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Anglo American Tests

Anglo American Tests

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Anglo American Tests

Anglo American is one of the leading mining companies in the world, with headquarters in London, UK, and Johannesburg, South Africa. Its portfolio includes the mining of diamonds, copper, platinum group metal, nickel and coal.

Careers at Anglo American

Anglo American offers a variety of job roles, from mining manager to financial analyst. It promises equal opportunities to all and is open about valuing the safety of its people first.

The company offers a graduate programme and recruits mainly in Australia, the UK, South Africa, Brazil, and Chile. The programme lasts for 3 years and allows graduates to take on different roles during the scheme to understand where they fit best.

You can apply for a job at Anglo American through its career website. You could also be approached by a recruiter – however, Anglo American warns against recruitment fraud and invites anyone who is contacted to verify the original email came from the company.

Anglo American Application Process

  1. 1
    Online application
  2. 2
    Pre-screening phone interview
  3. 3
    Anglo American deductive reasoning test
  4. 4
    Anglo American inductive reasoning test
  5. 5
    Anglo American numerical reasoning test
  6. 6
    Anglo American personality test
  7. 7
    Face-to-face interview
  8. 8
    Assessment centre

Using Anglo American’s own words, the company’s application process is robust. It can take several months to go through the system and competition is high. You should be familiar with each stage and prepare yourself adequately.

After submitting your CV through Anglo American’s website or a recruiter, you will have a pre-screening phone interview.

If that’s successful, you will be asked to take one or more aptitude tests. Below you will find a breakdown of what each one entails and where you can find more information.

You should also research the types of question typical of the test publisher. In the case of Anglo American, the tests are likely to be provided by Saville or Hudson.

Online application

The first step in the application process is applying online. Anglo American shares its tips to write your CV and you can check open opportunities on the website as well.

The application is submitted through Smart Recruiters, where you will be able to create a new profile or import your LinkedIn information.

Pre-screening phone interview

If your skills match the job role, you will be invited to a phone interview. A representative from the HR team will ask you questions about your career background and competencies.

Make sure to have both your CV and the job ad in front of you while answering the questions — this will help you show the interviewer how your skills fit within the role.

Anglo American deductive reasoning test

Once selected as a candidate, you will go through a series of psychometric tests. These are used to assess your skills and character

Deductive reasoning tests determine a candidate’s ability to understand information and make logical deductions. Practicing is of course the best way to prepare for such a test, but there are a few tips you can follow to make sure you get a top score.

It’s important to break down the test into three steps: understand the given text, retain the most important information, and take your time reading the questions.

As with all psychometric tests, you will be allowed a set time to go through the test. But don’t rush through it — if you don’t understand something, it’s better to skip it and move on.

Anglo American inductive reasoning test

Inductive reasoning tests differ from deductive ones in that they will present you with sequences and you must work out which option comes next.

However, there is no certainty in the answer. For example, if you’re given a series of green dots, you can only assume the next one will be green as well. This is not certain, but highly likely.

Your logical thinking should show you understand the difference between certain information and what’s most likely to happen.

Again, practicing is critical to pass the test. Try out some free practice inductive reasoning tests.

Anglo American numerical reasoning test

Numerical reasoning tests, as the name suggests, assess a candidate’s ability to process numerical data. This will not only be tested in the form of mathematical questions but also data interpretation, graphs, tables and charts.

This type of test tends to be more realistic than what you’ve studied in school. Companies will present you with questions related to the role you’re applying for and the specific skills it requires.

You don’t have to be a math wizard to pass numerical reasoning tests. You can prepare by researching the structure of the tests and looking at examples of typical questions. Then, start practicing tests online until you’re happy with your results.

Anglo American personality test

Finally, you may be asked to take a personality test. Personality tests are an efficient way for companies to understand a candidate’s character.

For example, the test will show the company if you have the skills to build relationships and work within a team. Depending on the role you’re applying for, the personality test will assess your compatibility with the job.

Although personality tests require no specific skills, you can still prepare for them and practice before taking one. Indeed, your answers can’t be marked as either right or wrong, but you can predict what the employer expects from you.

Do they need someone good at delegating or leading? Or do they require a team-oriented person? Do your research into the company and test provider, take some practice tests and you will be good to go.

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Face-to-face interview

If you’re successful in the psychometric tests, you will be invited to a face-to-face interview. This will be with one or more Anglo American representatives and it’s your chance to truly impress your potential employer.

During the interview, they will go through your competencies in more detail. You can prepare by researching more into the company and practicing questions with a friend or in front of a mirror.

Assessment centre

The last stage of the hiring process is at an assessment centre. This is where you will meet the other top candidates, so it’s important to keep calm and come prepared — it will likely last the whole day.

During the day, you may be taking more aptitude tests, and you may be presented with case studies, role-plays and more interviews. Keep hydrated and keep the motivation high.

Background check

If everything goes well, before offering you a job Anglo American will run a background check. This is nothing you need to worry about, but you must be aware they will go through your personal information.

Practice Aptitude Tests is not associated with Anglo American. We provide preparation services for Anglo American psychometric tests. Our tests are not designed to be identical to any style, employer or industry. Visit to apply.

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