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Cut-e Assessments

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Cut-e is a psychometric assessment and talent measurement company, owned by Aon, that provides employer recruitment tools. Its tests include a variety of integrity and psychometric questions with specific formats and question types. They are often administered as part of the employment process in many industries, as well as job progression within a business.

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How to prepare for Cut-e tests

According to Aon, the Cut-e tests do not require any previous knowledge. But if you want to make sure that you are properly prepared, it is always a good idea to practice answering questions.

As mentioned before, Cut-e tests are quite singular in their presentation, with specific layouts and a shorter allotted time. It is important to practice the skills and aptitudes that are being assessed, but also to practice on test questions that are based on the Cut-e concepts and formats, so that you are familiar with the structure and timing. They are quite different to SHL and Kenexa tests, for example.

Before you take the tests required, be sure that you are somewhere that you won’t be disturbed. The benefit of online testing is that you can complete it when it suits you best, so make sure that you are alert and ready before starting. You cannot pause the test and come back to it, so it's important that you don't start if there are any distractions.

How to pass Cut-e tests

Cut-e tests are designed to be tricky, and the short time allotted can make test-takers more nervous. As with all assessments, they are designed to separate candidates in a simple manner, so they are scored to allow for questions to remain unanswered in most cases.

Below are some key tips in ensuring that you perform well in a Cut-e test.


The structure of the test, the testing environment, and the format of each task is different from other assessments that you might have taken from other publishers, so it is a good idea to take specific Cut-e practice tests. Not only will this increase your confidence by making the tests seem more familiar, but it will also highlight any areas where you need more knowledge or practice before you take the real test.

Find a quiet environment

Be sure that there will be no distractions when you take the test. Find a comfortable, quiet area so that you will not be disturbed – it might be best to let anyone in your house know that you are taking a test and need peace and quiet. You cannot pause the test once it has started.

Use a computer

These are online tests, and although the software used is compatible with smartphones and tablets, a PC, laptop or tablet is recommended. Make sure that you have a stable internet connection and the latest browser installed. This will help reduce any technical difficulties that could cause you problems during the test and risk your score.

Suitable equipment

You will not need any additional equipment for most tests, but you might find it useful to have a pen and paper or a calculator to hand for some tests. If these are recommended, you will be informed during the introduction.


Before each test, there is an introduction that describes the exercises that you will be completing. You will need to complete a few example exercises to show that you have understood the instructions, and this must be completed before you can move on to the test itself. As this section is untimed, it is a good idea to take your time here and be sure that you understand how best to answer the questions.

Sample Cut-e Tests question Test your knowledge!

Upon reviewing a business proposal, it is evident that the project plan is robust and well-structured, yet there is significant opposition from several stakeholders due to perceived risks. Which statement most closely summarizes this situation?

  • Stakeholders tend to resist change even if the project plan is solid.
  • Well-structured project plans can still face challenges if risks are not addressed.
  • Stakeholder opposition can be easily overcome with a well-structured project plan.
  • Perceived risks are more important than the actual structure of the project plan.

If the sales of Company XYZ increased by 15% in the first quarter, and by 20% in the second quarter, what is the cumulative percent increase over the two quarters?

  • 38%
  • 35%
  • 30%
  • 25%

A department store had a balance of 150,000 USD in its account. If it paid 35% of this balance to purchase new stock and 20% of the balance as salaries, how much money would remain in the account?

  • 60,000 USD
  • 75,000 USD
  • 90,000 USD
  • 45,000 USD

The monthly profit of a company over a four-month period followed this pattern: month 1 profit was $5000, month 2 showed a 10% increase, month 3 showed a 5% decrease, and month 4 showed a 15% increase. What was the profit in the fourth month?

  • $5,775
  • $6,000
  • $5,500
  • $5,250

In an argumentative essay, the author suggests that the lack of practical skills in education can result in lesser career opportunities for graduates. What can be inferred as the author's main argument?

  • Education systems neglect practical skills in favor of theoretical knowledge.
  • Graduates are not fully prepared for the demands of the job market.
  • Higher education is unnecessary for career advancement.
  • Career opportunities do not really depend on one's educational background.

