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Cubiks is an international assessment and development consultancy, designing products utilized by businesses in over 50 countries around the world throughout Europe, America, Asia and the Middle East. Cubiks combines business psychology with human resources and IT expertise to offer an extensive portfolio of products and services used by companies for selection, development, talent management and competency management.

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Who are Cubiks?

Cubiks offer a range of different products and services. These include ability tests, assessment centres, personality tests, development centres, E-tray exercises, team building and leadership training.

Cubiks are a talent tools and assessment provider, who are commonly used by companies in the recruitment process. Their tests range from reasoning to personality, and their offering is split into two series: Cubiks Logiks and Cubiks RfB (Reasoning for Business).

The type of test you will be presented with will depend on the position you are applying for. It is important that you find out which of the Cubiks tests you will be faced with prior to your assessment. This is so that you can prepare in advance and maximise your chances of success.

Below we have split out the Logiks and RfB to demonstrate what is included:

Cubiks Logiks

Logiks General Intermediate Test

This test is made up of 50 numerical, verbal and abstract reasoning style questions all under one assessment. It is at intermediary level.

Logiks General Advanced Test

Similar to the intermediate version, this is a test made up of 30 numerical, verbal and abstract reasoning style questions. These questions are positioned at an advanced level.

Logiks Numerical Advanced Test

This is an advanced numerical reasoning exam, presenting 20 questions that consist of both simple and complex calculations.

Logiks Verbal Advanced Test

An advanced verbal reasoning exam, presenting 36 questions that consist of both simple and complex problems.

Logiks Abstract Advanced Test

An advanced abstract reasoning exam (also referred to as diagrammatic and inductive reasoning) presenting 30 questions that consist of both simple and complex problems.

Cubiks RfB

The Cubiks Numerical Test

This numerical test offers many levels of difficulty and this will be chosen according to the type of job role you are applying for. These tests are fast paced and you will only have a minute to solve each question. Be careful not to spend too much time on any particular question, as you will be marked down for this.

The Cubiks Verbal Test

Much like the Cubiks Numerical Test, the Cubiks Verbal test also comes in varying levels of difficulty and this will be chosen according to the type of job role in question.

The Cubiks Diagrammatic Reasoning Test

Diagrammatic reasoning will assess your logical reasoning ability. The questions presented will measure your ability to infer a set of rules from a flowchart or sequence of diagrams and then to apply those roles to a new situation. Again, there will be varying levels of difficulty that will be chosen according to the type of job role you have applied for.

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The PAPI Series

PAPI, which is an acronym for Personality and Preference Inventory, is a personality questionnaire used to evaluate work behaviours and tendencies. It has been used worldwide by employers for 40 years and is a useful tool for expediting the recruitment process.

Similar to other personality questionnaires, the question consists of a statement that you have to respond to, with your level of agreement. The test comes in various types but the most commonly used ones are Sales Position and Leadership.

Cubiks also have a self-report questionnaire called CIPQ, which is used to understand your character. It’s based on 5 personality aspects including: Extraversion, Emotional Stability, Openness to Experience, Agreeableness and Conscientiousness. Employers will often combine CIPQ with PAPI as this can provide an invaluable insight into the individual.

Other Cubiks Assessments

Cubiks also have created an E-tray assessment, a situational judgement questionnaire and a team role questionnaire.

Practice Aptitude Tests is not associated with Cubiks. We provide preparation services for Cubiks psychometric tests. Visit to apply.

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