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Rio Tinto Tests

Rio Tinto Tests

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Rio Tinto Tests

Rio Tinto is one of the world’s largest mining companies. Established in 1873, it now employs over 46,000 people and sources, extracts and processes mineral resources, producing materials including copper, aluminium, iron ore and titanium. A multinational corporation, its operations span 36 countries worldwide.

Careers at Rio Tinto

Rio Tinto promises a challenging and rewarding career to all its employees and operates a culture based on inclusivity, flexibility and wellbeing.

It splits its career opportunities into four main areas:

  • Operations – inclusive of engineers, operators, maintainers, apprentices and operational leaders
  • Functions – activities across information systems and technology, human resources, finance, corporate affairs and health, safety and environment
  • Technical – this includes specialist technical and engineering roles across mining, data science, geology and robotics
  • Supply chain – procurement, sales, marketing and logistics

It also offers a two-year graduate programme, referred to as its Graduate Excellence Path (GEP). The GEP combines real work with educational support in the form of webinars, coaching and mentoring.

Primarily aimed at graduates from a STEM background, opportunities are available in areas such as engineering, commerce, marketing and finance.

Though a global company, Rio Tinto’s main operations, and subsequently many of its graduate opportunities, are located across Australia, Canada and the United States.

Rio Tinto Application Process

  1. 1
    Online application form
  2. 2
    Numerical reasoning tests
  3. 3
    Verbal reasoning tests
  4. 4
    Logical reasoning tests
  5. 5
    Personality tests
  6. 6
    Assessment centre
  7. 7
    Face-to-face interview
  8. 8
    Site visit

The Rio Tinto application process is designed to identify the strongest candidates – not just in terms of academic achievement, but also potential and culture fit.

It looks for applicants that demonstrate forward thinking and share its commitment to continual innovation. To succeed in your application, you’ll also need to prove an alignment with the company’s five core values of:

  • Safety
  • Teamwork
  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Excellence

From start to finish, the process can take several months. Depending on the role applied for, candidates can expect to go through all or some of the recruitment stages detailed below.

Online application form

The online application form requires you to detail relevant personal information, your educational background and work experience. You’ll also be asked to upload your CV, and provide a cover letter explaining your interest in and suitability for the role.

In this initial stage, there will also be some pre-screening questions. These are typically competency based, where you’ll be asked to describe situations or give examples of past professional behaviour.

If your application is deemed suitable, you’ll be invited to take a number of relevant online assessments.

Rio Tinto numerical reasoning tests

Numerical reasoning tests are used to measure your numerical ability and predict how well you are able to apply this in various work-based scenarios.

You’ll be presented with data sets, usually in the form of tables, charts and graphs, and asked a series of questions in relation to each.

Candidates are required to analyse and interpret this statistical information in order to draw appropriate numerical conclusions.These multiple-choice exams are timed, so you’ll need to learn to work quickly and accurately to achieve a high score.

Rio Tinto Verbal Reasoning Tests

In Rio Tinto’s verbal reasoning test, you’ll be assessed on your language skills, including vocabulary and grammar, but with a main focus on your ability to interpret written information.

The most common type of question in a verbal reasoning test centres on a passage of text. Candidates will be given a series of statements and asked to state if these can be classified as true or false, or if they cannot say, based solely on the information provided.

There are several other question types you may come across, but none require any specialist knowledge.They are all designed to test your levels of comprehension and language skills.

Rio Tinto logical reasoning tests

Logical reasoning tests come in various forms, but the most common is the inductive reasoning test. Again, these are timed, multiple-choice assessments and used to predict your future work-based performance.

Inductive reasoning involves analysing sequences and patterns, identifying rules and relationships, and drawing logical conclusions. You’ll need to find the missing piece of a sequence, or the next stage in a pattern, very much like you would do in a standard IQ test.

Rio Tinto personality tests

As part of your application, it’s likely you’ll be asked to sit a situational judgement test, a simple personality test, or both.

Situational judgement tests are used to gauge your response to hypothetical work scenarios, for example a workplace conflict. A situation will be detailed, along with a series of possible responses. You’ll be asked to select which response you see as most appropriate in the circumstances.

A personality test asks you to rate your preferences on a series of statements: for example, do you prefer to work alone, or as part of a team.

There are no right or wrong answers here. Both tests are used to determine a culture fit, and though you should keep in mind what Rio Tinto looks for, it’s important to be truthful, both to yourself and the hiring team.

Assessment centre

Your online application form and psychometric assessments are the screening stages of the recruitment process. If you’re successful in progressing to the next stage, you’ll likely be asked to attend an assessment centre, along with other successful applicants.

Assessment day activities vary, but usually include a group exercise, used to assess your collaborative and team working skills, as well as in-person interviews with members of the hiring team. You may also be asked to prepare and show individual presentations.

Face-to-face interview

The face-to-face interview is the last formal stage of the process. They are held by senior members of the relevant department, and can last anywhere between one to three hours.

You should expect these interviews to be more specific to your job role. They will also have more of a focus on Rio Tinto’s key concerns, including safety and sustainability.

If you progress to this stage, it’s vital you learn as much about the company as possible before your interview date.

Site visit

If appropriate, you may be invited to visit the site at which you will be located.

If you made it through to this stage, your chances of receiving a job offer are high, so use this as an opportunity to assess if the position is right for you, and if Rio Tinto offers the working environment you’re looking for.

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