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Deloitte tests

Deloitte Tests

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Deloitte tests

Deloitte is one of the “Big Four” accounting organizations and the largest professional services network in the world by revenue and number of professionals.

Careers at Deloitte

Deloitte is renowned for being one of the Big Four Leading Firms within the financial industry. It offers many opportunities to school-leavers and graduates, but the selection process is rigorous to ensure high quality candidates are selected. We have put together some useful information about their recruitment process to help you increase your chances of success.

Deloitte Online Application Form

Whilst this form may seem straight forward, it does incorporate questions that require you to write 100 words relating to important topics. This is to help the employer get a better idea of you and your skill set. Within the answers, there are a number of skills that they are looking for you to demostrate, which include:

Communication skills – fluid communication is key. Being able to clearly express yourself clearly and concisely within your application form can go a long way in catching their attention. Career motivation – showing a positive work ethic and drive towards your career will encourage employers to warm to you and understand you as a person. Achievements – demonstrating your historic success can reveal hard work, commitment and similar desirable traits from the point of an employer. Organisational skills – time management is one of the most essential skills in all businesses. Commercial Awareness – understanding the financial industry and the impact of external and internal components upon a business can equip you to handle a range of work place situations. Problem Solving – creating innovative solutions and applying lateral thinking is a rare skill. It is highly regarded within this industry and so is a good way to stand out amongst other candidates. Adaptability – being able to cope with change and stay positive is key when working for a large establishment like Deloitte, as these types of businesses are prone to regular changes.

Deloitte Assessments and Exercises

Deloitte have put together a handful of assessments as part of their selection process. If you are successful in your online application, you will be invited to complete an online numerical test. If you succeed in the numerical test you will be invited to complete the Deloitte Verbal Reasoning Test as well as an E-Tray exercise. All of these tests have been provided by Kenexa.

Deloitte Numerical Reasoning Tests

This test will present you with financial and numerical data in the form of a graph, chart or table. You will need to analyse this information and answer subsequent questions that require you to complete calculations in order to determine the correct answer. This is a multiple-choice test.

Deloitte Verbal Reasoning Tests

This test will present you with passages of text that you will have to read and interpret. You will then have to answer questions relating to these texts using your analytical skills to deduce the answers from the text. This is a multiple-choice test.

Deloitte Application Process

  1. 1
    Online Application
  2. 2
    Psychometric Tests
  3. 3
    Assessment Centre

Deloitte E-tray Exercise

Whilst this text is predominantly completed via online, you may be asked to attend an assessment centre. This exercise will ask you to take on a specific role within the business (information relating to the role will be provided) and subsequently given access to a simulated online workplace system (typically providing you with email access, and Microsoft Office). You will be given a brief about a situation relating to the position you have taken on, and you will be asked to respond to emails, analyse data and address urgent matters. All of the questions are in multiple-choice format although the last one will typically ask you to provide your recommendation relating to a piece of work. that arise within the work place at Deloitte You will need to decide which actions you take.

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Deloitte Interview Stage

The Deloitte interview stage comprises of two interview types; a competency based interview and a final interview with your prospective manager.

The competency based interview will ask you questions that require you to demonstrate similar traits and skills that are required for the role in questions. These questions require lengthy and effective answers and so it is important you right down each question to ensure you have answered all aspects. Examples of questions include:

Tell us about a time where you have worked as a team to meet a deadline. What were the challenges you were faced with? What did you do to overcome them? What would you do differently if you had your time again? Tell us about a time when you disagreed with a member of staff. What was the dispute? What did you do to resolve it? Do you think you could have done anything differently?

You will be invited back for the final interview in the event you have impressed the employer at the previous interview stage, and performed higher than the other candidates.

The final interview will also include a presentation. You will be given a topic to present on and allocated a specific timeframe in which to create your presentation. You will have five minutes to present and a further ten minutes of questioning. The final interview won’t be competency based, but will incorporate more generic questions about you, your experience, your strengths, your work ethic and knowledge of the company.

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