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Arctic Shores Tests

Arctic Shores

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Arctic Shores Tests

Arctic Shores are a psychometrics test publisher that employers use to assess candidates using a selection of game-based style assessments.

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How to prepare for an Arctic Shores test

Familiarize yourself with the format

Understanding the test format and types of games will help you feel more comfortable and confident during the assessment.

Practice cognitive and emotional intelligence games

Look for online resources or apps that offer similar games or exercises to sharpen your cognitive and emotional intelligence skills.

Reflect on your personality traits

Be aware of the core values of the company and ensure your answers are aligned with these.

Get enough rest and minimize stress

Ensure you’re well-rested and relaxed before taking the test to improve your focus and performance.

Practice good time management

Be mindful of the time constraints during the test and try to maintain a steady pace while completing each game.

Practice Aptitude Tests is not associated with Arctic Shores. We provide preparation services for Arctic Shores psychometric tests. Our tests are not designed to be identical to any style, employer or industry. Visit to find out more.

Sample Arctic Shores question Test your knowledge!

In the text, 'Rationale mutates exponentially in the ferment of innovation', which word is misspelled?

  • Rationale
  • mutates
  • exponentially
  • ferment

What conclusion can be drawn from the statement: 'All birds have feathers, and all animals that have feathers can fly'?

  • All animals can fly.
  • Only birds can fly.
  • Some birds may not fly.
  • All animals that can fly are birds.

Calculate the next number in the series: 2, 6, 12, 20, ?

  • 30
  • 28
  • 32
  • 26

A clock lost 2 minutes each hour. If the clock was set correctly at 12pm on Tuesday, what will be the time by 10am on the following Friday?

  • 9:56am
  • 10:00am
  • 9:52am
  • 9:48am

Which of these patterns follows the rule: 'Switches between letter shapes and geometric shapes in alternating colors'?

  • Triangle, Red Circle, Blue A, Green Square
  • Red Circle, Blue Triangle, Green A, Red Square
  • Blue Square, Green Triangle, Red Circle, Blue A
  • Green A, Red Circle, Blue Square, Green Triangle

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Arctic Shores Tips

1Familiarize Yourself with Game-Based Assessments

While traditional assessments can often feel predictable, Arctic Shores tests throw a fun curveball into the mix with game-based scenarios. Don’t be thrown off by the playful format; the content is still assessing your serious cognitive and emotional traits. To tackle these effectively, start by exploring what game-based assessments entail. The more comfortable you get with establishing strategies and making decisions in a game setting, the more adept you’ll be when taking the real test.

2Understand What's Being Measured

Arctic Shores tests aren’t just about how fast you can move or how many points you can score. They’re designed to gauge a wide array of traits like problem-solving abilities, adaptability, and emotional intelligence. Knowing this, take a moment to reflect on these skills in everyday situations and consider how they can translate into the test environment. With this insight, you can focus on honing these attributes during your practice sessions on Practice Aptitude Tests.

3Practice in a Distraction-Free Environment

To emulate the conditions of the test as closely as possible, try to practice in a quiet, interruption-free space. Arctic Shores tests often require a good deal of focus, especially since the game-based element can be both engaging and a tad distracting. By minimizing external distractions, you’re able to concentrate fully on the task at hand, giving you a more authentic practice experience.

4Review Your Performance and Learn

After each practice session on Practice Aptitude Tests, take the time to review your performance. Look at what you did well and identify areas that may need improvement. The beauty of practice is that it shines a light on both your strengths and weaknesses, allowing you to tailor your subsequent preparation efforts more effectively. Continuous learning and adaptation are key in acing these assessments.

5Stay Calm and Maintain a Positive Mindset

Game-based assessments can be uniquely stressful because they’re so different from standard tests. Remember to keep a cool head and maintain a positive attitude throughout the process. Stress can cloud your judgement and negatively impact your performance, so practicing relaxation techniques could be just as important as practicing the test content itself.

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Arctic Shores FAQs

Can I retake an Arctic Shores test?

Retake policies depend on the employer, so check with the company administering the test for their specific policy. Generally, you only get one chance.

Are Arctic Shores tests timed?

Yes, most Arctic Shores tests have time limits to encourage quick decision-making and to assess your ability to perform under pressure. This depends on the number of tasks the employer uses to assess you.

How long does it take to complete an Arctic Shores test?

The test duration varies, but most assessments take between 20-40 minutes to complete.

Will I receive feedback on my Arctic Shores test performance?

This depends on the employer. Some companies provide feedback, while others do not. It’s best to inquire with the company administering the test about their feedback policy.