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Amazon Assessments

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The Amazon assessment test is a series of challenges Amazon uses to evaluate applicants in its recruitment process. Typically it will include a numerical and verbal reasoning test, a Work Style Assessment, a Work Sample Simulation, and the Amazon Versant Test.

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Amazon software development engineer online assessment

This assessment is a combination of coding and behavioural tests and is used for software development engineer positions.

For internship and graduate positions, the assessment consists of code debugging, coding test, the Work Style assessment, and technical problem-solving assessment.

If you are applying for a more senior software development engineer position, the assessment will include two coding questions, a coding approach questionnaire, and the Work Style assessment.

Amazon maintenance technician test

The Amazon maintenance technician test is an adaptation of the Ramsay Mechanical Test and is administered to applicants for maintenance jobs. This is used to assess an applicant’s aptitude for mechanical maintenance and is similar to a mechanical reasoning test.

The test is based on topics from the Ramsay Mechanical Test such as:

  • Pulleys
  • Levers
  • Tool Knowledge
  • Voltage
  • Currents

Area Manager Job Tryout

An Amazon Area Manager online assessment takes around 45 minutes to complete, and is divided into 5 sections:

Work scenario: Like a situational judgement test, you will be presented with hypothetical workplace scenarios and will be required to identify the best way to respond.

Manage your day: Used to assess your time management and organisation skills, you will need to arrange tasks according to their urgency and priority.

Run your area: You will receive a report similar to those you can expect on the job. You will need to analyse the data, answer questions, and make decisions based on the report.

Tell us your story: Here you will need to give some background information on your experience and education.

Describe your approach: A type of personality test where you will need to state how much you identify with the statements.

Financial analyst excel test

An Amazon Excel assessment test is required for candidates applying for a financial analyst post. This is used to measure an applicant’s proficiency using Microsoft Excel.

Topics that typically appear on the test include:

  • Macro creation
  • Advanced properties
  • Formatting
  • Advanced formula creation.

Amazon MBA assessment

The Amazon MBA assessment is administered to MBA and master's level applicants for full-time and internship positions.

The assessment is split up into three parts:

  • Work sample simulation: you will be given a virtual task that will be relevant to your future role
  • Work style assessment: evaluates your professional preferences to determine your fit with Amazon's culture
  • Career experience survey: a questionnaire where you will provide your preferences for current MBA roles

Amazon Versant Test

The Amazon Versant test evaluates your ability to grasp and communicate in the English language. The test assesses several facets of language ability and is split up into five sections:

Typing: You will be given a passage of text and will need to type as many words as possible in 60 seconds. This section assesses both your speed and accuracy when typing.

Complete the sentence: You will have 25 seconds to read a sentence and identify the word that makes the sentence make sense and grammatically correct.

Dictation: A series of sentences will be played, and you will have 25 seconds to type out what you have just heard. Again, speed and accuracy are important here.

Reconstruct the paragraph: You will be given 30 seconds to read a paragraph. After that, the paragraph will be deleted, and you will have 90 seconds to type it back in.

Email writing: Within just 100 words, you will need to construct an email that covers all key points outlined to you.

Telephone interview

Telephone interviews at Amazon consist of behavioural questions, with their basis rooted in its Leadership Principles. You’ll be asked about challenges you’ve faced in the past, and the approach you took to overcome them.

Questions in the phone interview typically focus on areas like team motivation, collaboration, problem-solving and risk. A key thing the hiring team looks for at this stage is data-based evidence, so be sure to include supporting information in your answers.

Face-to-face interview

If you’re successful in your Amazon online tests, the next step in the application process is an in-person Amazon interview, which will last between 45 minutes to an hour.

Depending on the position, you can expect to meet anywhere between two and seven interview personnel, including representatives of your prospective team, managers, and what Amazon refers to as ‘Bar Raisers’. These are individuals from an unrelated department there to give an objective opinion on your suitability.

As with your telephone interview, in this interview stage questions will be behavioural, so prepare several possible examples in advance.

Assessment centre

Every Amazon business team operates its specific recruitment process, and some may require you to attend an in-person assessment day.

The activities you’ll undertake here vary greatly depending on the job function, but role play exercises and group activities are common. You may also be required to take a written assessment or a job-specific test, such as a coding exercise. You’ll be informed in advance of the nature of your assessment day.

Amazon endeavours to respond to applicants as quickly as possible, and states a turnaround of five working days post-interview, so whatever the final stage of your application, you can expect to know the results within a week.

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Sample Amazon Assessment Tests question Test your knowledge!

An ancient language transcription software is being developed to convert historical scripts into modern text. Initially, the software has a success rate of 76% accuracy. If the accuracy improves by 3% each month, what will be the accuracy after three months?

  • 85%
  • 82%
  • 81%
  • 85%

The sales figures for the first three quarters of a financial year are as follows: Q1: $24 million, Q2: $30 million, Q3: $48 million. If the sales grow at the same rate in Q4 as they did from Q2 to Q3, what will be the sales figure for Q4?

  • $66 million
  • $72 million
  • $60 million
  • $78 million

A scenario in an e-commerce environment: Upon launching a new product category, customer inquiries increased by 35% over one month. To maintain customer satisfaction, how should service teams adapt?

