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National Grid Tests

National Grid Tests

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National Grid Tests

National Grid is a multinational company, with UK and US operations, focused on the transmission of electricity and gas to its customers. The application process is understandably rigorous; energy impacts millions of lives every second of every day.

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National Grid phone/video interview

Once you have passed the ability tests, you will be required to speak with an interviewer on the phone or computer for 30 minutes, to answer around three questions. These questions will be mainly based around your competencies in problem-solving, decision-making and communication.

Once you have your interview scheduled, it’s a good idea to practice your answers. Your interviewer will be expecting real examples – from the workplace, or volunteering, or perhaps as part of a club/society. It’s easiest when preparing for these types of questions to go with the STAR technique commonly used for interviews (Situation, Task, Action, Result).

You should also expect a question to test your knowledge of the industry. You’ll be asked a few follow-up questions too, so that you can have the opportunity to demonstrate how well you have understood the initial question, and to further elaborate on your answer.

Remember, the interview is there for you to showcase your enthusiasm and talent.

National Grid assessment centre

When you have successfully completed all other parts of the application process, you will be invited to an assessment centre, or required to be available for a virtual session.

Within this final stage of the process, you could be asked to complete some or all of the following exercises: an interview, a group exercise, a presentation task, retaking of online tests, and a technical test for the role (if applicable).

The interview will be a more detailed version of the one you had previously. It should last between 45 minutes to an hour. As before, you will be required to demonstrate key competencies required for the role, with evidence-based examples.

The group exercise is a great way to show your ability to work as a member of a team. It will be a problem-solving assignment, based on a fictional business scenario, and you will be working with other candidates. During the given time period, all candidates will be observed by National Grid business representatives. Afterwards, you will be expected to report your findings back.

The individual presentation centres on a case study that you will be given 90 minutes beforehand. Your presentation relating to this should last around 10 minutes, and will be an opportunity to demonstrate your ability to comprehend the information, as well as how confidently and clearly you can express yourself.

The technical tests (if applicable) will focus on a Manual Dexterity Test, and a Working at Heights Test.

As the name suggests, the Working at Heights Test exists to make sure that you are comfortable working at a height. You will be with a qualified climbing instructor throughout and will get full verbal instructions before your test.

The Manual Dexterity Test will test your ability to disassemble and rebuild a bus bar termination as accurately as possible. You will also get full verbal instructions.

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Reviews of our National Grid tests

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  • United Kingdom

    September 28, 2021

    Read the axes carefully

    Liked that you could hover your cursor over the graphs to get numbers. Wish the numbers and questions were different between the practice and timed test.

  • Iran, Islamic Republic of

    September 27, 2021

    Test Hits

    Well, it was not related to my subject of studies. You have to have greater hand speed and also need a laptop with Numpad, as that will decrease the response time.

  • Australia

    April 27, 2021

    Keep a calculator handy

    Some questions seemed a little confusing at first

  • United Kingdom

    March 06, 2021

    Not easy if you've not been in school recently

    Hard haven't done maths like this in years lol

  • United Kingdom

    February 07, 2021


    I liked how with the graphs the values were shown, so i didnt have to waste time zooming in