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Revelian Tests

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practice revelian tests

Revelian, formerly known as Onetest, is an Australian aptitude test provider. Its tests are created by professional psychologists and are used by employers across the world to assist in the recruitment process.

What is a Revelian test?

Revelian is an Australian organisation that produces psychometric tests to provide data-driven profiles of employees’ personality types, abilities and attributes. The tests help decision-makers and recruiters identify the most suitable candidate for a job, particularly when recruiting for graduate roles.

Using Revelian tests gives structure to the assessment process and eliminates recruiter bias, allowing employers to gain an objective insight into the strengths of each candidate fairly.

Revelian is the most popular psychometric test provider in Australia and also enjoys global reach due to the high calibre of its programmes.

Revelian test categories

Revelian publishes 14 individual psychometric tests, all designed to focus on a specific skill or trait. The employer decides which tests are relevant for the job role and the candidates then complete the chosen combination of tests.

The 14 tests are:

  • 1. Cognify. The candidate is presented with six mini-games to be completed within a 30-minute session. The results give a measure of cognitive ability.
  • 2. Emotify. A 20-minute test that requires the candidate to complete two interactive mini-games that measure emotional intelligence.
  • 3. 16 Personality Factors Questionnaire (16PF). An untimed test that takes around 30 minutes to complete. The candidate must answer 170 questions designed to reveal their characteristics and behaviour, how they interact with others and handle situations in the workplace.
  • 4. Abstract Reasoning Test. At 10 minutes in length and consisting of 32 questions, this test presents abstract information and conceptual problems that the candidate must solve by identifying patterns and relationships.
  • 5. Behaviour Profile. Reveals how a candidate interacts, communicates and behaves in the workplace. Consists of 24 questions to be answered in an untimed session.
  • 6. Cognitive Ability Assessment. This test presents 51 questions that assess the candidate’s cognitive ability.
  • 7. Emotional Intelligence (MSCEIT). Designed to assess the ability to read and understand emotions, this test takes around 40 minutes to complete and poses 141 questions.
  • 8. Numerical Reasoning Test. A 12-minute timed assessment presenting 25 questions that test understanding of numerical concepts and relationships.
  • 9. Skills Test. This 20–30 minute test assesses various skills to demonstrate where a candidate may need additional training within the role.
  • 10. Values Inventory. Ranking a series of 20 work-related values reveals whether the candidate shares the same cultural values as the employer.
  • 11. Verbal Reasoning Test. A short test that assesses the ability to use words to reason and understand a situation.
  • 12. Work Preferences Profile. The candidate must choose which they would prefer between two suggested tasks. This allows the employer to match the employees to suitable job roles.
  • 13. Work Reliability Scale. This test presents 54 different statements to which the candidate must choose whether they agree or disagree, revealing their levels of honesty and integrity.
  • 14. Work Safety Assessment. Available in a short or long form, with 49 or 77 questions respectively. The questions assess attitudes towards safety at work.

Revelian numerical reasoning test

The Revelian numerical reasoning test analyses the ability to solve problems using numerical information presented in graphs, charts or sets of data; an important skill in any role that involves working with numbers.

The test allows 12 minutes to answer 25 numerical reasoning questions. Most candidates do not manage to answer every question in the allotted time, so it is advisable to move through the test quickly, returning to questions you find difficult.

The numerical reasoning test is not a maths test. Instead, it assesses general aptitude so there are no real ways to ‘revise’.

However, it is still possible to prepare by taking practice tests under exam conditions and refreshing your knowledge of simple arithmetic and basic mathematical concepts such as percentages, averages and fractions.

Example question and answer:

Revelian numerical reasoning test


Revelian verbal reasoning test

The Revelian verbal reasoning test assesses the candidate’s ability to solve problems and identify solutions using words. The questions typically take the format of a basic written statement followed by a set of multiple-choice answers. The participant can always work out the answer from the information provided.

Good comprehension and analysis of written text are crucial for most jobs, particularly technical roles involving written communication. This assessment is useful for testing a candidate’s understanding of a text, analysis of the content, and ability to draw a logical conclusion.

The test delivers 35 questions in 10 minutes. Many candidates do not manage to answer every question. For this reason, you are advised to move through the questions quickly, answering any questions you can and returning to the difficult ones at the end. There are no penalties for incorrect answers.

Example question and answer:

Revelian verbal reasoning test


Revelian abstract reasoning test

The Revelian abstract reasoning test comprises 32 questions designed to test your ability to use abstract information to identify patterns and relationships to solve complex problems. The test has a time allowance of 10 minutes.

Although the concept of this test can seem daunting, the questions themselves are often simple when approached logically.

You will be presented with a set of images, pictures or patterns and asked to identify the one that doesn’t follow the same format as the others.

The best way to prepare for this type of assessment is to practice as much as possible to become familiar with the style of questions and examples of correct answers.

Example question and answer:

Revelian abstract reasoning test


Revelian cognitive ability test [RCAT]

The Revelian cognitive ability test, or RCAT, assesses overall cognitive function to ensure you have the necessary fundamental ability to fulfil the criteria required for a job role. Specifically, critical thinking and reasoning are assessed through a series of questions divided into three parts: verbal, numerical and abstract reasoning.

