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Deductive Reasoning Tests

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A deductive reasoning test assesses your ability to use given information and make logical deductions. The test is not based on any previous knowledge or skills, and is usually presented as a number of word problems with multiple-choice answers.

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Deductive reasoning test formats and example questions

Knowing and understanding the format of the deductive reasoning test will make it less daunting when you have to take one in a job application situation.

The examples below demonstrate some of the deductive reasoning question types you might come across when you are taking a test.

Example Question 1

All footballers are fit and healthy.

All famous sports players are footballers.

Given that the above is true, which of the following is the logical deduction?

  1. All footballers are famous sports people
  2. All famous people are fit and healthy
  3. All famous sports players are fit and healthy
  4. All fit and healthy people are footballers
  5. All football players are men

Using deductive reasoning, the only logical answer is 3. To get to this answer, you need to simplify the given facts. All famous sports players are footballers, and all footballers are fit and healthy.

  1. We can’t deduce that all footballers are famous sports people, as we haven’t got that information.
  2. We can’t deduce that all famous people are fit and healthy, because the fact is about famous sports people.
  3. This is the logical answer.
  4. This information is not given; all footballers are fit and healthy but we can’t logically link that all fit and healthy people are footballers.
  5. This is obviously incorrect, as gender is not mentioned at all in the question.

deductive reasoning

Example Question 2

Gender Manager Office Warehouse Total
Male 7 4 15 26
Female 2 20 4 26
Total 9 24 19 52

Given the information in the table, is the following statement correct?

There are more men in the warehouse than women.

  1. True
  2. False
  3. Cannot be concluded

According to the data, the answer is 1. There are more men in the warehouse than women.

Example Question 3

In our Sixth Form this year, 94% of students achieved A* to C grades. Last year, 95% of students achieved A* to C grades. The school has said that its new approach to mentoring students has had a brilliant impact on student performance.

Based on the information above, which of the following statements are true?

  1. Next year, student performance will be less than this year.
  2. All students taking A-Levels achieved A* to C
  3. Before last year, no students achieved A* to C
  4. Before last year, less than 94% of students achieved A* to C
  5. Every school has seen a rise in student performance.

With the given information, the only logical conclusion is 4.

  1. The student performance is increasing, so this cannot be correct given the facts.
  2. In this school 6% of students did not achieve A* to C.
  3. We do not have the data to make that deduction.
  4. We know that student performance has increased, so the year before last must have seen results below 94%.
  5. We do not have the information to deduce performance in other schools.

Sample Deductive Reasoning Tests question Test your knowledge!

Which of the following conclusions can logically be drawn from the statement: 'No members of the Davis family are taller than 6 feet'?

  • All members of the Davis family are 6 feet tall or shorter.
  • Some members of the Davis family are exactly 6 feet tall.
  • The Davis family members are not interested in basketball.
  • No one shorter than 6 feet is a member of the Davis family.

All marketing managers are experienced in online advertising. Samantha is a marketing manager. Which of the following must be true?

  • Samantha is experienced in online advertising.
  • Samantha has a degree in marketing.
  • Samantha will become a senior manager soon.
  • Samantha is also experienced in offline advertising.

If all apples are fruits and all fruits grow on trees, can it be inferred that all apples grow on trees?

  • Yes, because apples are a subset of fruits that grow on trees.
  • No, because some apples might grow elsewhere.
  • It's inconclusive without more information.
  • Yes, but only if the trees are in an orchard.

A machine can complete a job in 6 hours. When working together with a second, identical machine, the time to complete the job is halved. How long would it take for the second machine to complete the job on its own?

  • 6 hours
  • 12 hours
  • 3 hours
  • It cannot complete the job alone.

During a sale, all prices were reduced by 15%. Jason bought a shirt before the sale for $50. How much could he have saved if he had bought it during the sale?

  • $7.50
  • $42.50
  • $15
  • $35

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Deductive Reasoning Tests Tips

1The facts given are true

Don’t worry if the facts you are given cannot be verified; you are dealing with them as if they are. In the first example above, not all footballers are fit and healthy, and not all famous sports people are footballers.

If you worry about the truth of the statements, you risk bringing your own knowledge into the equation – and that could make it more difficult to logically find the answer.


As mentioned before, taking the given information and simplifying it can make it much easier for you to make the logical deductions needed.

Ignore any ‘waffle’ and try to keep the facts in order – even if they are presented oddly. In the same way, do not try and overcomplicate things.

3The answer is in the question

If at any point in the test you find yourself guessing or trying to reach an answer, it is probably wrong. There is only one right answer, and if you follow the logic in the question, it should be the only one you can reach.

As an addition to this, making an educated guess is better than leaving the question unanswered; remember this is a timed test.


To help you get the right answer quickly, you might find it useful by eliminating the more obvious wrong answers first. This can clarify the situation, making it easier to choose the right answer.

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Deductive Reasoning Tests FAQs

What is this test used for?

Deductive reasoning tests are a common tool used by employers to gauge your problem-solving abilities. You’re not just answering questions; you’re showcasing your knack for making logical connections based on the material provided. It’s not about what you already know, it’s about how you think on your feet.

What do these tests involve?

These tests are like mental gymnastics; you’re given a set of information and it’s up to you to leap to the right conclusions. The challenges you’ll face are word problems, sharpened into multiple-choice questions. No need for prior knowledge, just a clear head and a logical mind.

What do these tests measure?

Our tests aren’t just a measure of logical thinking, they’re a reflection of your ability to stay relevant with industry trends. With the latest technology, the tests dynamically adapt, constantly updating to maintain a high standard that mirrors real-world scenarios.

Where can I practice these tests?

Looking to get your brain in tip-top shape for these tests? Practice Aptitude Tests is your go-to training ground. We’ve got a treasure trove of practice tests to help you flex those deductive reasoning muscles before the big day.

Which employers use these tests?

These tests are a staple in the hiring toolkit for various employers. They help companies sift through applicants to find those who are best equipped to handle the logical nuances of their industry—without the guesswork.

Reviews of our Deductive Reasoning tests

What our customers say about our Deductive Reasoning tests

  • United Kingdom

    October 24, 2023


    I think the timing should be reduced. This helps to make it real and outs candidates under good pressure.

  • United States of America

    October 07, 2023


    I really liked just how thorough it was and gave new tests that I hadn't seen before while still hitting into the core values of deductive reasoning.

  • Uganda

    May 18, 2023


    Since it's quite hard to get the correct answers I found the test questions difficult.

  • India

    April 06, 2023

    Being calm and considering the possibilities

    The test is one that requires you to find patterns and consider the possibilities. It also trains your logical thinking in a nice way.

  • United States of America

    March 22, 2023

    surprisingly taxing

    This is not a test to just breeze through. It requires some brain power to do well and get the most out if it.

  • Philippines

    March 16, 2023

    Need more but surprisingly very helpful

    I liked that it consists of different types of logical reasoning. I became familiar and it helped me a lot.

  • Singapore

    March 09, 2023

    how this deduction skill will be useful in your daily life

    I liked that you had to infer some of the problems and it really makes you think and there wasn't anything that I disliked

  • India

    January 30, 2023

    Overall good

    Although i found some questions whose options were kinda similar, but its a great way of practicing if you're participating in a competitive exam!

  • Czechia

    November 03, 2022

    It's fun to try

    I like how it started as really easy, got hard but still stayed quite easy, exactly what I want from the first test.

  • United States of America

    August 16, 2022

    Fun and engaging

    These tests are always a great way to exercise your brain. They provide ways to look at problems from different angles which strengthens cognitive reasoning through exposure to new and diverse ways of thinking.