of the Hay Group, which acquired Talent Q in 2014, and administers tests assessing personality, motivation, competency and ability.

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Which employers use Korn Ferry assessments?

As with many psychometric tests, the Korn Ferry assessments measure the suitability of a candidate in an unbiased way, with a solid basis in scientific reasoning.

With the range of assessments available from Korn Ferry, some testing can be used as part of the regular appraisal process for employees. This could highlight key areas for training in a development plan, or work towards relevant leadership opportunities.

Thanks to the simple interface and measurable results, many employer use Korn Ferry tests as part of their recruitment process, including:

Korn Ferry assessments are regularly used for higher-level positions including executives, strategists and CEOs.

How to pass Korn Ferry tests (5 key tips)


Practicing has numerous benefits: you’ll learn where your weaknesses are, and you’ll also become confident in the structure, layout and wording of the tests themselves. Familiarity with the way questions are asked, and the answers that are required, will help you focus on working through the questions quickly and accurately. You can try out a free Korn Ferry practice test here.

Be prepared

Korn Ferry tests are administered online, so ensure that you have adequate time to answer the questions. Set aside as much time as you can, in a quiet area where you are unlikely to be interrupted.

Test anxiety might be an issue, so make sure that you have had a good night’s sleep and eaten a good breakfast beforehand. Remember, the Korn Ferry tests, especially the personality and Leadership Assessments, are not scored as ‘pass or fail’, but indicate how well you match the key competencies and organisational values.

Connection and hardware

Taking an online assessment necessitates a good internet connection and the correct equipment. Update your browsers and test your internet speed.

In terms of other equipment, you might want to have a pen, paper and a calculator on hand (especially for any numerical tests.)

Read the instructions

At the beginning of the test, you will be given clear instructions on what will follow. Never skip over these; instead, look through them with care.

Avoid skimming questions

In all Korn Ferry tests, you will need to read all the given information provided. The clock may be ticking, but don’t speed through this too quickly, or you risk being unable to interpret the data and give the correct answer.

Practice Aptitude Tests is not associated with Korn Ferry. We provide preparation services for Korn Ferry psychometric tests. Our tests are not designed to be identical to any style, employer or industry. Visit to find out more.

Korn Ferry Tests FAQs

What are the Korn Ferry competencies?

Korn Ferry has developed four dimensions of leadership and talent:

    • Competencies: observed behaviours and skills
    • Experience: how previous roles relate to future roles
    • Traits: personality, aptitudes and qualities
    • Drivers: motivations and what engages a candidate

How do you prepare for a Leadership Assessment?

The Leadership Assessment does not require any previous knowledge or research – instead, it’s important that you be yourself throughout. As there are no right or wrong answers, being truthful in the way you would deal with the situations that are presented is the best way to be successful.

How are Korn Ferry tests scored?

For aptitude tests, scores are compared against previous test-takers and presented as a percentile. For example, if you score in the 88th percentile, it means that you have performed better than 87% of other test-takers.

For the personality tests, situational judgement tests and Leadership Assessment, your answers will be measured against the key competencies, culture fit, preferred behaviour, attitude and organisational values.

Are Korn Ferry tests hard?

One of the reasons that Korn Ferry tests are popular as recruitment tools is that the tests are adaptive.

This means that the tests will be challenging, but if the questions take too long to answer or if you get them wrong, an easier question will be presented next. If the question is answered quickly and correctly, the next question will be harder.

This adaptive testing method makes it accessible for all levels of candidate to be able to complete.

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Reviews of our Korn Ferry tests

What our customers say about our Korn Ferry tests

  • India

    March 27, 2023


    Being a time-based test, it requires entire focus and with numbers all around one cannot take it lightly

  • Sweden

    March 14, 2023

    Have a calculator at hand

    I liked the clarity in the questions. As I did not have a calculator, some of the answers were too exact to do in the head.

  • Australia

    February 05, 2023

    Great practice sample

    Good question, good graphics on the tables, would like the percentages on the graph to be shown all the time, rather only when hovering over

  • United States of America

    February 03, 2023

    Great brain excercise!

    The test really got me out of an interview mindset and got me thinking business. Had to pull out my calculator though!

  • United States of America

    January 18, 2023

    Take Your Time

    I am not sure I passed this test. It was eye-opening about attention to detail and how quickly you can resolve.

  • Canada

    January 12, 2023


    Challenging test. The test helps to build one's knowledge of ratios as means of comparing figures in data analysis. One can compare figures and deduce possible increase or decrease in future outcome of events and plans can be effectively be implemented

  • Canada

    January 11, 2023

    What’s the most important to know

    I liked that it gives me a good idea of the type of questions i could be asked on the korn ferry test that i have to take for a potential job position

  • United Arab Emirates

    January 03, 2023

    My Arithmetic Capability

    Fantastic Tests to measure speed of grasping , computation skills and arithmetical /numerical capabilities

  • India

    January 02, 2023

    Test result

    It was a very calculative test and requires patience as time was ticking. Basic logical thinking which one would use in routine was sufficient to solve the questions. If one is good at this he will be a good analytical skilled person and would take good decisions in his professional career

  • Philippines

    December 26, 2022

    It was Challenging

    What I don't like is I was a bit pressured at the time, but I like the part where I need to solve some of the questions given. Some of them are a bit difficult but are answerable because of the chart given. Thanks.