This comprehensive test consists of 51 questions and gives employers a broad overview of ability.

Candidates have 20 minutes to complete the test and, in most cases, do not manage to answer all questions in the allotted time. For this reason, it is recommended you focus on answering the questions you find easiest and come back to the more difficult questions at the end.

Be aware that the questions do get progressively harder as the test goes on.

Example question and answer:

Revelian cognitive ability test


Revelian situational judgement tests

As well as aptitude tests, Revelian also provides a series of situational judgement tests: Behavioural Profile, Values Inventory and Work Reliability Scale. All three tests assess a candidate’s personality and behavioural traits. The results give an employer an idea of whether they feel that candidate is a good fit for their company.

The Behavioural Profile presents 24 questions that usually take around 10 minutes to answer, although the test has no time limit. Questions are based on the popular and highly accurate DISC system of psychometric testing and produce a detailed overview of how a person responds to stimuli in the workplace.

You may be presented with written groups of qualities or traits, and asked to circle the ones that best describe you.

The Values Inventory provides a measure of whether the values of the candidate and the job role are matched. You will be presented with a list of 20 job characteristics that you must place into order of importance. There are no right or wrong answers but your response will factor into the employers’ judgement of your suitability for the role.

The third of the personality tests is the Work Reliability Scale, which measures your attitudes and approach to workplace situations, often posing dilemmas to assess your honesty and integrity. You will be asked to give your opinion on a statement, using a response scale to indicate your answer.

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Which employers use Revelian tests?

Revelian is Australian-owned and, as such, tests are widely used throughout Australia among private corporations and public organisations, including the government.

Revelian also supplies tests to many other companies around the world, having achieved recognition as an established provider of high-calibre psychometric testing

Some of the companies and organisations known to use Revelian testing include:

  • Deloitte
  • Caltex
  • Manpower
  • The Australian Government
  • Pepsico
  • BlackDot
  • Ingenia Polymers
  • Workers Compensation Independent Review Office
  • The Bond University
  • Bendigo and Adelaide Bank
  • Parsons Brinckerhoff
  • Honeywell
  • ComActivity
  • PPB Advisory
  • Westpac Group
  • AMP
  • Australian Tax Office
  • Telstra
  • Energy Australia
  • Pegasus Employment

How to pass Revelian tests

  • 1. Make sure you attend the exam in a well rested and relaxed frame of mind. As the exams do not test knowledge and you can’t ‘revise’, the best thing to do is to make sure you are fully prepared and alert on the day of your test.
  • 2. Listen carefully to any instructions. You will be given clear instructions before you start each test. Ask questions if you are unsure of anything.
  • 3. Practice online tests under simulated exam conditions. There are plenty of practice tests available online, so take the opportunity to get familiar with the format of the tests and how it feels to sit them under exam conditions. If you time yourself, you can get a better idea of how quickly you need to work through questions for the best chance of answering as many questions as possible.
  • 4. Don’t get stuck on difficult questions. Answer easier questions first, returning to more difficult questions if you have time left at the end of the test. Most people don’t manage to answer all the questions in every test, so don’t panic if your time’s nearly up and you haven’t finished.
  • 5. Stay calm. Remember that you are being assessed for your suitability to a particular job role, so answer honestly and carefully. As long as you know you have prepared adequately, you can be confident that you’ve done all you can.


What is a good Revelian score?

A candidate’s scores are combined to make an overall score. This final score is then placed on a results line that ranges from Far Below Average to Far Above Average, to show how they compare to a group.

Different comparison groups are used to demonstrate how people within various industries perform on the Revelian tests. As a guide, those working in the engineering sector tend to score more highly than the general employed adult population.

What is a Revelian Cognify Test?

Cognify is one of Revelian’s cognitive ability tests that takes the form of a series of mini-games. The gamification of the test creates an environment where candidates are reacting instantly to problems and situations, reflecting the fast-paced realities of a workplace situation more accurately. As a result, employers get a truer picture of the strengths and weaknesses of each candidate.

Are Revelian tests timed?

Some of the Revelian tests are timed and some are not. The timed assessments are Cognify, Emotify, Abstract Reasoning Test, Cognitive Ability Assessment, Numerical Reasoning, Skills Tests, and Verbal Reasoning Test.

The tests that are not timed are 16 Personality Factors Questionnaire, Behavioural Profile, Emotional Intelligence, Values Inventory, Work Preferences Profile, Work Reliability Scale, and Work Safety Assessment.

How will I take my Revelian tests?

Tests are accessible online. Revelian recommends you use a desktop computer or laptop to take the tests. Your recruiter may ask you to take the tests at a designated location although in most cases the Revelian tests can be taken remotely, from anywhere with a good internet connection.

Practice Aptitude Tests is not associated with Revelian. We provide preparation services for Revelian psychometric tests. Our tests are not designed to be identical to any style, employer or industry. Visit to apply.

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