Step 1: Read questions properly

You will be asked the most effective and viable answers in a situational judgement test. Or you may have to rank answers either in increasing or decreasing order according to their usefulness or select the least effective answer. Therefore, you must read all the questions and instructions properly. Careful reading will enable you to give answers correctly and effectively. You may also find two sequential questions which will require you to select either the best answer or select the opposite.

Step 2: Think about your role in the job while answering

The situation judgement test will be prepared according to the job vacancy. You will hardly find generic questions in the test. If you want to answer the questions effectively, you must know your job role in the organization. You should have an idea what role the company wants you to play and what skillsets are expected from you. It will help you prepare for the likely questions that you face.

Step 3: Research

You can have a word with the human resource department of the company where you applied for a job. They may provide you with the relevant example questions. It will give you an idea about the format of the real assessment that you will be attempting.

Step 4: Practice

It has always been the key to success and there is no substitute for it. You should practice as many situational judgement test questions as you can. Practice them in various formats so that you can give correct answers to maximum questions. It will also eliminate any surprise element on the D day.

Step 5: Stop overthinking while answering questions

You must not overthink while answering questions of the situational judgement tests. When you start giving the test, calculate how many questions you will have to answer. According to the number of questions, allocate the time required for each question. Never spend too much time on one question. First, answer all those questions you are confident about and then shift your focus to tricky questions.

Step 6: Review answers

You can think of reviewing the answers to the practice questions. The effective situational judgement test practice question offer comprehensive answers.

Step 7: Identify the pattern

You should be able to identify the pattern in your answers. You may face questions like if you are a team player who seeks everyone opinion or you can make a decision with conviction. So prepare such questions ahead of the real test so that you can avoid silly mistakes in the real assessment.