As its name suggests, a data interpretation question is asking you to look at data, it might be in a graph or a chart or even a paragraph of text.

Let’s look at these two charts:

there’s two different sets of information, Employee Functions and Education Profiles.

If 1/3 of all new employees hired into LS were school leavers, how many school leavers were employed in Health and Education?

The question is asking us to find a number of school leavers and we are given a figure regarding LS. Notice that there is a LS segment on both charts, so make sure you read the question properly to work out which segment it refers to.

Let’s work it out, we are told there are 150 new employees total and we need to find one third of LS employees (which we know is 26% of 150) which leaves us with 13 school leavers employed in LS.

150 x 0.26 = 13

Now work out how many school leavers there were in total:

150 x 0.2 = 30

If there are 30 School leavers in total and 13 work in LS than the remaining 17 must work in either health or education, and that’s our answer.