Top FAQ’s – Psychometric tests

Recent reports have shown graduate schemes have been receiving over 50 applications per place. In this competitve market it's important that you wise up and learn about psychometric tests. We've provied the top psychometric tests FAQ's to help you get started.

What internet browser is best to access the aptitude tests?

We recommend to use Google Chrome or Firefox. Using older versions of internet explorer can, on rare occasions, lead to users being unable to view graphs and tables fully.

What score do I need to pass?

There is no official pass mark for aptitude tests. They are designed to screen out up to half of applicants and in the current market pass marks are higher than ever due to the volume of applications employers are receiving. It is essential to practice as many questions as possible prior to your assessment to differentiate yourself from others.

I’ve got my assessment day in a few days is it too late to practice?

To perform to the best of your ability we recommend you start practicing as early as possible. Even with only a few days practice you’ll be able to get used to the format of the assessments and improve your confidence. Other candidates will be prepared so it’s essential that you are as well. Practice as many questions as possible prior to your assessment.

Are your tests like the real thing?

Our tests have been carefully developed with industry professionals to give you effective test preparation material that’s as close to the real thing as possible. They are designed to emulate the format and style and provide you with learning material to beat the competition.

What aptitude tests should I focus on?

We recommend you focus on the aptitude tests you find the hardest. If you struggle with numerical reasoning tests then we recommend you focus your time on these. Everyone enjoys doing what they’re best at but focus on your weakest areas.