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practice sova tests

Sova Assessment is a UK-based tech company that offers a data-driven talent assessment platform which allows organizations to evaluate personality, motivation, competency and ability, particularly when recruiting.

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Sova video interview

In the video interview you will be asked a series of questions, which will appear in a pre-recorded video segment as well as written as text.

You will have one minute to consider the question and prepare your response, followed by up to three minutes to record the response. You cannot re-record your response.

There will be one practice question to ensure all your equipment works and your background is clear, clean, uncluttered and there is no background noise.

The video interview is designed to be similar to a face-to-face interview but without the logistics of all candidates having to travel. The questions asked will be specific to the requirements of the recruiting organisation, and usually take place at the first round of the interview process.

How are Sova tests taken?

Sova tests are completed virtually from your choice of location using a remote Zoom-based platform referred to as a Virtual Assessment Centre.

Access to your PC/tablet camera and microphone is required as the assessment is online via video call, so you will need to ensure that you have stable broadband internet in your choice of remote environment.

You will need to have Zoom downloaded onto your device. Required minimum bandwidth is 600kbps (up/down); the recommended minimum is 1.5 Mbps (up/down).

You may still require a pen, paper and calculator to use during the tests.

Which employers use Sova tests?

In common with many aptitude tests, Sova tests measure the suitability of a candidate in an unbiased way. With one unified platform and a scientific approach to testing, many employers use Sova tests as part of their recruitment process, including:

Tips on how to prepare for Sova tests

Check your technology

Don’t let your technology let you down. Check that you have downloaded Zoom, can access the platform, that you have a working camera and microphone and so on, as well as checking your internet speed.

Read the question properly

All the information will be contained in the scenarios, so do not be tempted to make assumptions, apply additional information or answer something which is not being asked.

Prepare your environment

Ensure that you have thought through all the potential scenarios where you may need additional resources, e.g. make sure you have paper, pencil, calculator and any other specified requirements to hand. Set yourself up somewhere quiet with a plain background where you will not be disturbed for the duration of your assessment. Lastly, have water, tissues and so on to hand, as well as a clock.

Research the company

While you need to answer the questions based on your own personal knowledge and gut feeling, it cannot hurt to be thoroughly prepared on the values desired by the company for which you are interviewing, so you can be confident that you align with those values.


Remember that you will be assessed on both accuracy and speed. As such, you’ll need to practice to ensure that you have allowed enough time for each answer, so that you are not caught out by any time limits (in particular for the video interview).

Do not rush the questions

You’ll need to read and understand all the information given to you, so don’t skim-read or you might miss something vital.

Practice Aptitude Tests is not associated with Sova. We provide preparation services for Sova psychometric tests. Our tests are not designed to be identical to any style, employer or industry. Visit to find out more.

Sample Sova Tests question Test your knowledge!

When reading a report, you determine that the author implies that increased screen time is negatively affecting the youth's ability to concentrate. However, the author does not provide direct causal evidence. Which of the following best describes the author's approach?

  • Inferential reasoning
  • Anecdotal evidence
  • Deductive reasoning
  • Empirical evidence

Imagine there is a set in which all odd numbers are followed by their square root and even numbers are followed by half of the number. If the pattern continues, what would follow after the number 15?

  • 3.87
  • 7.5
  • 30
  • 225

Consider a situation where a person moves two steps forward and one step back. If they take a total of 15 steps, how many steps forward have they moved?

  • 11
  • 10
  • 9
  • 14

If it takes 5 machines 5 minutes to make 5 widgets, how long would it take 100 machines to make 100 widgets?

  • 5 minutes
  • 100 minutes
  • 20 minutes
  • 1 minute

A pattern of numbers is established as follows: 2, 6, 12, 20, ____. What number should logically come next?

  • 30
  • 28
  • 24
  • 32

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Sova Tests Tips

1Understand the Sova Landscape

Before attempting any Sova Assessment, it’s crucial to understand its structure and the types of questions you might face. Sova tests are designed to holistically assess your personality, motivation, competency, and ability. Get a feel for what categories you’ll be evaluated on, and how your responses might reflect different aspects of your potential suitability for the job.

2Simulate Real Test Conditions

Nothing beats a real-world scenario for practice. On Practice Aptitude Tests, we’ve got an environment that closely replicates the Sova Assessment platform. Take advantage of this by simulating test conditions – eliminate distractions, set a timer, and get used to the format you’ll see on the big day.

3Reflect on Your Work Style

Sova assessments often explore your personal work style and motivations. Take some time to reflect on your real-world experiences in the workplace. Think about how you’ve handled challenges and collaborated with others. By understanding your own work history, you’ll be able to answer personality and motivation questions with authenticity.

4Brush Up on Key Competencies

Competency questions seek to delve into your skills and experiences. Review the job description and align your practice with the competencies listed. Highlight your relevant experiences and consider how they demonstrate these competencies, which will help you articulate your strengths during the assessment.

5Stay Calm and Positive

A positive mindset can greatly impact your performance. Don’t let the pressure get to you. Stay calm, take deep breaths, and approach each question with a clear head. Remember, on Practice Aptitude Tests, you have a chance to grow and learn at your own pace before you face the actual Sova Assessment.

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Sova Tests FAQs

How are Sova tests scored?

Sova tests are scored with one mark per correct answer. Although there is no time limit, your final score will also reflect how quickly you reached those correct answers.

Are Sova tests difficult?

Sova tests are not difficult in that they are not a test for which you have to learn vast swathes of information. They are, however, easier to take and do well at when you have practiced and prepared, and understand what you will be asked to do and how best you should approach each test.

How long is a Sova test?

There is no time frame for completing a Sova test, although the time taken to complete the test will count towards your final score. As a general rule you should be able to answer most questions within 45 seconds per answer, reducing to 30 seconds for a verbal test question.

How can I practice Sova tests?

Practice Sova tests with our free test first and then continue your practice and preparation with our specialist practice Sova tests. Sova itself also offers some free practice questions here.

Reviews of our Sova tests

What our customers say about our Sova tests

  • Germany

    April 05, 2023

    Stay concentrated

    I liked that you can practice the circumstances like the real test (with the time etc.)

  • United Arab Emirates

    March 02, 2023

    The patterns

    A very challenging test, but i believe with more practice I can start getting the hang of identifying the patterns.

  • Ethiopia

    November 08, 2022

    think wisely.

    it makes me think twice before i make a decision, that's the important thing i learned from this lesson.

  • Ethiopia

    November 04, 2022

    the sequence is very important

    The game is a little bit tricky the difficulty is that it requires more attention and critical thinking.

  • India

    August 17, 2022

    logic based questions are pretty good

    i really liked the format of the logic-based questions as they may actually be at the same level as the actual exam

  • Australia

    May 30, 2022

    It was easy to do

    I liked the way that the questions were presented, and the ease of reading in terms of what comes next.

  • India

    April 08, 2022

    I find it hard because I haven't done it before

    It's a really good test to do for preparation purpose and before going for actual one. As I haven't done it before I think that's hard for me, but yes, after practicing it properly I will be good at this.

  • Philippines

    April 06, 2022

    Extremely Fun!

    It was pretty fun and exciting although I wish the sample test involved different aspects of the actual Sova assessment and not just logic/sequence-based.

  • United States of America

    April 01, 2022

    First test

    I liked how it was very visual. Helped me to focus on the bigger features first then the small ones

  • Pakistan

    March 17, 2022


    Initially, I faced difficulty in grabbing whats going on, but later on, I felt that I cracked it. I hope so.