  • Increase service hours to manage higher volume.
  • Automate responses to frequently asked questions.
  • Ignore repeat inquiries to focus on unique issues.
  • Reduce the range of products offered in the new category.

In terms of sequence identification and problem-solving, consider this pattern of actions: a customer clicks on a product, views its details, adds it to the cart, and then continues shopping. What is the most likely next action in this pattern?

  • The customer checks out the product.
  • The customer logs out of the account.
  • The customer views another product.
  • The customer leaves a review.

A customer service tool uses a spring-loaded mechanism to return to a neutral position after use. What type of mechanical reasoning is most relevant to improving the efficiency of this tool's operation?

  • Understanding fluid dynamics for lubrication.
  • Recognizing the impact of gravity on the tool's resting state.
  • Optimizing the strength of the spring for desired tension.
  • Adjusting electrical input for automated operations.

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Amazon Assessment Tests Tips

1Understand the Amazon Mindset

Getting a job at Amazon means aligning with their leadership principles. If you’re preparing for their assessments, understanding the decision-making, innovation, and customer-oriented culture of Amazon is crucial. Reflect on how each question might relate to these principles and showcase your critical thinking in a way that aligns with Amazon’s values.

2Simulate Test Conditions

Preparation is key, and one of the best ways to prepare is by simulating the actual test conditions. Use Practice Aptitude Tests to familiarize yourself with the types of questions you’ll face. Practice in a quiet environment, with a strict time limit to build your ability to perform under pressure, just like you will in the actual test.

3Analyze Job Descriptions

Amazon job descriptions often hold clues about the tests you’ll encounter. Pay attention to the skills emphasized in the job listing. Your assessments are likely to reflect these. The more you understand about what Amazon is looking for in a particular role, the better you can tailor your test preparation—and Practice Aptitude Tests can help you focus on these areas.

4Sharpen Data Interpretation Skills

Amazon is data-driven, so expect their tests to measure how well you interpret and manipulate data. On Practice Aptitude Tests, tackle as many data interpretation questions as possible. Being comfortable with graphs, charts, and basic calculations will stand you in good stead for the numerical reasoning assessments.

5Reflect and Improve

After practicing each test, take the time to reflect on your performance. What types of questions did you find challenging? Where did you excel? Use the detailed explanations provided by Practice Aptitude Tests to understand your mistakes and learn from them. Continuous reflection and improvement are attributes that Amazon values and can help enhance your performance.

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Amazon Assessment Tests FAQs

What does the Amazon assessment consist of?

Amazon assessments often include a combination of online assessments, such as coding tests (for technical roles), work simulations, and situational judgement tests. These are followed by several rounds of in-person or virtual interviews, typically incorporating behavioral and situational questions.

Is it hard to pass an Amazon assessment?

The difficulty of the Amazon assessment is subjective and largely depends on your preparation and the role for which you’re applying. Some candidates find the assessments challenging due to the high standard Amazon sets for its employees. However, with proper preparation, understanding of the role, and alignment with Amazon’s leadership principles, you can improve your chances of passing.

What is a passing score for Amazon assessment?

Amazon does not publicly disclose the exact passing scores for its assessments. However, the assessments are designed to evaluate a candidate’s fit with the role and Amazon’s culture. Your performance is evaluated in the context of the specific job role, your alignment with Amazon’s leadership principles, and your overall suitability for the position. Often scoring within the top 25% of candidates should provide you with a relatively strong chance.

Does everyone get given an Amazon assessment?

Not every applicant to Amazon will receive an assessment. Depending on the role and location, you may be asked to complete an online assessment after your application is reviewed. Amazon uses these assessments to further evaluate a candidate’s suitability for a specific role.

What is Amazon E-Verify?

E-Verify is a web-based system that allows enrolled employers to confirm the eligibility of their employees to work in the United States. Amazon is one of many companies that use E-Verify to check work authorization of new hires.

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  • India

    May 17, 2023

    Test was good

    The test was but I wasn't prepared so I felt it is difficult solving the problems. The questions were good and really felt they represent the Amazon assessment.

  • Singapore

    May 10, 2023

    Fast maths

    The test was very fun to do as it is not just basic maths - you also needs you to analyze the problem and graphs.

  • India

    April 15, 2023

    Useful for the real test

    it was nice to experience the questions which are useful for real Amazon scenarios.

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    February 05, 2023

    topic covers

    Its pretty good for me because i get to know more about the test pattern and how this test has been conducted

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    I will come back to this because I did not expect this and just replied by chance to prepare better next time

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    July 22, 2022


    There are many mathematical questions asked in the test, I liked the tricky way of these questions, and learned something from here, thank you.

  • United States of America

    July 20, 2022

    First attempt - good experience

    The timed test was a bit difficult. I need to pace myself better. I took up too much time on the first questions. I suspect this will get better with more practice as this was my first try.

  • India

    June 17, 2022

    Perfect for practice test

    It is really helpful if you are skilled in graph reading, percentage calculation, and data preparation - you are going to get it easily.

  • India

    June 04, 2022

    The test was based on current financial marketing

    Liked those questions. Gave me a peek about what's to come. So that I shall be prepared for the test.

  • Philippines

    May 30, 2022

    I find it interesting

    It was well written and I can say that the one taking a test would think so hard to get the right answer.