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practice psytech tests

Psytech International is a globally recognised test provider, whose aptitude and personality assessments are used by numerous employers as part of the recruitment process. More than 5 millions people have taken Psytech tests, which are available in over 20 languages.

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How to pass Psytech tests: 5 tips

1) Practice

The single best way you can prepare for any of the Psytech tests is to practice as many questions and tests as you can. Work out where your strengths and weaknesses lie, so you can devote time to the areas you’re not as confident in.

2) Remember the clock

Whenever you practice a test, make sure you time yourself. Answering the questions correctly is important, but it’s just as important to ensure you can do so in the allotted time.

3) Learn as much as possible about the test

I t’s important to find out which Psytech test you’re taking, when you’re taking it and in which format (paper or online) before you start preparing. This will ensure you’re focusing your attention on the right things.

4) Think about different ways to practice

Practising mock tests is important, but there are other ways to improve your skills while keeping your preparation interesting and varied. Try online games, logic puzzles or reading passages from your favourite book to keep things fun.

5) Read the instructions carefully

It sounds obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people don’t read the instructions at the start of the test, and it’s not a given the real test will follow the structure you expect it to.

Practice Aptitude Tests is not associated with Psytech. We provide preparation services for Psytech psychometric tests. Our tests are not designed to be identical to any style, employer or industry. Visit to find out more.

Sample Psytech Tests question Test your knowledge!

What conclusion can be drawn about the trend described in the passage?

The passage discusses the recent shift in consumer behavior. There has been a noticeable increase in the demand for sustainable and eco-friendly packaging solutions. This shift is partly driven by increased customer awareness regarding environmental impacts.

  • Eco-friendly packaging is becoming less relevant to consumers.
  • Consumers are indifferent to packaging sustainability.
  • Environmental concerns are influencing consumer purchasing decisions.
  • Customer awareness regarding the environment has decreased.

A project budget was initially $150,000. Due to unexpected expenses, the budget was exceeded by 12.5%. What is the new budget total?

  • $168,750
  • $165,000
  • $170,000
  • $160,000

The ratio of men to women in a company is 3:4. If there are 21 men, how many women are there?

  • 28
  • 18
  • 24
  • 32

In a report, a complex project is broken down into simpler tasks A, B, C. Task A will take 3 weeks, Task B is twice as long as Task A, and Task C is half as long as Task B. How long is Task B and Task C in total?

  • 9 weeks
  • 6 weeks
  • 12 weeks
  • 7.5 weeks

After reading the passage, what can be inferred about the company's strategic approach?

The passage discusses the recent shift in consumer behavior. There has been a noticeable increase in the demand for sustainable and eco-friendly packaging solutions. This shift is partly driven by increased customer awareness regarding environmental impacts.

  • The company is diversifying its product line.
  • The company is reducing product variety to focus on profitability.
  • The company is expanding its market presence.
  • The company is moving towards a more labor-intensive approach.

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Psytech Tests Tips

1Understand the Format

Before you dive headfirst into practicing Psychometric tests, it’s crucial to grasp the format of the tests you’ll encounter. Psytech’s assessments often include both aptitude and personality tests. Knowing what kind of questions to expect will help you mentally prepare and strategize your approach. At Practice Aptitude Tests, we break down the structure of these assessments so you can get familiar with them. After all, knowledge is power, especially when it comes to test-taking!

2Simulate Test Conditions

Ever heard the saying ‘practice how you play’? Well, it’s spot on for acing Psytech tests. Clocks ticking, silence prevailing, and that slight pressure can be part of the testing experience. To ensure you’re not caught off guard, simulate real test conditions when practicing. This means timing yourself, finding a quiet environment, and sitting the practice tests in one go at Practice Aptitude Tests. It’s all about making the actual test feel like just another practice run!

3Review the Basics

While you might not be able to predict every question, you can make sure your basic skills are sharp. Psytech tests, particularly aptitude ones, can cover a myriad of topics from numeracy to verbal reasoning. Brushing up on basic math, increasing your reading comprehension, and expanding your vocabulary can go a long way. Through our resources on Practice Aptitude Tests, we can help reinforce these foundational blocks critical for your success.

4Reflect on Your Personality

Personality tests might seem like they require no preparation, but reflecting on your character traits and how they align with the job you’re applying for can benefit you. Be genuine, but also consider the qualities the employer might be looking for. Ethical scenarios and teamwork-centric questions might come up. At Practice Aptitude Tests, we provide insights on how to approach these questions with authenticity while highlighting your best professional self.

5Keep Calm and Stay Positive

Your mindset can make or break your performance on test day. Stress and negativity will only hinder your ability to think clearly. It’s important to approach your Psytech practice tests with a calm and positive mindset, treating them as opportunities to improve. Remember, Practice Aptitude Tests is here to support you every step of the way. Embrace the challenge, and you’ll grow more confident with each practice session.

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Psytech Tests FAQs

How are Psytech tests scored?

After you’ve completed the test, your score will be calculated based on the number of correct answers you gave. Your score may then be compared to the results of other candidates taking the same test.

Are Psytech tests difficult?

The tests are designed to be challenging, since they need to show an employer each individual’s strengths and weaknesses. However, if you prepare effectively for your test there’s no reason you shouldn’t do well.

How long is a Psytech test?

Psytech tests vary in length, but tend to be between 30 and 45 minutes in duration.

Where can you practice Psytech tests?

This website covers most of the test types found in Psytech assessments, not to mention useful tips for each test to help you do your best when it counts.

Reviews of our Psytech tests

What our customers say about our Psytech tests

  • India

    September 24, 2023


    I like the visual representations and stuff that you can hover over to find the data and the questions are quite good too I did not dislike much about the test.

  • United Kingdom

    July 05, 2022

    My score and workings for any question I got incorrect

    I liked that hovering over graphs showed its data easily and that you can easily navigate between questions

  • South Africa

    May 10, 2022

    Understanding the questions

    Initially the test was very difficult. I had to practice like twice and understand the question, then it fitted better.

  • Australia

    April 06, 2022

    Very good

    I like how the harder questions are in front rather then later, which will test the personal attributes as well as numerical ability.

  • Namibia

    May 12, 2021


    The test is informative and quite challenging.

  • Australia

    May 10, 2021

    Relatively Easy Test

    Very straight forward to the point I had to question myself on the how the questions were asked to ensure I was reading it correctly

  • Thailand

    May 05, 2021

    Math calculation

    Good for brain exercise once in a while.

  • Italy

    April 19, 2021

    Basic math ability.

    I took this test to prepare a similar one for a job opportunity.

  • South Africa

    April 15, 2021

    Very interesting

    It was my first time to see this test after university, and it helped me a lot to prepare for a self-assessment test for my new job.

  • South Africa

    April 09, 2021

    Good practice

    I liked that the test assists to adequately prepare me for psychometric testing.