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Bain & Company strive to create a culture where immensely talented people are encouraged to be brilliant at what they do.
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Careers at Bain & Company

Bain & Company is a top management consultancy firm. They want their consultants to experience firsthand how a successful business operates across all functions. If you get a place on a Bain & Company graduate scheme, you’ll quickly develop expertise and skills across multiple industries and business needs; they won’t pigeonhole you as a specialist early in your career.

Bain & Company Application Process

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    Psychometric Tests
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Numerical Reasoning

These tests are designed to measure your numerical abilities and relate to graphs, percentages and tables whereby you will be asked to analyse data and chose from a set of multiple choice answers. Bain’s numerical reasoning tests will be timed so it is important to practice in advance.

Diagrammatic / Logical Reasoning

This test comprises of questions relating to sequences of shapes and patterns. In each question there will be a missing step and you will be provided with a number of answers to choose from. These are designed to test your logical reasoning as well analytical and problem-solving skills.

Case Study Interview

There will be a number of interviews for the Bain and Co assessment process – including a general interview and a more specific one focussed on a case study. You will be presented with a case study and be expected to analyse the issues and provide solutions to these. This exercise is to look at how you approach problems or issues within business and what solutions you offer. There is no right or wrong answer and so the best way to prepare for this type of exercise is to fully understand the values and background of the company. As well as undertaking this exercise in the form of an interview, you may also participate in a written one as well.

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