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royal mail aptitude tests

Royal Mail Tests

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royal mail aptitude tests

Royal Mail is one of the most recognised brands in Britain, with more than 500 years of providing a postal service. Today, Royal Mail employs more than 150,000 employees in a variety of roles, to deliver mail to over three million UK addresses.

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Royal Mail verbal reasoning test

The Royal Mail verbal reasoning test is an assessment of a candidate’s ability to read, understand and apply information presented in text to answer questions related to the text.

Two or three passages with facts, figures and information are provided. These might be business-related or not (there is no necessity to have learned anything beforehand). All of the information needed to answer the question is provided in the given text; you just have to find it.

Royal Mail personality test

The personality test is the only Royal Mail test that is untimed, and there are no right or wrong answers.

Here you will be provided with a number of statements describing personality traits and behaviours, and you’ll have to mark them on a scale depending on how much you agree with them. The scale is marked from “Completely Disagree” to “Completely Agree”.

Every candidate will take a personality test, and the answers given are compared to an ‘ideal candidate’, a persona based on the behaviours and personality traits that Royal Mail seeks in its employees.

Royal Mail error checking test

An eye for detail is what is being assessed here; hence the Royal Mail error checking tests are usually used for posting and sorting office roles.

In this assessment, you will be provided with a postcode or address, and need to find the one that matches it amongst a number of very similar options. Performed under test conditions and time pressure, this skill is something that is vital for certain positions.

Royal Mail assessment centre

The assessment centre is the final part of the application process. Around a dozen applicants are invited at a time to one of the Royal Mail offices, to complete several in-person assessments.

The assessment day lasts between four to six hours, and the contents of the day will depend on the role you have applied for. Listed below are some of the activities that you might take part in:

Royal Mail group exercise

Assessing teamwork and leadership, the group project is usually based on a case study where a problem needs to be solved. This might involve a Royal Mail-related issue or something else, and candidates will be assessed on how well they work with others and take control to find a solution.

Royal Mail individual exercise

Following the group exercise and using the same case study, each individual needs to prepare and present their solution to the group. This is an assessment of public speaking and communication, as much as it is a way to see how each candidate motivates themselves.

Royal Mail role play

Depending on the job description, dealing with the public (and colleagues) means being able to provide excellent service. Through a role play task, the assessor can get an idea about how you might approach a complaint or a difficult question.

At the start of the exercise, you will be provided with a packet of information about the scenario that you will be dealing with.

Royal Mail interview

The final interview of the Royal Mail application process usually takes about an hour, and is led by a hiring manager as well as a senior member of the team you have applied to.

The majority of the questions asked in the interview will be competency-based, but you can also expect some job-specific and technology questions too. This is a great time to ask considered questions that demonstrate both your interest in the role, as well as the research you have completed about Royal Mail in general.

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Sample Royal Mail Tests question Test your knowledge!

After a policy change, employees at the postal service are asked to cross-check the weight and size of each parcel against the declared value on the customs form. Which of the following conclusions cannot be deduced from this information?

  • The policy change is to combat fraud related to under-declared parcel values.
  • This will require employees to potentially handle parcels more than once.
  • The postal service does not trust its customers.
  • Additional measures for accuracy and compliance are being implemented.

If a postal worker delivers mail on four different routes, and the first three routes consist of delivering to 85, 92, and 78 addresses respectively, how many addresses does the worker need to deliver to on the fourth route to have an average of 90 deliveries per route?

  • 105
  • 95
  • 90
  • 100

If a mail sorting facility operates 24/7 and each shift lasts 8 hours, how many shifts does the facility have in a 14-day period?

  • 42
  • 40
  • 56
  • 48

During delivery, a postman arrives at a house where neither the name nor the number on the letter correspond with those on the house. Considering standard delivery practices, what should the postman logically do?

  • Deliver the letter to a neighbor.
  • Return the letter to the local sorting office for clarification.
  • Leave the letter in the mailbox as the address might be incorrect.
  • Write a new address on the letter and deliver it as per the amendment.

Which of the following is an assumption you can accurately make from the statement: 'All first class stamps bought before January 31st will remain valid indefinitely'?

  • Stamps bought on February 1st will not be valid after a certain date.
  • Stamps bought after January 31st may have an expiry date.
  • First class stamps are the only class of stamps valid indefinitely.
  • All stamps, regardless of class, will expire after January 31st.

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Royal Mail Tests Tips

1Get Familiar with Test Formats

Before diving in, take the time to get comfortable with the types of questions and formats you’ll encounter. This will help speed up your response times on the actual day.

2Simulate Exam Conditions

Practice taking tests under timed conditions similar to the real exam. It’ll help you manage your time effectively and reduce stress.

3Brush Up on Basic Skills

Ensure you’re sharp with numeracy, literacy, and spatial reasoning skills, as these are often key areas assessed by Royal Mail.

4Understand the Core Values

Indirectly, Royal Mail’s core values can guide what skills and traits they value in candidates. Tailoring your mindset to these can give you an edge.

5Review and Learn

After each practice test, carefully review your answers. Understanding your mistakes is crucial to improving your performance on the actual tests.

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Royal Mail Tests FAQs

What are the Royal Mail tests?

The Royal Mail tests are a series of assessments designed to evaluate a variety of skills including numerical reasoning, problem-solving, and verbal abilities that are pertinent to the roles offered by the company.

Are the Royal Mail tests hard?

The difficulty of the Royal Mail tests can vary depending on your skill level and preparation. Some find them challenging, but with adequate practice, they can become more manageable.

How do I prepare for Royal Mail tests?

Preparation for the Royal Mail tests is key, and the best way is through consistent practice. Practice Aptitude Tests offers a range of relevant tests to help you feel ready and confident.

How long does the recruitment process take at Royal Mail?

The length of the recruitment process at Royal Mail can vary based on the role and other variables, but generally, it includes several stages over a few weeks to a couple of months.

What are Royal Mail's core values?

Royal Mail’s core values include a commitment to trust, reliability, and inclusivity. They emphasize the importance of delivering not just mail, but also value to the communities they serve.

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    May 30, 2022

    Logical sequence

    Seeing the logical progression in each sequence was likeable and felt as though I was achieving. Not being able to recognise the sequence straight away was frustrating, as this exercise was against the clock.

  • Guernsey

    May 15, 2022

    Looking for directions and patterns

    Finally explained to me. I have always tried to overcomplicate and overthink and hit a wall under pressure. Thank you, this has been a great help.

  • United Kingdom

    August 05, 2021

    To see how well I do

    At first I did not understand where the order started and ended, but once I figured it out it was easy to know.