About the SHL verify interactive test

The SHL verify interactive tests are psychometric assessments designed to evaluate an individual’s cognitive abilities in a specific area. The tests are timed online tests that candidates can take on any computerized device, with the difficulty level of the test varying according to the role applied for.

The structure of the SHL verify interactive tests are centered on the candidate and the types of tasks they would complete when in the role. The test requires candidates to drag and drop answers into tables, add color to diagrammatic information such as bar charts or pie charts, or amend numerical information such as percentages. The interactive gamified nature of the test ensures the test is more engaging for the test taker to complete.

There are several types of SHL verify interactive tests that employers use. These include two numerical related assessments assessing numerical ability: numerical reasoning and numerical calculation. There are two logical reasoning assessments: inductive and deductive reasoning.

Each assessment has a set number of questions, a time limit, and a different format for completing each question.

shl style verify interactive test

How to prepare for and pass an SHL verify interactive test

SHL verify interactive tests are an assessment of an individual’s aptitudes relevant to the role applied for. As the tests are timed and designed to fully evaluate individuals’ abilities, it is essential to practice sample tests. Practicing tests enable you to master the speed and accuracy of your answers.

The interactive nature of the tests means that each type of test will have a different structure. Knowing how a question is formatted and how you go about selecting the correct answer will save time when it comes to sitting the test.

When practicing, ensure you do so under timed conditions, simulating the pressure you will feel in the actual test. The verify interactive tests use a drag and drop or tap feature to select answers. By practicing, you can devise strategies to keep you calm so that in the test itself, you can accurately select the correct answer when under pressure.

Practicing tests under timed conditions also allows you to become adept at managing your time. The verify interactive tests are short assessments. The more questions you answer correctly within the time limit, the higher your score will be. With preparation through practice, you can complete as many questions as possible in the test and attain your highest score.

Types of SHL verify interactive tests

Deductive reasoning

The SHL deductive reasoning test evaluates individuals’ ability to make logical and reasonable inferences based on the information given. The deductive reasoning test assesses whether individuals can take various sources of information and reach a specific conclusion.

The questions in the test are presented as gamified situations relevant to the role applied for. This could include scheduling meetings, sorting people based on criteria, or booking meeting rooms. There are 18 questions to complete in the test with a 10-minute time limit.

Inductive reasoning

The inductive reasoning assessment is a logical reasoning test. This assessment looks at whether individuals can take specific pieces of information and make general, reasoned conclusions. The test comprises 15 questions to be completed in 18 minutes.

Questions are presented in the form of a series of shapes. Candidates need to determine the relationship or sequence that connects the shape. As the assessment is interactive, one shape is provided as the answer. Candidates then alter this shape to represent what they believe the correct answer to look like. This can include changing the color of the shape or segments within it.

Numerical reasoning

The SHL verify numerical reasoning test evaluates an individual’s ability to use numerical information to solve problems.

Candidates are given questions in the form of tables, graphs, or charts. Using their understanding and practical application of numerical concepts, they must interpret information and calculate solutions to make the correct inferences from the information provided.

The interactive nature of the test enables candidates to drag and drop the answer they believe to be correct. Most commonly used for mid to senior-level positions, this test has ten questions to be completed in 18 minutes.

Numerical calculation

The numerical calculation test evaluates candidates’ ability to quickly and accurately perform basic calculations and identify errors in numerical calculations. The test is most commonly used in recruitment for entry-level roles where the ability to use mathematical calculations is needed.

The test is comprised of 12 questions to be answered in 10 minutes. Questions can include ordering and sequencing numerical information or calculating the answers to equations to determine which of the given equations is incorrect. The interactive nature of the verify test requires candidates to tap or drag and drop their answers.

Example questions

Example question: Deductive reasoning

Salesperson Time Activity
Sam 1.30 pm - 2 pm Wellbeing break
Arif 9.30 am - 10 am Sales call
Polly 12.00 pm - 1.00 pm Lunch
Alex 12.30 - 2 pm Sales meeting

If the salesperson isn’t on their break in a meeting then they are at their allocated workspace. All employees have lunch in the canteen and take their well-being break in the wellbeing area.

Allocate each salesperson to their correct location at 1.30 pm.

Alex Polly Arif Sam

Meeting room Wellbeing area Workspace Canteen

Note: For the interactive test you will need to drag and drop each person to their correct location.

Answer: Alex - Sales meeting Polly - Allocated workspace Arif - Allocated workspace Sam - Well being area

Example question: Numerical calculation

Select the incorrect equation

80 - 23 = 57

81/9 = 9

27x4 = 106

27x9= 324

Answer: 27x9

Example question: Inductive reasoning

Continue the line to complete the next stage of the sequence

Answer: Draw an arrow from E to 6

Example question: Numerical reasoning

A furniture company has 550 customer service inquiries per week. Amend the table below according to the correct percentage of inquiries

General customer service inquiries Complaint inquiries received = 95 Product returns have the same number of inquiries as general customer service inquiries Sales-related inquiries are twice as more than complaints

Answer: General Customer service inquiries: 24% Product returns: 24% Complaints: 17% Sales-related inquiries: 35%


What companies use SHL assessments?

Several companies across various industries use SHL assessments as part of their recruitment process. These include Nokia, Nationwide Building Society, and Heineken. The SHL tests vary according to the role level, with candidates sitting the verify interactive tests aligned to the role level.

How are SHL verify interactive tests scored?

In the SHL verify interactive tests, a candidate’s overall score is calculated according to the number of correct answers. Scores are then compared to a norm group. The norm group comprises a standard group or, if a bespoke test, a group of people at the company performing well in the role.

How accurate is an SHL verify interactive test?

The SHL verify interactive test assesses an individual’s abilities in a specific area. To present an accurate representation of your skills and perform at your best in the test, it is essential to thoroughly prepare and practice before sitting the test.

Are SHL verify interactive tests difficult?**

The SHL verify interactive tests are challenging assessments. To ensure you can answer the questions and demonstrate your ability, it is important to practice the tests; ensure you are aware of the number of questions in the test and the time limit to manage your time and keep focused.

Tips to Pass the SHL Verify Interactive Test

Hone your abilities

To perform to the best of your ability, sharpen your abilities through practicing mental arithmetic and refreshing your memory on basic maths skills. Refine your logical reasoning skills by doing jigsaw puzzles or logical reasoning puzzles. Getting your mind into the way of thinking needed to complete the test will help your inherent abilities shine through.

Be mindful of the time

The SHL verify interactive tests are timed assessments. The more questions you answer correctly, the higher your score will be. Manage your time throughout the test, ensuring that you allow yourself to attempt each of the questions in the test. In doing so, you can attain your best score.

If you get stuck, move on

If you find a question challenging, don’t dwell on it. Move on to the next question. The tests are timed assessments; the more questions you answer correctly in the given time limit, the higher your overall score will be.

Double-check your answers

The SHL verify tests are interactive assessments where answers are selected by dragging and dropping or tapping what you believe to be the correct answer. Before moving on to the next question, ensure you have chosen the option that you intended to and have moved it to the correct place.

Check your internet connection

Ensure you have tested your hardware and internet connection and made any necessary updates to your PC or mobile device to complete the test. Ensure you have turned off any notifications that may distract you from fully focusing on the test.