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Cut-e Tests Tips

1Familiarize Yourself

Before you sit down for a Cut-e assessment, it’s wise to get comfortable with what you’re about to face. Practice Aptitude Tests offers a range of tailored practice tests that mimic the real thing. Getting a feel for the types of questions you’ll encounter and the format of the tests will build your confidence and ensure you’re not caught off guard on the big day.

2Hone Your Speed and Accuracy

Time is of the essence with Cut-e tests! While you need to work quickly, accuracy can’t take a back seat. Balancing speed with precision is key, and the best way to sharpen this skill is by practicing under timed conditions. At Practice Aptitude Tests, we simulate the time pressure you’ll experience, helping you manage your pace without sacrificing the quality of your answers.

3Understand the Question Types

Cut-e assessments are known for their unique question styles, and that can throw you off if you’re not prepared. From logical to verbal reasoning, and everything in between, it’s important to know what kinds of challenges you’ll be facing. Our practice portal helps you familiarize yourself with each question type, giving you a leg up when it comes to the real assessments.

4Don't Let Stress Win

Stress can be a big hurdle in delivering your best performance. Practicing with our test simulations can help you build resilience to the nerves that come with the testing environment. By exposing yourself to the testing conditions ahead of time, you’ll desensitize yourself to the anxiety, making it easier to focus when you’re in the hot seat.

5Review Your Answers

Taking the time to look back over your answers can be a game-changer. This doesn’t just mean checking your work during the test, though that’s important too. After you practice with us, review your answers to understand where you went right and where there’s room for improvement. Practice Aptitude Tests provides detailed explanations, so you’ll learn and grow with each attempt.

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Cut-e Tests FAQs

How are Cut-e tests scored?

For most of the Cut-e tests, scoring is simple. Points are awarded for a correct answer and deducted for a wrong answer. Personality tests are a little bit more complicated, with six points on each page distributed among the given statements.

Are Cut-e tests used for pilot assessment?

The Cut-e scales ndb test is specifically aimed at pilots and air traffic controllers, assessing spatial orientation using a gyrocompass and a radio compass. Several airlines use the scales ndb alongside other Cut-e assessments like numerical and verbal reasoning.

How long is a Cut-e test?

Cut-e tests typically range from 5 to 15 minutes, although the personality and integrity tests do not have a time limit. For most of the psychometric and skills-based Cut-e tests, there are a number of tasks that can be completed in the time frame, so the urgency is part of the skills being assessed. In the personality tests, the statements need more consideration so are not timed, but they are generally completed in 15 to 20 minutes.

Are Cut-e tests difficult?

Cut-e tests are challenging, as they need to be in order to be effective as assessments. It is important to remember that there is no specific knowledge assumed in most tests, although if you are taking a mechanical reasoning test, for example, you will need to be able to demonstrate technical and mechanical knowledge. The tests themselves can seem difficult because they have a specific layout and structure that is unusual in comparison to other test publishers.

Reviews of our Cut-e (AON) tests

What our customers say about our Cut-e (AON) tests

  • United Kingdom

    October 07, 2023


    I didn't like the pressure aspect of the timed test and the topics were out with my areas of expertise. I liked that the questions got you thinking.

  • Germany

    July 21, 2023

    Very Interesting and not easy!

    If you need to do such a test for a job application, study before. The test was very nice, to show, how the situation as a applicant is.

  • Singapore

    April 25, 2023

    It can be challenging!

    I like that it is challenging and you have to read the questions very carefully before analysing the questions.

  • Canada

    April 18, 2023

    Challenging mental math

    Try to ensure you know how to do financial calculations e.g what would be the price increase if it went up 30%.

  • Hong Kong

    April 15, 2023


    The test is challenging.

  • India

    April 07, 2023

    This is so helpful for attending the assessment test

    I like that this is so helpful and great for candidates to practice Cut-e assessment test type.

  • India

    March 02, 2023

    Practice more

    I like this aptitude for my future whenever i'm going to give my interview it is very useful for me

  • United States of America

    January 23, 2023

    Extremely helpful for practice test

    Practice test was very valuable in identifying areas of strengths and weakness, and allows users to determine their pace for an actual test.

  • Sweden

    November 10, 2022

    An experiance

    Totally forgot about time management and had to skip a few questions. But the test itself was great fun!

  • United States of America

    November 08, 2022

    1st try

    It's a little confusing to do this test on a phone because of all the scrolling you have to do back and forth.