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Civil Service Tests

Civil Service Tests

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Civil Service Tests

The Civil Service Fast Stream is a leadership development programme that recruits once per year. Working at the heart of government, Fast Streamers work on some of the most complex issues facing Britain and the rest of the world.

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Civil Service video interview

The video interview will include a series of pre-set questions (as well as a practice question) which you’ll need to record video responses to. You normally have around 20 minutes to do this.

The questions tend to cover your experience, what motivates you and what you enjoy doing. It’s important to note that the competencies being examined at this stage of the application process are:

  • Collaborating and partnering
  • Managing a quality service
  • Building capability for all
  • Delivering at pace

You’ll be able to read and quickly pre-prepare the questions before filming your response.

Although having a short window in which to prepare your answers is positive, it’s worth remembering that the video interview format doesn’t allow you to expand on your answers or explain yourself further. As such, it’s really important you get across everything you need to, first time round.

Civil Service numerical test

It’s crucial to prepare for the numerical reasoning test part of the assessment, particularly if maths isn’t one of your strengths.

The Fast Stream numerical test is multiple-choice and supplied by Cubiks, so be sure to practice Cubiks tests to get to grips with the style and format of the questions.

Based largely on your ability to analyse and interpret data from different graphs, charts and tables, the numerical test is your chance to show off your mathematical skills — skills that will be highly valued in many different areas of the Civil Service.

Fast Stream assessment centre

If you pass the Fast Stream tests, you’ll be invited to the assessment centre — a half-day, in-person assessment consisting of the following:

Group exercise

In the group exercise, an assessor will be evaluating every candidate’s performance against three key markers:

  • 1) Making effective decisions
  • 2) Working together
  • 3) Communicating and influencing

A fictitious scenario will be given to the group, as well as the individual position you’re taking within that group, before you’ll engage in discussion.

The overall goal is to decide, within 40 minutes, what the best recommendation is. Not only will you need to try and get the best possible outcome for the position you’re representing, but for the group as well.

Leadership exercise

When it comes to the leadership exercise, you’ll need to show the following competencies:

  • 1) Seeing the bigger picture
  • 2) Changing and improving
  • 3) Working together
  • 4) Developing the self and others
  • 5) Communicating and influencing

You’ll be required to take part in a one-on-one role play, where you’ll be a Fast Streamer working for the Government and leading an important project or initiative.

You’ll get 30 minutes to review the information you need to take part, before a 30-minute role play with your assessor. They’ll be looking to see the competencies listed above in your response, as well as the confidence, assertiveness and general demeanour you’d expect to see in a leader.

Written exercise

In the written exercise, the four competencies or behaviours you’re being assessed on are:

  • 1) Seeing the bigger picture
  • 2) Changing and improving
  • 3) Making effective decisions
  • 4) Communicating and influencing

You’ll be given various bits of information and will need to examine the issues, answer a series of questions and put forward recommendations.

The most important part of the written test is showing how you arrive at a conclusion or recommendation by sharing the facts and figures that support your decision, and how well you express this in your writing.

Overall the test takes 90 minutes. It’s advised you spend around 30 minutes reading through the materials, before using the last 60 minutes to share your analysis and craft your answers.

Final selection board

The final selection board is the last stage of the process and therefore your last chance to show what makes you different, and why you’d be the perfect fit for the Fast Stream.

You’ll be asked a series of different questions, but should be prepared to talk about why you’ve applied to the Fast Stream, examples of things you’ve achieved that demonstrate the key competencies, and a general understanding and knowledge of the Civil Service that shows you’ve done your preparation.

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    October 20, 2021

    Design is important

    If the webpage was shorter, such as by having the graphic next to the question instead of above it, then there would be no need to scroll so much. This would also make it easier to refer to the data in the graphs.

  • United Kingdom

    September 18, 2021

    Great Maths practice

    My Maths was a bit rusty before attempting. I am applying for grad schemes at the moment so I wanted to brush up. I found these questions really useful- thank you.

  • Ireland

    August 07, 2021

    Time runs out fast!

    It's pretty straightforward, but without having a pen and paper handy it took me too long to memorise the numbers I needed to use to solve the questions.

  • United Kingdom

    August 04, 2021

    Jump Starting for the Brain

    The test was interesting and forced me to remember that it's about understanding the process as well as the maths.

  • United Kingdom

    May 12, 2021

    Well made

    Like the visual graphs that depicted the data.

  • Ghana

    April 06, 2021


    is quite formidable but based on only one area

  • United Kingdom

    April 05, 2021

    Great practice

    It was clear and the graphs were easy to read.

  • United Kingdom

    April 02, 2021

    More mathematical than i thought

    There was plenty of time to complete it.

  • United Kingdom

    March 13, 2021

    Good questions

    Good test of graph reading and mental arithmetic

  • United Kingdom

    February 24, 2021


    Found it harder than the civil service test