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merck assessment tests

Merck (known as MSD outside North America) is one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. It produces medicines and vaccines, and is at the forefront of research into human and animal diseases, such as ebola, HIV and cancer.

Careers at Merck (MSD)

With more than 70,000 employees around the world, Merck offers a wide range of career opportunities. Roles are available in six different divisions: Research Laboratories, Manufacturing and Supply, Human Health, Global Support Functions, Animal Health and Organon, which focuses on women’s health.

There are graduate programmes available within the different business functions of the company, while the General Management Acceleration Program (GMAP) is Merck’s flagship initiative to develop future leaders for the company.

Similarly, the Manufacturing Development Leadership Program (MDLP) aims to identify the organisation’s future manufacturing leaders.

In this article we have brought together all the essential information about Merck’s recruitment process, including how to apply, the types of assessments you may need to sit and what to expect at an interview.

Merck (MSD) Application Process

  1. 1
    Online application form
  2. 2
    Logical reasoning tests
  3. 3
    Situational judgement tests
  4. 4
    Personality tests
  5. 5
    Phone or video interview
  6. 6
    Panel interview

To apply for a job with Merck, you will first need to create a profile on the company website. If you join the Talent Community, you will be updated about opportunities that match your qualifications, experience and interests.

When a job that fits comes up, the first step is to submit your CV electronically. One of Merck’s Talent Acquisitions Advisors will then review your application and get back to you.

If you make it to the next stage, you will receive details of your interview. You may also be asked to complete one or more assessments. You will be informed if this is part of the application process for the job you have applied for, but generally assessments are used for intern, graduate and leadership roles, as well as those in sales, manufacturing and operations.

Online application form

When applying for a role you’ll need to submit your CV online.

Before completing the application, be sure to read through the job description carefully. Take note of the main competencies required for the role and check that these are clearly reflected in your CV.

Think about industry keywords – this will make you more visible to anyone within Merck searching for relevant profiles. You may also be asked some qualification questions at this stage. If so, be sure to answer them fully and honestly.

Merck logical reasoning tests

The test you’re most likely to encounter during the Merck application process is the Siena Reasoning Test (SRT). This is a logical reasoning test that is used to measure your cognitive abilities.

The questions are divided into verbal, which are based on written passages, and non-verbal, which are based on figures and images. The skills you will need to display in this test include applying logic and reason, processing information, drawing inferences, making decisions and identifying patterns.

You will typically complete the test online and will have limited time to answer the questions.

Merck situational judgement tests

Depending on the role you have applied for, you may need to take a situational judgement test as part of your application to Merck. This type of test is designed to assess how you would respond to situations you may come across in the job.

You’ll be presented with a series of scenarios related to the role for which you have applied. For each one, there will be four or five possible courses of action and you must decide which you would take in the situation described.

Situational judgement tests are always multiple choice, so you cannot give an answer that differs from the options provided.

Merck personality tests

Merck might also ask you to sit a personality test, particularly if you’re applying for a management or leadership role.

Personality tests are used to determine whether a candidate is a good fit for the role they are applying for, as well as within the broader company culture.

You are likely to be presented with a series of questions about your personality and behaviours, and asked to choose from a selection of responses. While you should answer honestly, it is worth thinking ahead about the personality traits Merck is likely to find most desirable in that role.

Phone or video interview

After successfully completing any assessments, you will be asked to participate in an interview. Initially this will probably be either on the phone or via video.

A Merck Talent Acquisitions Advisor will contact you with details of the interview, including who will be interviewing you. Questions will cover your previous experience, skills and achievements, as well behavioural and situational questions.

Panel interview

The panel interview is the final stage of the Merck application process and you may not receive an invitation to this until several months after you have completed the previous stages.

You will meet several Merck managers and can expect to be asked about your experience and skills, as well as your reasons for applying and how you would respond to challenges and situations you may encounter in the role.

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