We’ve all heard about someone’s nightmare interview experience. Perhaps you’ve even had one yourself. We’ve provided our top 10 interview tips to help you avoid an interview nightmare of your own.

1) Research the Company you are applying to thoroughly. You will undoubtedly be asked ‘why are you applying to this Company’, ‘why this sector’ or a variant of that question. Make sure you are up to date with the latest developments e.g. Company news and industry news.

2) Use STAR to answer questions when you are asked to ‘give an example of a time when’. STAR stands for:

Situation e.g. where were you (at University, at work).

Task e.g. what were you doing (leading a project, part of a team).

Action e.g. what did you do (have a difficult team member you had to motivate, change an approach in order to achieve a difficult target).

Result e.g. what was the outcome of your actions (did you achieve your goal, did you keep a customer happy, did you outperform others).

3) Practise answering interview questions, clearly and concisely using good examples. It’s worth investing in interview coaching, the job market is incredibly competitive at the moment Interview Gold offer interview coaching covering a wide range of sectors including Accounting, Banking, Law, Consulting and Sales. Find out more below:

4) Review your CV thoroughly; this is often the starting point of any interview. Make sure you know what’s written on your CV and it’s a concise easy to read document, a good length at graduate level would be two pages. You can get a free CV review from the CV centre:

5) Ensure you have good examples of a time when you have been a member of a team, a leader, dealt with a difficult person etc. These are all key workplace skills and you should ensure you have a couple of good examples of each skill.

6) Arrive early. Aim to arrive at least 10 minutes early this shows you are punctual and reduces the risk of arriving late. If in there waiting room there is any Company literature pick that up and have read, this will make it look like you’re interested in the Company and gives a better impression that sitting there on your phone.

7) Dress smartly. It’s better to overdress than underdress. Ideally you should aim to dress like the people who will be interviewing you so if they are going to be wearing a suit and tie you should wear one too. Make sure you polish your shoes too.

8) Have a couple of questions to ready to ask at the end. Interviewers will almost certainly ask if you have any questions at the end. Interviews are a two way process and if you have some good questions this will impress the interviewer.

9) Be prepared to talk about your interests outside work. You’ll probably be working with the person interviewing you so they’ll want to know what sort of person you are and what you’re interested in. People forget about this when preparing for their interview.

10) Don’t forget about the psychometric tests! Many assessment centres require candidates to re take their numerical and verbal reasoning tests it could be week in-between passing your psychometric test and being invited to attend an assessment centre. Keep practicing that’s the best way to improve your performance. Become a member of practice aptitude tests today and get access to hundreds of practice questions all with worked solutions.