If you want to learn how to prepare for psychometric tests, the first thing you should know is to stick to question practice. Reading worked examples is not an effective way to prepare. Human beings learn by doing and psychometric test preparation is no different. Practice as many questions as possible prior to sitting your assessment.

Get used to working under timed conditions

Working under timed conditions is stressful, additional stress can impact performance and the best way to condition yourself is by practicing under timed conditions. This is the best was to improve your confidence and speed when working under time pressure.

Focus on your weakest areas

Invest time reviewing the questions you get incorrect after each practice test. Try to understand where you went wrong and then re perform the calculation. You will learn more from the questions you get incorrect than those you get correct first time.

Create a revision timetable

Create a excel document with a revision plan that gives you plenty of time to practice questions. This will focus your attention and improve the efficiency of your revision time. Being organised is one the easiest yet most important and effective preparation skills.

Apply to a range of companies

The graduate job market is extremely competitive. By applying to a range of companies you increase your chance of securing a job and you will learn a tremendous amount from the application process for each organisation.

Read all instructions carefully

It’s very important that you read all instructions prior to sitting your assessments. The instructions will contain information including what types of psychometric test you will be asked to sit, how long each test will last and information on the format of the tests.

Ensure your Internet browser is up to date

Test publishers are constantly updating their assessments and if you have a old version of an internet browser this could cause problems. Take a moment to update you browser prior to sitting your assessment.

Do your homework

Research what types of psychometric test your potential employer typically asks candidates to sit. A quick search online can save a lot of time later on. If sitting the test remotely you should receive an application email containing links to your psychometric tests a number of days before your real assessment, this should contain information about what types of psychometric test you will be asked to sit.