Amazon is the largest Internet retailer in the world measured by the revenue. The company grows at an enormous pace and to reach it targets it needs a strong support from the creative, and talented people who are keen to work in electronic commerce and cloud computing.

Amazon offers a range of Graduate Programmes in E-commerce; Technical Researcher; Software Engineering; Data Scientist Consultant; Cloud Infrastructure, Security, DevOps and Big Data Consultant, Finance, Finance Analyst


Amazon Application Process

There are 4 steps involved in the Amazon Application Process:

Step 1:  Apply Online

Step 2: Telephone Interview

Step 3: Online Psychometric Tests

  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Numerical Reasoning
  • Diagrammatic/Logical Reasoning
  • Presentation (depending on the programme)

Step 4: Onsite Interview/ Assessment Centre


Amazon Telephone Interview

Telephone interviews can be daunting. Especially, when someone lacks the confidence to talk to strangers on the phone. The awareness of this conversation being the first interaction with someone from the Amazon team only makes it even more stressful. So it’s important to know how to snap out of that nervousness.

It’s a blunt thing to say, but as you might know, the only way to overcome this is to prepare beforehand. You need to take advantage of the time given, rather than approaching it as a casual conversation.


Amazon Psychometric Tests

Psychometric tests are a key component of Amazon Application Process. Depending on the Graduate Program’s route you are pursuing, you will be asked to take : Numerical Reasoning Test, Diagrammatic/Logical Test, Verbal Reasoning Test.  These tests are aiming at verifying your analytical skills and comprehension of written and numerical data.


Amazon Verbal Reasoning Test

The Amazon Verbal Reasoning Test comprises of a series of paragraphs which you will be required to read and a set of questions matching the information provided in paragraphs. Your answer options will be True, False or Cannot Tell.

The Amazon Verbal Reasoning Test is a timed assessment aimed at checking your comprehension and understanding skills during which you will be required to do a fair amount of reading, so make sure you will be sitting them in a place where you can focus.

By presenting you with the Verbal Reasoning Tests, people from Amazon want to verify your understanding of the written word, as well as your dexterity when it comes to filtering out the key information from a bulk of the text. Here, please take a moment and imagine a pile of emails residing in your future Inbox,  waiting to be read and replied. Not easy, huh?

To get the necessary confidence and speed up things, practice some Verbal Reasoning Tests now.


Amazon Numerical Reasoning Test

Amazon Numerical Test is a multiple – choice tests  assessing your ability to evaluate, analyze, and interpret numerical information that will be provided to you in charts, graphs, and tables. You will have limited time to find a correct answer, so all the calculations like percentages, ratios, and basic arithmetic should be executed quickly and accurately.

Built on maths reasoning questions, these tests are often written in the context of everyday business activities to check candidate’s ability to work with numerical information.

We know that you can do it, but If you really want to master the Amazon Online Numerical Test  – it can be easily learned through our online tests and video tutorials available on the website.


Amazon Diagrammatic Reasoning Test

These tests will assess your sequence and pattern identification skills, logical thinking and ability to approach a problem and how good you are at solving it.  But it’s easier said than done. You have a limited time to do it – a minute or less per question. The difficulty of questions is also likely to increase gradually. Therefore, good timing is vital.

Questions are comprised of numbers, figures, and shapes arranged in a particular pattern. Your task as the brainy Amazon employee -to – be,  is to deduce the underlying logic of patterns presented to you  in an exercise and guess what is next to follow.

To know how to correctly identify the missing steps, you need to practice these tests like a demon! Try yourself now, to avoid regrets in the future.


Amazon Presentation Exercise

Presentation – this assessment can take two forms, either you will be supplied with a topic before the first meeting at Amazon, or you will be given a plethora of reading during the assessment center day to prepare. Anyhow, practicing before might help you get on top of the list, so if you are not a born speaker you can check the Assessment Centre Guide, for more useful tips on how to prepare a great talk.


Amazon Assessment Centre

Congratulations, you made it to the last level! The  Amazon Assessment Centre will involve face-to-face interviews with various Amazon personnel ( Hiring Managers, HR, and Recruitment). After a few interviews, you can expect a case-study or a role-play exercise.

Case-Study – during Amazon case studies you will be asked to wrangle with a hypothetical business problem. Your task will be to demonstrate strong reasoning skills, an ability to think outside the box, brainstorm ideas and follow the most pragmatic solutions. It is important to identify the most important information and to be able to think on your feet.

Role Play –  For some positions, you may be asked to participate in a role-play exercise. This will be based on a scenario provided and you will be assessed on your behaviour, your knowledge and the way you handle certain scenarios. It will be relating to a type of situation that you would be faced with in the job. The exercise not only assesses if you understand your obligations but also if you can think on your feet.


Application Process

Step 1:  Apply Online
Step 2: Telephone Interview
Step 3: Online Psychometric Tests
Step 4: Onsite Interview/ Assessment Centre




Prepare for your AMAZON tests

  • Practice Numerical Reasoning Tests

  • Practice Verbal Reasoning Tests

  • Practice Diagrammatic Reasoning Tests

  • Practice Situational Judgement Tests

  • Practice Assessment Centre Tests

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