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Psytech International is another psychometric test provider and commonly used by employers as part of their recruitment process. They offer a range of aptitude and personality tests, which we have outlined below.


Who are Psytech?

Psytech are a UK-based psychometric test provider who have a number of unique sounding tests. The good news is that they assess similar skills to the more famous publishers. Here’s an overview of Psytechs aptitude tests:


This test has been created for graduate-level assessment days and includes Verbal, Numerical and Abstract reasoning.


THE GRT2 is the same format and structure to the GRT1 but at a less complex level. It is suited for junior sales, administrative and clerk positions that are non-graduate.


This test is the same as the GRT1 and GRT2 but is adaptive. Therefore the difficulty of the questions are based on how well you answered the previous questions so that the test is suited to your ability level.


This is an abstract reasoning test that looks at your ability to solve problems using shapes and figures.


The Clerical Test Battery assesses you in four areas: *insert links to relevant pages

1) Numerical reasoning 2) Verbal Reasoning 3) Spelling 4) Clerical checking.

This test is primarily used for administrative and clerical type roles.


The technical test battery is often used for technicians and engineers, and consists of three specific areas: *insert links to relevant pages

1) Spatial reasoning 2) Mechanical reasoning 3) Visual acuity

This test is typically 45 minutes long.

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The Critical Reasoning Test Battery is designed to evaluate your critical thinking skills. It is split into two tests:

1) Verbal critical reasoning 2) Numerical critical reasoning

What makes these tests different to verbal and numerical reasoning is that they are more difficult and require you to apply logic and critical thinking in order to determine your answers.


The Contact Centre Scenario Inventory is Psytech’s version of a Situational Judgement test. Your will be presented with multiple work-related situations and you will need to choose the action you feel is most appropriate according to the circumstances.

If you want to have the best chance of performing well at your Psytech assessment, then we recommend using our online practice tests and resources.

Practice Aptitude Tests is not associated with Psytech. We provide preparation services for Psytech psychometric tests. Visit to apply.

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