Psychometric tests provide a method of objective measurement of the cognitive skills and psychological behaviour of an individual. Known as Psychometry, it teaches how to evaluate an individual’s knowledge, skills, capabilities, behaviors under different situations, attitudes, and personality. Practitioners are known as Psychometricians who devise various psychometric tests to serve this purpose.

What is the Purpose of Psychometric Tests?

Psychometric tests are aimed at scientific and numeric measurement of attitude, behavior, capability, and personality of an individual. Institutions and companies use psychometric testing to check the candidate’s suitability for a particular job, task, learning, course, etc. The cognitive skills are impossible to judge by interviews. Therefore, employers give the candidate questions under certain conditions and situations and quantify his skills and qualities based on his answers and responses.

Is a Psychometric Test Reliable?

Of course, it is. When people call it unreliable, either they are unfamiliar with the way it works, or they are guilty of not getting through the test. Psychometric tests are unbiased and objective based. They are aimed at quantifying an individual’s skills and qualities. Psychometricians set the questions as per the requirements of the job. Test which you attempt is set to evaluate only concerned attributes and abilities. Thus, it produces reliable results only for a specific position for which it is set.

Can Psychometric Skills be Improved through Preparations?

Yes, preparations do work. The psychometric test measures your skills. An individual can prepare and practice to improve his relevant cognitive skills and personality.

What are the Categories of Psychometric Tests?

Usually, psychometric tests have the following categories:

  • Ability testing: Evaluates an individual’s ability to handle working pressure and learning potential related to a particular job.
  • Aptitude testing: Evaluates the qualities and skills of the candidate required for a specific job.
  • Personality testing: Evaluates the personality and behavior of the candidate for the concerned job. It gives a measure of his attitude and ability to work individually or with the team.

What are Different Types of Psychometric Tests?

There are several types of psychometric tests owing to different cognitive skills. The types which a company uses to evaluate an individual depends upon the job requirement. However, a few mostly used types which assess most of the cognitive skills include verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning, situational judgment tests, and diagrammatic reasoning tests.

How can I Pass the Psychometric Test?

There is no universal pass or fail criteria of these tests. Everyone possesses a unique set of qualities. The employer sets accepting or rejecting standards; keeping in view job needs. You can do some homework before appearing in the test. Look for the requirements of the job. Find out the cognitive skills which the company wants. Improve your relevant skills and build personality through cognitive skills training programs and practice. The physical and mental state has impacts on one’s skills and capabilities. Keep yourself in good mental and physical shape. Take honest self-tests before you appear for actual psychometric tests and hit the bull’s eye!