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Unilever Assessment Tests

Unilever Tests

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Unilever Assessment Tests

Founded in 1929, Unilever is a British-Dutch consumer goods company that employs over 150,000 people, with headquarters based in London and Rotterdam. The competitive application process consists of tests, games and interviews, all designed to get a clearer idea of your strengths and weaknesses as a candidate.

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Unilever digital interview

You’ll be given three pre-set questions which you’ll need to record yourself answering, before uploading for review by Unilever.

This can be daunting, so it’s worth practising recording yourself beforehand so you feel more comfortable when it matters. The digital interview often includes a few practice questions to help you, so make sure you take advantage of these.

The questions are hypothetical challenges you could expect to come up against at Unilever.

You’ll need to showcase:

  • An ability to problem solve
  • Your knowledge of Unilever – its brands, values and objectives
  • Business thinking

Researching as much as you can about Unilever will help you with these questions.

As well as business points such as Unilever’s core brands and competitors, you’ll also need to look at the company’s values, objectives and social stance.

Unilever Virtual Discovery Centre

This is the final stage of the recruitment process.

This virtual assessment day is designed to prepare you for a role at Unilever, while evaluating whether you have what it takes to join the company.

You can expect to take part in the following exercises:

  • A project meeting. This will be with colleagues from the area you’re applying to work in, and will give you an idea of what sort of projects you might expect to work on.
  • A short meeting with senior managers. This will be about a current business challenge, and you’ll be expected to listen and respond accordingly.
  • A team meeting. A chance to meet other colleagues in the business and get a feel for team meetings.
  • A meeting with your line manager. This is a more in-depth interview which will just include yourself and a manager.

The emphasis on meetings in the virtual discovery centre is designed to familiarise you with life at Unilever, but also to give potential employers a chance to assess your professionalism, ability to work as a team and what personal strengths you might bring to the team.

As a result, it’s important to dress professionally and to keep your language clean and respectful.

Here are some other points to consider when it comes to making the best impression on the day:

Be proactive

Whether that’s by taking notes, asking questions or raising relevant points.

Be attentive

Show you’re engaged by nodding, asking a relevant question or agreeing with good points.

Be gracious

You might be given constructive criticism. It’s important to consider the points and take them on board.

Be punctual

It’s something that’s important in every interview, and each part of the virtual discovery centre.

Be inquisitive

This is as much an opportunity for you to decide whether you’re a good fit for Unilever, as it is for Unilever.

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Reviews of our Unilever tests

What our customers say about our Unilever tests

  • Bangladesh

    December 12, 2022

    Mathematical accuracy

    What I like is that it entirely relies on the capacity of your brain and you have to know mathematics well.

  • South Africa

    June 15, 2022

    Test review

    The test is interesting, with exciting questions that are not hard but not too easy at the same time. It was great spending my time taking this test.

  • Pakistan

    March 15, 2022

    Take your time and think before answering

    This test mainly focused on technical capabilities that I found interesting. It was a good test. However, working under pressure can be an issue.

  • South Africa

    January 12, 2022

    Time management

    Some questions required a calculator plus more time. The questions were quite challenging in a good way though.

  • United Kingdom

    October 31, 2021


    It was simple; however on one of the questions they didn't tell us that it is electric cars that we are looking at.

  • Pakistan

    October 14, 2021


    Was simple enough to make us think twice at every question. Some questions were vague, like that of vehicles...nowhere was mentioned that those were electric cars.

  • Pakistan

    October 14, 2021

    Good test

    Test was well designed and interactive. It was well constrained with respect to time. Questions were easy but at the same time were quite challenging due to continuous ticking of clock. Overall test was good and I enjoyed it.

  • Ghana

    August 10, 2021

    The test was cool

    What I liked about this test is that the solution to the questions were given, so you can figure out where you went wrong.

  • Indonesia

    July 06, 2021

    The kind of problems

    Honestly this is my first time to see how the problems in a Unilever test work; I hope it was approaching the real test. Overall I like it. Thank you.

  • Nigeria

    May 31, 2021

    A brain task

    The test looks just like a real examination being taken with the time ticking off, brain ranking and all was a good one