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Unilever Assessment Tests

Unilever Tests

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Unilever Assessment Tests

Founded in 1929, Unilever is a British-Dutch consumer goods company that employs over 150,000 people, with headquarters based in London and Rotterdam. The competitive application process consists of tests, games and interviews, all designed to get a clearer idea of your strengths and weaknesses as a candidate.

Careers at Unilever

Starting out at Unilever involves joining the Future Leaders Programme: a three-year initiative designed to prepare graduates for positions of leadership in the business.

Within the programme there are a number of placements, including sales and general business training. The idea is to equip graduates with the skills and knowledge they’ll need to progress through the company and become Unilever’s leaders of the future.

Whatever role or scheme you’re applying for at Unilever, it’s essential you show evidence of its four key competencies in the recruitment process:

  1. Growth mindset – this is all about competitive leadership and proving you have the ambition, drive and commitment to the future of the company.
  2. Customer focus – being able to put yourself in the shoes of the Unilever customer and act with their best interests at heart.
  3. Bias for action – able to make decisions quickly and to take calculated risks when needed.
  4. Accountability and responsibility – being able to take responsibility, both good and bad, for your part in Unilever’s performance.

Showing evidence of these competencies in your answers is really important if you want to work at Unilever.

Although the application process is competitive, the wealth of opportunity that exists at Unilever makes it really worth putting in the time and effort to prepare for the assessments ahead of you.

Whether it’s a role in sales, marketing, human resources, finance or anything else you have your sights set on, practice and preparation for the tests is the best way to set yourself up for success.

Unilever Application Process

  1. 1
    Online Application
  2. 2
    Profile Assessment
  3. 3
    Video Interview
  4. 4
    Virtual Discovery Centre

The Unilever application process consists of four steps:

1) Online application

This is your first chance to make a good impression by sharing your academic success, interests and passions. You must also answer three competency-based questions.

2) Profile assessment

This section consists of five online games designed to test a range of different skills (no gaming experience is required).

3) Video interview

You’ll have to record and upload your answers to some pre-set questions.

4) Virtual discovery centre

An online assessment centre which is designed to prepare you for the challenges you’re likely to face on the Unilever Future Leaders Programme.

While a few of these sections don’t require any preparation, we always recommend reading up on Unilever – everything from its core brands, to competitors and target audiences.

Familiarising yourself with the company will help you to tailor your answers and ensure you come across as diligent and focused.

Online application

In this initial stage, you’ll be required to share your academic achievements, including your university details, A-level results and anything else of note.

Unilever aims to hire a range of different people with varied hobbies and interests. The next section of the application form will ask you to share your extracurricular activities, interests and passions, to build a clearer picture of you as a person.

Finally, you’ll be asked three competency questions. The questions vary, but will normally ask you to give an example of a time you achieved something, as well as why you are attracted to the particular role you’re applying for.

Use Unilever’s leadership values and the STAR method (Situation, Task, Action, Result) to structure your answers.

Profile assessment

The profile assessment consists of five online games that should take around 20 minutes to complete.

You don’t need to be an experienced gamer to do well at this part of the assessment. Instead, you’re being tested on your cognitive, social and emotional skills and traits.

Another thing to note is that there are no ‘right or wrong’ answers – the games are just a chance to see how you react to certain scenarios, and what kind of traits you display under time pressure.

If you do want to familiarise yourself with the type of themes and questions that’ll be incorporated in the games, try out a few situational judgement questions.

After you’ve completed the games, you’ll be given personalised feedback so you can see how you did.

The games were initially designed for millennial recruits, who are often attracted to a company with better tech. The games also remove unconscious bias and as a result, aim to make the recruitment process fairer.

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Digital interview

You’ll be given three pre-set questions which you’ll need to record yourself answering, before uploading for review by Unilever.

This can be daunting, so it’s worth practising recording yourself beforehand so you feel more comfortable when it matters. The digital interview often includes a few practice questions to help you, so make sure you take advantage of these.

The questions are hypothetical challenges you could expect to come up against at Unilever.

You’ll need to showcase:

  • An ability to problem solve
  • Your knowledge of Unilever – its brands, values and objectives
  • Business thinking

Researching as much as you can about Unilever will help you with these questions.

As well as business points such as Unilever’s core brands and competitors, you’ll also need to look at the company’s values, objectives and social stance.

Virtual Discovery Centre

This is the final stage of the recruitment process.

This virtual assessment day is designed to prepare you for a role at Unilever, while evaluating whether you have what it takes to join the company.

You can expect to take part in the following exercises:

  • A project meeting. This will be with colleagues from the area you’re applying to work in, and will give you an idea of what sort of projects you might expect to work on.
  • A short meeting with senior managers. This will be about a current business challenge, and you’ll be expected to listen and respond accordingly.
  • A team meeting. A chance to meet other colleagues in the business and get a feel for team meetings.
  • A meeting with your line manager. This is a more in-depth interview which will just include yourself and a manager.

The emphasis on meetings in the virtual discovery centre is designed to familiarise you with life at Unilever, but also to give potential employers a chance to assess your professionalism, ability to work as a team and what personal strengths you might bring to the team.

As a result, it’s important to dress professionally and to keep your language clean and respectful.

Here are some other points to consider when it comes to making the best impression on the day:

Be proactive

Whether that’s by taking notes, asking questions or raising relevant points.

Be attentive

Show you’re engaged by nodding, asking a relevant question or agreeing with good points.

Be gracious

You might be given constructive criticism. It’s important to consider the points and take them on board.

Be punctual

It’s something that’s important in every interview, and each part of the virtual discovery centre.

Be inquisitive

This is as much an opportunity for you to decide whether you’re a good fit for Unilever, as it is for Unilever.

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