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Clevry (Criterion Partnership) Assessments

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    • 247 questions

Founded in 1991, Criterion – now Clevry – was a pioneer in psychometric testing. Clevry facilitates the placement of the right people in industry roles, leading to better personal and organisational performance. The company offers testing flexibility to employers and a straightforward user experience to candidates.

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How to Pass Clevry (Criterion) Tests

1) Familiarise yourself with Clevry tests. The format, structure and content of psychometric tests varies according to the publisher and test type. Ensure you are ready for your assessments by becoming accustomed to the style of the Clevry questions you will be presented with for each test.

2) Pay attention to your pace. Clevry tests are timed, so you need to answer the questions quickly and accurately to achieve a high score. Seek to achieve the target pace in practice, so you will be able to comfortably replicate it in the real test.

3) Don’t get stuck on a question. If you’re finding a particular question tricky, don’t spend too much time on it. It is better to take your best guess and move on, rather than jeopardise your chances of completing the test.

4) Read the questions carefully. Although time will be tight, reading the questions carefully is crucial to your success. It is easy to misinterpret psychometric test questions if you do not pay attention to the detail or nuance. This is especially the case with verbal reasoning assessments.

5) Practice both your weaknesses and your strengths. When preparing for your tests, it is important to focus upon areas in which you are less confident to improve your performance. Don’t forget to also practice the topics in which you feel you are strong. This is to confirm and hone your skills specifically for the psychometric test, as even familiar topics can catch candidates out due to their presentation within the tests.

Practice Aptitude Tests is not associated with Clevry. We provide preparation services for Clevry psychometric tests. Our tests are not designed to be identical to any style, employer or industry. Visit to find out more.

Sample Clevry (Criterion Partnership) Tests question Test your knowledge!

A sequence of logical steps is as follows: If A is true, then B is false. If B is false, then C is true. If A is false, what can be deduced about C?

  • C is true.
  • C is false.
  • Nothing can be deduced about C.
  • C may or may not be true.

A supermarket sold 150 bottles of water on Monday and twice as many on Tuesday. On Wednesday, the sale dropped by 75 bottles. How many bottles of water did they sell on Wednesday?

  • 225 bottles
  • 300 bottles
  • 375 bottles
  • 150 bottles

Read the following statement: 'Despite efforts to diversify sources of energy, the global reliance on fossil fuels continues to rise, exacerbating climate change issues.' What is the primary concern indicated in this statement?

  • Energy diversification
  • Increasing global reliance on fossil fuels
  • Exacerbation of climate change issues
  • Efforts to address energy challenges

A lever system has a fulcrum placed at 1/4th the length from one end. If a force of 20 N is applied at the shorter end, what is the force exerted at the other end?

  • 80 N
  • 5 N
  • 10 N
  • 40 N

Which of the following strings of characters exactly matches the series '5FKn3itP2S'?

  • 5FKn3itP2S
  • 5FKN3itP2S
  • 5FKn3iTP2S
  • 5FKn3itP2s

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Clevry (Criterion Partnership) Tests Tips

1Familiarize Yourself with the Format

Diving into the world of job applications can be daunting, but there’s a way to make it a little less intimidating—get to know the test format! Clevry, previously known as Criterion Partnership, offers a series of psychometric tests that you might encounter. These aren’t your run-of-the-mill pop quizzes! By taking a moment to understand the structure and types of questions on Practice Aptitude Tests, you begin to demystify the process. This simple step can do wonders for reducing test-day jitters.

2Simulate the Test Environment

Hey future job-getter, here’s a tip that can take your test prep from good to great: simulate the real deal. That’s right, create a mock exam environment. Settle into a quiet space, have a timer handy, and take practice tests in one go. Why, you ask? It’s all about building that test-taking stamina and getting comfy with the time pressure. And the best part? The more you practice under real conditions, the more confident and ready you’ll feel on the actual test day.

3Understand the Questions

It’s not just about answering questions correctly; it’s about knowing why they’re the right answers. Devote some time to really get the logic and reasoning behind the types of questions Clevry puts forward. Sometimes the way to the right answer is about recognizing patterns or connecting the dots just right. Head over to Practice Aptitude Tests and take a deep dive into our explanation sections. Seeing the ‘why’ behind the ‘what’ can truly up your test-taking game.

4Pace Yourself

Pacing is everything! Remember Goldilocks? You’ve got to find that pace that’s just right. Not too fast that you miss the important details, not too slow that you don’t finish. Test-taking is an art, and time management is the brush you paint with. On Practice Aptitude Tests, we help you find that sweet spot, so that when you’re faced with a Clevry test, you know just how to balance speed and accuracy.

5Keep Calm and Carry On

Your mind is your most powerful tool, especially in a testing situation. A cool, calm head can think critically and make sound decisions. We know it’s easier said than done, but do your best to keep those nerves in check. Maybe try some deep breathing or visualization techniques before starting the test. Being mentally prepared is just as important as knowing the material. So, take a deep breath, and let’s ace that Clevry test together with Practice Aptitude Tests!

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Clevry (Criterion Partnership) Tests FAQs

How are Clevry (Criterion) tests scored?

When completing Clevry tests, you will receive points for correct answers and will not be subject to negative marking. For some tests, your score will be compared to that of a norm group or average.

Employers have the choice whether to view results using Sten scores, T-scores or percentiles, so you may receive results in any of these formats. A traffic light system using red, amber and green (RAG) is used to indicate overall performance.

Are Clevry (Criterion) tests difficult?

Clevry tests are usually taken in sequence, aiming to assess your cognitive ability across a variety of different areas – such as verbal, numerical and abstract reasoning – so achieving a high mark across your test series will require competency in a number of skills. The tests are timed, so this will need to be teamed with speed and accuracy under pressure.

How long is a Clevry (Criterion) test?

The length and time limit of Clevry tests varies depending upon the competency being tested. The tests in the suite have between 16 and 30 questions and range from 9 to 45 minutes in duration.

What skills do Clevry (Criterion) tests assess?

Clevry tests seek to give an indication of your suitability for a job role, through assessing your ability to interpret and draw conclusions from words, numbers, shapes and technical diagrams, and giving insight into your personality and behavioural traits.

Scoring well across these assessment areas is deemed to correlate to strong performance in the workplace.

Reviews of our Clevry (Criterion Partnership) tests

What our customers say about our Clevry (Criterion Partnership) tests

  • India

    October 19, 2023

    Good Visual representation.

    The test was easy to comprehend with good UI to understand the time remaining and the questions were also very well written.

  • South Africa

    October 15, 2023

    Is to read and understands the question

    Good practice's. Maybe its good to change the two so that the practice and the test are not the same.

  • South Africa

    April 23, 2022


    Great test. You are always aware of the timer. A proper calculator is required and possibly a note pad.

  • United Kingdom

    October 27, 2021

    Quite helpful but much easier than the tests in the application process

    Good for general practice but in my experience these sorts of practice tests are much easier than the ones given in the application process so aren't a real reflection of what you would face

  • Belgium

    May 17, 2021

    Understanding the question is the most important

    And then you have to pick up your math learned in primary school.

  • Saint Lucia

    April 06, 2021

    Time Challenge

    The test examined your accuracy, logic and time management skills. It is good practice for those wishing to do well on their assessment.