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        TalentLens Tests
TalentLens publish a variety of ability tests, personality tests and a range of other products which they organise into the areas of ‘select’, ‘develop’ and ‘engage’. They also offer a BPS accredited Test User Ability and Personality training. They are an international company with offices in Europe, Australasia, Asia and the Americas.

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TalentLens Aptitude Tests

Rust Advanced Numerical Reasoning Appraisal – This measures numerical for managers and decision makers in organisations. Unlike many numerical reasoning tests, RANRA uses a format designed to assess higher level numerical skills involving deduction, interpretation and evaluation and are usually utilized for positions which require a high level of numeracy.

Ravens Progressive Matrices

This test measures non-verbal abilities, such as problem solving, abstract reasoning and ability to learn. It comes in two versions; ’advanced’ which contains 23 items and lasts approximately 42 minutes and ‘standard’ which contains 28 items and lasts approximately 47 minutes.

Watson-Glaser Critical Thinking Appraisal

This assesses the individual’s skills of comprehension, analysis and evaluation. It is an online test with 40 items, lasting up to 30 minutes. A scored report with scores in 3 sub-areas is produced – recognised assumptions, evaluation of arguments, drawing conclusions.

Situational Judgement Tests

This is an online test that will take about 30 minutes. These are designed to assess an individual’s aptitude and suitability for a role based on their responses to a series of decision-making scenarios that they are likely to face in the workplace.

Orpheus Personality Tests

The Orpheus personality tests are designed to measure personality, assessing traits that will contribute to an individual’s performance at work. It provides measure along the following dimensions; Fellowship, Authority, Conformity, Emotion and Detail. It also provides assessment of an individual’s strengths and styles along the following; Proficiency, work-orientation, patience, fair-mindedness, disclosure, loyalty and initiative.

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TalentLens SOSIE tests

This is designed to measure 8 traits which map on the big five, 6 interpersonal values that are important in interaction, 6 personal values that are internally focused. It has undergone 20 years of development and is much richer than a standard personality test.

Practice Aptitude Tests is not associated with TalentLens. We provide preparation services for TalentLens psychometric tests. Visit www.talentlens.co.uk to apply.

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