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Founded in 1999, OneTest is an Australian company and has more than 800 psychometric assessments and skills tests. Their psychometric assessment philosophy is based on extensive research regarding common traits that define the ideal candidate. These traits are; Ability & Reasoning, Interest & Work Preference, Values & Culture, Behaviour & Personality.

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Who are OneTest?

OneTest are the old name for the company now known as Revelian. The OneTest suite of tests consists of a range of aptitude tests including numerical, cognitive ability, verbal and abstract reasoning. All of these enable employers to determine your values, integrity, numerical and verbal competence and emotional intelligence.

OneTest Numerical Reasoning Test

Like other numerical reasoning tests, the OneTest numerical assessment requires you to demonstrate your ability to deal with number-based questions quickly and accurately. They assess your knowledge of ratios, percentages, number sequences, data interpretation, financial analysis and currency conversion. The test is 12 minutes long and consists of 25 questions.

OneTest Verbal Reasoning Test

The OneTest Verbal Reasoning test requires you to demonstrate your understanding and logically work through written concepts and problems. The test is 10 minutes long and consists of 35 questions.

OneTest Cognitive Ability Test

Cognitive Ability Tests cover numerical, verbal, abstract, spatial and mechanical reasoning. Questions can take many different forms and cover varying degrees of difficulty, depending on the type of ability and seniority being assessed. The OneTest cognitive ability test is 20 minutes long and consists of 51 questions.

OneTest Abstract Reasoning Test

When taking a OneTest Abstract Reasoning test you will be expected to identify the relationships between shapes and figures, identify rules and similarities, and quickly apply these to establish the answer. The test is 10 minutes long and consists of 32 questions.

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Other OneTest Tests

Similar to most psychometric assessment providers, OneTest have also created a personality questionnaire called the Work Preferences Profile. This test consists of 84 questions and isn’t timed. The questions assess your desire and willingness to work within several areas so that the employer can determine the type of role that suits your character. The areas include:

Clerical: administrative work Selling: promoting goods and services Mobile: working outdoors Creative: pioneering and innovating new concepts Manual: practical work Interpersonal: interacting with people Investigative: research Quantitive: working with numbers

If you need to prepare for a OneTest test, then look no further than our practice test suite. We have a range of OneTest-style tests that will help you to familiarise yourself with the layout and content of their tests so that you can stand out at your assessment. Their tests can be challenging due to the number of questions you are expected to answer within the allocated timeframes. As such, it’s important you practice completing the tests to get used to working within their limited timeframes and can perform under pressure.

Practice Aptitude Tests is not associated with OneTest. We provide preparation services for OneTest psychometric tests. Visit to apply.

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