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Talent Q Tests

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practice talent q tests

Established in 2006 by Roger Holdsworth (co-founder of SHL), Talent Q design and deliver online psychometric assessments, training programmes and consultancy services. They operate both nationally and internationally in over 40 languages and across 50 countries. Their psychometric training courses are accredited by the British Psychological Society and the Chartered Banker Institute. Their portfolio of ability assessments are called Aspect.

Who are Talent Q

Talent Q is another well-known assessment provider that sits as part of Korn Ferry. Their range of Talent Q ability tests are used for talent selection and acquisition by many employers and it is likely that you may be presented with one at an assessment day.

What sets Talent Q apart from other assessment providers, is that their test are responsive to your capabilities. So each time you answer a question, the system will chose a subsequent question that is either easier or more difficult depending on how you answered the previous question, until such time as it has found the appropriate level of difficulty that is right for you.

Despite this approach, you are expected to get all the questions at the relevant level of difficulty, correct. Furthermore, the tests don’t take too long (about 16 minutes) as the questions should be suitable for you to answer. As the style of these tests differ to most, we would recommend that you familiarise yourself with them by using our practice tests.

Below we have provided you with an overview of Talent Q’s test series:

Talent Q Elements

This is a collection of three different tests: numerical, verbal and logical. Each test has between 12-15 questions, which vary in difficulty, and are often used for managerial and high-level positions. You might not always be asked to complete all three, as some employers may only select the topics that are relevant to the job.

Talent Q Dimensions

This is Talent Q’s personality test that focuses on measuring your personality across the following areas:

  • Tasks and Projects
  • Drives and Emotions
  • People and Relationships

The test is 25 minutes long and is in a multiple-choice format whereby you have to rate how you feel about a statement. There are 160 statements that will be used to determine your behavioural patterns.

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Talent Q Aspects and Abilities

This series is also a collection of three different tests: verbal, numerical and checking. These are quick and easy online tests that each take between 5-10 minutes to complete.

It also offers a personality test “Styles” which is a competency-based questionnaire. Similar to that of Myers Briggs it uses a 16-personality trait system that determines your suitability for the role.

Practice Aptitude Tests is not associated with Talent Q. We provide preparation services for Talent Q psychometric tests. Visit to apply.

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